AkASL Board Goals 2011-2012

AkASL believes that every student in the state needs and deserves the services of a certified school librarian.

Certified school librarians are educators who are trained to provide staff, students and parents, with services and programs to meet state standards for students’ competency in information literacy. They acquire, organize, and maintain library collections to support school curricula and offer instruction in the use of those collections to find, evaluate, manage, and utilize information effectively, efficiently, and responsibly.

AkASL supports the funding of Public School Library Collection Development Grants (Sec. 14.56.360 through .375)

School library budgets vary widely between and within school library districts and many students do not have access to up-to-date and varied print materials. To increase Alaskan student’s access to quality materials for their school curriculum and patrons it is vitally important for school libraries to receive adequate funding.


AkASL will maintain a supportive network for teacher-librarians.

  • AkASL will provide web accessible publications and resources to assist in the productive implementation of their school curriculum and library programs.
  • AkASL will provide opportunities for professional development.

AkASL supports advocacy for the teacher-librarian, and effective library programs, as these are the cornerstones of good educational practices.

AkASL will pursue projects that reflect these goals, including:

  • Speakers to appropriate conferences
  • Workshops
  • Institutes
  • Involvement in AkLA conference (speakers, sessions, meetings, etc.)
  • Ensure that members are able to attend conferences, both on the local and national level.
  • AkASL will provide web accessible publications and resources.
  • AkASL will promote the use of AASL resources, both Learning Standards and toolkits.
  • AkASL will provide opportunities for professional development.
  • AkASL will explore ways to provide school librarians with instruments for evaluation and assess of library program.