Electronic Resources

Yes, this is a wide ranging topic!  I’d like to hear from Alaskan school librarians about e-resources in use, and what school librarians are thinking about the future of e-resourceslaptop and books.

How are you (or would you)  use e-books/Listen Alaska?

How can the Statewide Digital Pipeline further support schools and student research?

What emerging needs to you see for schools and electronic resources?

How can schools and districts cooperate or come together to better access and use of electronic resources?

Please respond and forward these questions on to school librarians.  Let us all know how your electronic life is going!

Image credit:  digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Retweeting History Brings Those Stories to Life | MindShift

Retweeting History Brings Those Stories to Life | MindShift.

Social media in the classroom is sure the hot topic today.  I wandered to this post introducing TwHistory…

TwHistory, a new, free tool that encourages teachers and students to dig deep into history, get inside the heads of historical figures, and reenact historical events in real time.

I used to somewhat ignore the hype around social media, because it was all blocked in my books and mediadistrict, Mat-Su, and no handheld devices were allowed.  Now, that has all changed.  Our new student policy allows devices for instructional purposes.  Holy cow… not what!

I’m thinking I need to get the jump on student contracts, management techniques, first-time lessons, etc.  All of this needs to come through the library to help teachers jump in with both feet, and not panic!

Of course, I turn to my colleagues.  What has worked for you with social media in the classroom?