AkASL works each year to promote and support various issues related to school libraries.

Results of the September 2014 Alaska School Library Needs Assessment:

Click hereto download the executive summary of the survey results in PDF: AkASLSurveyResults

The Alaska School Library Needs Assessment was an effort to determine the needs of school library staff throughout the state to increase the ability of AkASL and the Alaska State Library to serve the school library population. Comments or questions on the survey or survey results can be directed to

Current AkASL initiatives include:

Funding of the Public School Library Collection Development Grant

Annual Library Snapshot Day

Resources for Advocacy


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Alaska Legislative Information

Groups on Record for Backing the Funding of the Public School Library Collection Development Grant:

  • Alaska Association of School Boards
  • Alaska Association of School Librarians
  • Alaska Association of Student Governments
  • Alaska Library Association
  • Alaska Municipal League
  • National Education Association, Alaska