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School Database Trials


The Digital Pipeline committee is planning to eliminate Facts On File (Infobase Learning) from the Alaska Statewide Database offerings due to the high cost and low usage of the resource.

A variety of databases are currently on trial in the state to consider for new K-12 resources.  The databases would need to have broad curriculum appeal, address social needs, balance grade levels, and be culturally balanced.

See newly updated links and comment form for trials.  We need input on trials from rural schools, home schools, public libraries, public schools, private schools, teachers, librarians, parents, students and anyone else interested in the statewide databases.

The following databases are available for all Alaskans on a trial basis through February. Recommendations will go to the Digital Pipeline committee in March 2012.
Logins and passwords are available from your school/public librarians, or email

Visit the K-12 Trials homepage from the K-12 Trials tab at the top of the page.

Help spread the word across Alaska to help the committee gather feedback on the trials, and provide Alaskans with the best information resources possible!

Electronic Resources

Yes, this is a wide ranging topic!  I’d like to hear from Alaskan school librarians about e-resources in use, and what school librarians are thinking about the future of e-resourceslaptop and books.

How are you (or would you)  use e-books/Listen Alaska?

How can the Statewide Digital Pipeline further support schools and student research?

What emerging needs to you see for schools and electronic resources?

How can schools and districts cooperate or come together to better access and use of electronic resources?

Please respond and forward these questions on to school librarians.  Let us all know how your electronic life is going!

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