Alaska State Plan – by IdeaScale

Alaska State Plan – by IdeaScale.

Your input is needed for the next Alaska State Library 5 year plan.  This plan is important to all Alaska librarians as it provides the guidelines on how to spend State grant money, including funding for the wonderful Inter Library Cooperation Grants.

It’s EASY to review and submit comments on IdeaScale!! If you have not tried IdeaScale yet, you need to check it out.  I’m sure you will find a use for it in your school or library.

What trends will Alaska libraries need to address over the next five years? Look at ideas contributed by the Governor’s Advisory Council on Libraries, agree or disagree with the suggestions, post comments, or suggest other trends.

Simply go to:

  • REGISTER in top right corner, and you are in.
  • You can vote and comment on the ideas already posted.
  • You can SUBMIT NEW IDEA via the golden button.
  • We are gathering input through March 15.
  • Later, you can return to this site  and review what others have said and add new ideas.

American Association of School Librarians Schools Count Tracking Survey

American Association of School Librarians Schools Count Tracking Survey.

Take time to complete this important survey this week.  We all know that data is key to giving evidence in support of libraries.

The survey will close on March 15th.

Remember, the data collected is used by AASL for national, state and local advocacy efforts.  More importantly, by participating you will be able to access your individualized reports which compares your school to like schools (size and grade level) within your state and nationally- a free library advocacy tool just for participating.  Don?t miss this opportunity-<>.

Mobilize for help and hope: Petition Obama & Twitter bomb Senate! « NeverEndingSearch

Mobilize for help and hope: Petition Obama & Twitter bomb Senate! « NeverEndingSearch.

Follow the link to Joyce Valenza’s post and the opportunity to join a National push for school librarians standing up for school libraries.

Sign the We the People petition, and particitpate in the Twitter bomb of the Senate at 11AM Eastern on Monday, Nov 7 when Senators are holding an  ESEA.

Join in and make a wave!

Urgent – Action needed on Net Neutrality

In simple terms, Net Neutrality means that the Internet as we know it is used by everyone equally.  There are powerful entities trying to create a “paid for” space that would have priority over bandwidth and scew access for all.  Read more from AKLA list serve post:  (While this is an AKLA post— the issue is National!)

Dear AkLA members–

There is legislation proposed in the US Senate that will overturn net neutrality, the concept promoted by libraries, the Federal Communication Commission, and others that the internet content should travel freely and that those who can afford to pay should not have priority status on the internet.  The vote may be as early of Tuesday, November 8, so there is not much time to act.

Please take a few minutes to read the letter below and write to Alaska’s senators, particularly Senator Murkowski.

The letter that follows is from the American Library Association, the Association of College and Research Libraries, and Educause addressed to U.S. Senate leadership. The key concept is that “there is great risk that prioritized delivery
to end users will be available only to content, application and service providers who pay extra fees, which would be an enormous disadvantage to libraries, education, and other non-profit institutions.  In short, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should allow users the same priority of access to educational  content as to entertainment and other commercial offerings.”

I will send a second message with a suggested template that you can use or use as a model if you wish.  Essentially if the net neutrality were ended those with large amounts of money could obtain priority use of the internet, and libraries and others that offer access to public content or licensed databases would have less or lower access to internet space.

If you do not feel comfortable writing a letter or calling the Senators’ offices, please pass this on to someone you know who would be interested.

Thanks–Sue Sherif


 For more info on Network Neutrality and the what’s current visit these links:

ALA Network Neutrality Page

House passes measure to repeal Net Neutrality

Please write to your legislators.
Senators Murkowski and Begich to request that they vote against a resolution SR 6
introduced by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas that would end net neutrality
and would have significant impact on educational and library uses of the internet
for our library users and for ourselves.  Please take time to write or call today.
Because of the short timeline, you may wish to call or email.

Senator Murkowski: Washington Office 202-224-6665, Fax:202-224-5301 Website: (Send emails or find local Alaska offices))
Senator Begich: Washington Office, 202-224-3004, Fax: 202-224- 2354] Website:

This is not a topic that the general public is going to be very aware of, but it
has potentially a large impact on us all.  Thanks for phoning, calling, or email
today or this weekend.

ALA |Ask Your Senators to Co-Sponsor the SKILLS Act

ALA | Home – American Library Association.

Thanks to Suzanne Richards for posting this reminder to take action in behalf of school libraries on the Facebook Alaska School Libraries page.

With funding for school libraries in jeopardy, the American Library Association is ramping up its efforts to bring attention to this important issue. But we need the help of library supporters across the country to get the message across to the Senate. 

Last week many of you made phone calls asking your senators to co-sponsor S.1328, the Strengthening Kids’ Interest in Learning and Libraries (SKILLS) Act. Thank you to all who called in support of school libraries but there are still only 5 co-sponsors of the SKILLS Act in the Senate. The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pension Committee will be writing federal education legislation on October 18, so the time to act is now!

This week, we aim to double the amount of calls to the Senate and get more co-sponsors! Whether you have called already or not, please take the time to bring attention to the SKILLS Act. Here’s how you can help.

1. Go the ALA Legislative Action Center by clicking here: SKILLS

2. Read over the talking points and type in your zip code to find the phone number for your senator’s office (you will see additional talking points). You can also be connected to your senator’s office by calling the capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121

3. Call both senators and ask them to co-sponsor the SKILLS Act using the provided talking points and your own stories about why school libraries are so important.