Snapshot Day

Alaska Library Snapshot Day was the week of April 16-20, 2012.  Stay tuned for future Snapshot Days!

Why should you participate?

  • School librarian positions across the country are being cut.  This is a great proactive way to collect data to help you and everyone in the state advocate for the importance of school librarians!
  • It will make you feel really good at the end of the day when you see hard proof of everything you do (and how much your students love you)!
  • You will have amazing statistics to share with your administrator, fellow teachers, PTSA, students, and the school board!  Share the statistics in your newsletter or on your website.
  • The students will be eager to do it. They love the library too and they will want to know what you find out. Share the results with them!
  • It’s not hard, and it’s not much extra work. All the documents you will need are provided on this page below. Just run them off and add a camera. Voila!
  • When you are finished, share your results with the rest of the state using Flickr and the online form below.
  • Check out these 20 Easy Ways to advocate in your library!

Setting up a Snapshot Day is not hard or complicated.  Just document what you do every day.  Follow these instructions, use these forms, and you are ready to go!

  • These directions are tailored for school librarians.  To see what the state as a whole is doing, go hereWe are participating in a statewide effort, so show the rest of the state what school librarians are doing!
  • Pick a busy day during the week of April 16th. It does not have to be the busiest ever, or include a special event. Just an average busy day in the library.
  • Do a little bit of advertising so students and teachers know what is coming up. Put it on the announcements, in the newsletter, on your website, hang up a couple of signs, send an email, use word of mouth, etc. It’s ok to advertise! Feel free to use and change this flyer for your purposes.
  • If you want to customize the day on your flyer,  you can download a banner at the bottom of this page.
  • On Snapshot Day give this survey to students to fill in. This will give you good statistics on why students come to the library, plus they’ll write nice things about you and your program!  This survey is not needed by the state library, but is good for your records.
  • Collect data throughout the day using this tally form.  This tally form will help you report results to the state library.
  • Take lots and lots of pictures. Ask a teacher or an administrator or an assistant to take some pictures too. Don’t forget to have them take a few pictures of you!

Reporting Your Results

  • Run off a one day circulation report the next day.
  • After you have compiled all of your results, please share your information by filling out this online form.  Have the information you collected on the tally form available to help you fill in the numbers!
  • Share pictures by uploading them to Flickr.  Use these instructions to upload them to the Snapshot Day Flickr account.
  • If you want a photo release form, you can use this ready-made photo release.

Questions? Contact