Retweeting History Brings Those Stories to Life | MindShift

Retweeting History Brings Those Stories to Life | MindShift.

Social media in the classroom is sure the hot topic today.  I wandered to this post introducing TwHistory…

TwHistory, a new, free tool that encourages teachers and students to dig deep into history, get inside the heads of historical figures, and reenact historical events in real time.

I used to somewhat ignore the hype around social media, because it was all blocked in my books and mediadistrict, Mat-Su, and no handheld devices were allowed.  Now, that has all changed.  Our new student policy allows devices for instructional purposes.  Holy cow… not what!

I’m thinking I need to get the jump on student contracts, management techniques, first-time lessons, etc.  All of this needs to come through the library to help teachers jump in with both feet, and not panic!

Of course, I turn to my colleagues.  What has worked for you with social media in the classroom?