Minutes 2006-2007

October 2006

September 2006 Face to Face, Anchorage

Alaska Association of School Librarians
Executive Board Minutes
October 18, 2006  4:00 – 5:00

Members present:
Lyn Ballam, Barb Bryson, Erika Drain, Darla Grediagan, Mary Hacker, Tiki Levinson, Lynn McNamara, Suzanne Metcalfe, Valerie Oliver, Suzanne Richards, Kari Sagel, Sue Sherif, Kirk Thompson, Robin Turk, & Pat Wamsley

Approval of Amended Agenda

Approval of Amended September 2006 Minutes


Sympathy Letter to the family of Brenda Artman Knavel and Letter to Commissioner Sampson regarding Certification

Treasurer’s Report (Kirk)
            Erika is concerned about the higher pledge to the B. Jo Morse Scholarship Fund.  She thinks it should be moved back down to $5000 or even lower (rather than $8000) because the finance person from AkLA suggested we lower our contribution because the audit could cost AkASL several thousand dollars.
            MOTION: AkASL will donate $2000 to the B. Jo Morse Scholarship Fund for the 2007 fiscal year: Kirk Thompson

            2nd: Erika Drain

 Tax Audit Update – looks like it will be a long process.
 Potential Treasurer Replacement: Barb Bryson
            Janet Madsen will be the treasurer candidate in the upcoming election of officers.

            MOTION: Approve the treasurer’s report as amended: Pat Wamsley
            2nd: Suzanne Metcalfe

Vision Summit: Robin Turk

            Robin is to be gathering the vision for school libraries from our membership by surveying us.  However, there is not much information forthcoming from the Summit Meeting and what she needs to be doing to prepare for the meeting though she was supposed to have homework before and after. 
Sidenote: Grants must be spent before June 30th.  Conference for Robin didn’t pan out.  Lynn Metcalfe, Erika Drain and

Certification Update:  Kari Sagel

            Kari took a personal leave day and went to visit him.  He wasn’t aware of the certification change from A to C.  He told Kari he couldn’t see any reason she shouldn’t have an A.  She asked what should be done to change this situation.  He encouraged Kari to write him a brief letter and she said AkASL would be writing one as well because it is an advocacy issue for our organization.  He said he would take the matter up with Cyndi Curran and strongly recommend she make the changes AkASL desires.  She felt optimistic after the meeting.

            Barb will send a copy of the AkASL letter out so all of us can see it.  Two things to remember: he is currently otherwise occupied with a lawsuit and he may soon be leaving office.
            We need to invite Cyndi to the AkLA Conference.  Sue thinks she would come.
She will also need to cover any certification changes with our members so we may want her to do a session or the business meeting would be a good time for her to present.

School Library Funding Grant Project: Barb Bryson

            Barb has presented the proposal to administrators and got very good reviews.  It was recommended that it be kept simple.  Val said Kay suggested we look for a legislative sponsor.  Sue said that if we get sponsors, there is a drafting service available so that we won’t have to write the legislation.  It would be best to get bi-partisan representation.  We need to make it a coordinated effort through Clark and Barb.  Pat said Clark’s input would be valuable on potential sponsors.

            Barb will call Clark next week for guidance on the course we should take but Barb would also like more help with this project.

LSTA Funding Update: Barb Bryson
            Kay is reviewing a letter Barb wrote that is a spin-off of what AkLA already sent to Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski. No letter to Don Young is necessary because the House already passed the higher funding level.  It will probably be going to a conference committee and then we may need to contact him.
            We can put the full-funding message on the AkASL website and encourage personal contacts on non-school computers.  Sue indicated that ALA may have talking points on their site.

            Legislative issues link on AkASL web page already.  Contact information for representatives is there.  We can add the LSTA information to that area.
            We may join forces with AkLA to do a POM message or something.

AkLA Juneau Conference:
            Scholarship Timeline Suzanne Richards

Suzanne R. sent the information to Robin so it could be posted on the web page.  Robin will clean it and make an obvious link.  Barb requested regional reps to remind members each week until the deadline.

  Speaker & Workshop Update
            Battle of the Books session is only an hour long.  Should it be longer?  AkASL meetings are not on the schedule.  Amelia must be contacted about that.

AkASL “Staying Connected” Pamphlet: Time to Get Started, Who wants to help? – TABLED

Book Bonanza Committee: Sue Sherif, Lynn McNamara, Lyn Balam, Pat Wamsley and Charlotte Glover will help too so the transition will be smooth.
            MOTION: AkASL will increase their contribution to the Book Bonanza from$250 to  $500.

2nd: Valerie Oliver

AkASL Board Travel Grants:
            Is there still time to schedule a session for a grant winners session with Suzanne and Suzanne?  There is.

Principal’s Conference Wrap Up

            Valerie – positive experience.  New site was great and they saw 10 times more people.  Handed out lots of brochures and talked a lot.  Candy was still a hit.  Good dialogue.  “I’ve got the best librarian,” was heard over and over.  Michael Sullivan’s session was well attended and there was standing room only.  They took notes!  They all stayed for the drawing!  The principals being invited to attend really helped.

            Anchorage School District also had a very good session with Michael.  28 attendees.  Buying his books at $32 each.  Evening session had 27 people.

Puffin: Pat Wamsley and Suzanne Metcalfe   TABLED

New Business

B. Jo Morse Scholarship Timeline – TABLED
AkASL Wiki (vs) AkASL Website Guidelines AkASL 2008 Grant Ideas: Erika Drain – TABLED
AkASL Web Site review process – TABLED
Elections – TABLED


    Alaska Association of School Librarians

Executive Board Minutes

Annual Face-to-Face Meeting

Alaska State Library and Talking Book Center – Anchorage

September 16, 2006  8:00 -4:30 

Members present:

Lyn Ballam, Barb Bryson, Erika Drain, Darla Grediagan, Mary Hacker, Tiki Levinson, Shelley Logsdon, Lynn McNamara, Suzanne Metcalfe, Valerie Oliver, Suzanne Richards, Kari Sagel, Sue Sherif, Kirk Thompson, Robin Turk, Bob VanDerWege & Pat Wamsley  


Approval of Agenda – Barb Bryson

MOTION to approve agenda: Erika Drain

2nd: Bob VanDerWege


Minutes – Tiki Levinson

MOTION to approve May minutes: Lyn Ballam

2nd: Kirk Thompson


Treasurer’s Report & Budget – Kirk Thompson

Grant reports: SLAAT grant – $2500 left; Conference Travel Grant – $0 left; Battle of the Books Leadership grant – $0 left; and Advocacy Grant – $4,330.69 left (for which an extension has been granted) to be spent for the Michael Sullivan presentation at the Principal’s Conference in October.

Tax status with the IRS – AkLA has included AkASL in their return for as far back as any of us could recall.  The rule is that if a non-profit has gross receipts of over $25,000 the organization must file a tax return.  This includes AkASL, which the IRS sees as a separate entity from AkLA.  The tax notice Kirk received (after it being forwarded to multiple former treasurers) was for the 2001 tax year.  An accounting firm in Fairbanks, Cook and Haugeberg has taken on our case.  AkLA may have to re-do their taxes as well; consequently they have filed for an extension for 2005 until they see the outcome of this situation.  No receipts were saved for 2001.

To avoid problems in the future, AkASL will need a periodic audit of our books.  We also will have to hire a tax firm to do our taxes in the future if AkLA can no longer be our parent organization.

Battle of the Books book (published by Upstart) royalties total $63.  This money is from Roz Goodman’s contribution to AkASL.  It is her thanks for members’ input to the book.

AkASL needs to spend more money so we can keep our non-profit status.

Battle of the Books income increased approximately $10,000 over last year.  This was due in large part to GCI changing their support from a percentage to a flat $5000 donation.

AkASL’s membership is growing and we have more income due to grants and less expenditures.

More funds will need to be allocated for the AkLA Conference this year because it is in Juneau.

Jo Morse Scholarship had no money contributed last year although the contribution was supposed to be $2000.  This was due to oversight.  The balance is around $70,000 and it needs to be at least $100,000 to be self-supporting. A donation of $7000 for last year and $8000 for this year is proposed.  However, we decided to wait until after the IRS tangle is resolved. 

Guest speaker: Kay Shelton, Alaska Director of Libraries, Archives & Museums

IMLS is asking Congress for full funding for LSTA grants.  This would be a base amount plus funds based on population.  The base rate will double if full funding is granted.  This would result in $80-90,000 more for Alaska.  A total of $979,311.  More populous states have been lobbying for funding to be based solely on population.  The bill has passed the House and is on the Senate floor.  There is not as much support on the Senate side.

Kay requested a letter of support from our board.  Also, if we see one of our U.S. senators running around the state, mention it to them.

A new pilot project, Listen Alaska, is being rolled out in 10 public libraries.  The program allows patrons to download audio books to MP3 players.  It does not work for Macs which limits its functionality.  The cost is $3000 per library.

The state extended the application period for the Alaska Library Network Coordinator’s position until October.  There were not enough applicants for the position.

The state library and museums division is planning for a new facility.  It would be a flagship for all such facilities in Alaska and would show cultural institutions are important to our state.  Talk it up to the candidates.  Tell them to tour the current building and support a new one.  Emphasize that it will not be a Juneau building but something that will serve the entire state.  It will also serve to raise awareness of the role of libraries.

The Alaska State Library funded the Learn Alaska Project which allowed the posting of primary source documents.

The budget is a maintenance budget this year. 

Guest speaker: Rich Greenfield, acting Director of the Alaska Distance Ed. Consortium

Alaska Distance Education Consortium is a university supported and managed consortium representing higher education, K-12 education, vocational education, military affairs, health education and other key stakeholders.  Rich is serving as the interim director. (See handout)

AK2.0 is a project to spread Internet 2 to access points other than just the universities in Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks.  It is currently in its initial rollout phase.  It will provide “backdoor” access to the speed and content of Internet 2.  As demand grows the network will be upgraded.  This will provide a shorted hop to a less crowded, more powerful Internet.  The end-to-end connectivity is currently 10 megabytes but the goal is to get it to 1 gigabyte.

Net Neutrality Bill: An attempt to prevent a two-tier Internet where Web sites are treated differently depending on how much they pay to ISPs. Opponents say they are preventing unnecessary government regulations. Currently companies can prevent you from using free services if your provider offers it for a fee.  Big Internet content providers fear this.  New word/concept Rich taught us: Duopolies which is the situation when 2 companies are keeping prices artificially controlled through mutual understanding or out and out corroboration.   

Back to the budget/treasurer issues with Kirk Thompson

The funds for the national convention attendance should be moved to 2007 since people want to use them to go to the AASL convention in Reno.

No funds were given to Book Bonanza because it is being dropped by the Ketchikan Library Association.  $250 was given last year.

Conference: not enough was budgeted because location was not taken into consideration.  We need to check PFD fares, buy a ticket and get reimbursed early.  If you find a good deal, share it on the listserve.

MOTION: Alaska Association of School Librarians should purchase a promotional prize to be used in a raffle type drawing for early membership renewal on an annual basis: Lynn McNamara 

2nd: Valerie Oliver


Telecommunications: Darla Grediagin

The Wiki should be upgraded.  A promotion right now will provide AkASL with no advertisements, editing ability, statistics, hidable pages and lockable pages for $7.50 a month.

This will support a variety of information formats because, as we know, people access and utilize information in a variety of ways.

Sue notes that we should spend money to publicize this format.  Cutting edge people will be right on it and others will need to be drawn to it.

MOTION: Alaska Association of School Librarians should pay the fee to upgrade the Wiki: Pat Wamsley

2nd: Bob VanDerWege


Kirk will be hanging up his bookkeeper visor after this year.  We need to think of possible people to take the treasurer position.

Battle of the Books continues to need a new coordinator.  AkASL should consider a paid position for the web page duties.  This is the intimidating factor to most prospective candidates for the coordinator’s position.  It could be added to the Technology Coordinator’s position or paid specially.

Elections must be moved up because conference is early again this year. 



Principal’s Conference – Lynn McNamara and Barb Bryson

Lynn McNamara has made arrangements for Michael Sullivan, our guest speaker for the conference.  His fee is $1500 per day.  He arrives Sunday and Lynn will show him around.  He presents on Monday at the Principal’s Conference and will be speaking about Boys and Books.

Set up for the conference will be by Valerie Oliver, Mary Hacker, Nina Malachi and Sue Sherif. 

Certification Issue – Kari Sagel

Kari reviewed the issue and will be speaking personally with Commissioner Sampson next week.  What points should she make in this meeting?

Sue noted that there is no quality control if they don’t tighten up the certification requirements.  AkASL needs to tell DOE what the standards should be.  To change the regulations, the issue needs to go before the state school board and be passed by that body.

Over the years, policies and procedures have changed depending upon the person in the certification office position.

Bob noted that we should look to the other areas in which people don’t have to be highly qualified such as PE and special education.

Suzanne Richards noted that we should invite Cindy Curran, the certification officer, to the AkLA Conference in Juneau.

Kari would like to have the flexibility of allowing people to get a Type A endorsement (with an education degree) or a Type C (with adequate training but no education degree).

Future plans are to communicate with the certification sub-committee, develop guidelines for what the committee believes the standards should be and look at other states’ requirements.

There has been a definite lack of consistency in handling the new certification policy.  Encourage people to send their stories to Kari so she can continue to document this situation. 

2007 Staying Connected: Advocacy Grant Brochure – Barb Bryson

This brochure will be a quick tool for librarians to use for resources.  Pat Wamsley has the Illustrator program which she should be able to use to create the brochure.

Ideas: Erika noted that we need to identify our audience and create a focus.

Who are we?

What do we do? (Travel grants, Battle of the Books)

Look for – (SLED, Sue’s e-mails)

How do we do it? (Puffin, WIKI)

$400 left in this grant account 

Advocacy calendars and post cards – what to do with them – Barb Bryson

Mary Hacker suggested that we add stickers that say “Your librarian is a winner” with information on applying for our awards to give to principals at their conference. 

Librarian’s Summer Institute Report and Feedback – Sue Sherif

Local librarians’ input was the best part but it was all a great educational opportunity.  August was not the best time.  There were 24 participants. 



2006-07 Legislative Priorities – Barb Bryson

Sue – Money for the school library grants from the state library (see handout)

To do this AkASL needs to get AkLA’s endorsement, talk to Clark Gruening, firm up numbers and wording

Valerie – SIPPA – only covers offensive visual images.  DOPA (Deleting Online Predators Act) targets chat rooms BUT includes any Internet interactive communication (social networking).  This may have far-reaching implications for libraries. 

Erika – Reviewed AkLA’s 2005-06 priorities

MOTION: One of the priorities should be support the funding of a school library collection development grant: Pat Wamsley

2nd: Kari Sagel


MOTION: Erika Drain proposed the first priority should be that AkLA believes that every student in Alaska needs and deserves the services of a certified school librarian

2nd: Kirk Thompson

AMENDED: Erika Drain amends the first motion to add a priority of full funding for the state library including capital funding for the library and museum project which will be a modern facility to showcase Alaska’s past and protect its’ heritage for the future.

2nd: Bob VanDerWege


Retirement issue – will be and education issue for the whole education community 

Final legislative priorities to be presented at the AkLA annual meeting are: 

  • AkASL believes that every student in the state needs and deserves the services of a certified school librarian and AkASL supports the development of a school library funding grant program

  • Certified school librarians are educators who are trained to provide staff, students and parents, with services and programs to meet state standards for students’ competency in information literacy. They acquire, organize, and maintain library collections to support school curricula and offer instruction in the use of those collections to find, evaluate, manage, and utilize information effectively, efficiently, and responsibly.


  • School library budgets vary widely between and within school library districts many students do not have access to up-to-date and varied print materials. To increase Alaskan student’s access to quality materials for their school curriculum and patrons it is vitally important for school libraries to receive adequate funding. To this end we support the proposed School Library Collection Development Grant Program.

  • AKASL supports full funding of the state library, including capital funding of the Library Archive Museum (LAM) project.


  • The leadership role of the Alaska State Library enables the staff of libraries, large and small, urban and rural, to provide better library service to all Alaska residents. The programs and services of the Alaska State Library make library service possible across Alaska in places where it would not otherwise exist. The State Library coordinates cooperative projects among Alaska’s libraries and provides important services, which benefit libraries and their constituents statewide.

AkASL goals for 2006-07 – Barb Bryson

Certification issue, School Library Collection Development Grant

Kirk – spend advocacy money promoting School Library Collection Development Grant

Pat – Use the principal’s conference as a forum for working with them to get School Library Collection Development Grant

Keep track of numbers – who is there, attendance count at Michael Sullivan’s presentation, how many people stop by the booth.

Collaboration manual 

AkASL goals 2006-07:  

1. AkASL believes that certification for a school library media specialist should reflect the applicant’s education and training. The option to apply for either a Type A Professional Teacher Certificate or a Type C Special Services Certificate provides the means of best describing and acknowledging an applicant’s training. AkASL will pursue efforts to improve the certification process for school library media specialists. 

2. AkASL supports the collaborative efforts of school library media specialists.  AkASL would like to provide resources that Alaskan librarians are able to access quickly to assist in the productive implementation of their school curriculum, library programs, and professional growth. 

3. Advocacy for the school library media specialist as well as effective library programs are an important key to good educational practices. AkASL will continue to pursue projects that will reflect this goal. 

Battle of the Books – Shelley Logsdon

Raven Correspondence will have to register with Yukon Kuskokwim School District which is their umbrella district.  This was not the case last year but it was a mistake that must be corrected for the current year.

Should the handbook be copyrighted? Several states are lifting our handbook and making it their own.  All we need to do to copyright it is to put the symbol after the date on the title page.  Actually, it is already technically copyrighted since it is our original content but this would make it more obvious.

Some members of the board proposed raising the prices for out-of-state entities. 

MOTION: Valerie Oliver proposed the rates be adjusted to Individual school – $195; District – $495; State – $1500

2nd: Lyn McNamara


Wiki – Darla Grediagin

Encouraged all of us to get in and play.  The things we are working on as a group can be in hidden pages thanks to the upgrade. 

Tabled: Robin and the Vision Summit (she will put something on the Wiki) 

Travel Grants – Suzanne Richards

(See handout)  This year’s grant will provide $600 each for 15 members in Northern, Western and South Central regions.  $250 will be available for 5 Southeast members.  Four certified AkASL members will be eligible to apply for a $750 Leadership Grant which will be applied to attendance at a national ALA conference.  Barb Bryson, as president, gets to decide who will get these four awards.  One has already been granted to Robin Turk for travel to Rhode Island for the AASL Fall Forum on Assessing Student Learning in the school library media center.

Timeline for travel grants: November 15th applications will be due.  Mailing labels for sending in receipts will be included with the award packet. 

Puffin Deadlines – Suzanne Metcalfe

Fall deadline will be September 24th plus 10 days of bugging

Publication date will be October 15th

Winter: ?

Conference information will be posted on the Wiki

Beginning of the year Puffin will be a mini issue with a welcome to the new year, how to become an AkASL member, calendar of the year’s events

Fall issue – in October will be a full issue

Conference wrap-up issue will be a mini

Spring issue will be full size

A travel grant meeting will be held at the conference and articles will be assigned at that meeting 

Puffin Table of Contents review – who needs to write what – Suzanne Metcalfe

Suzanne reviewed the articles she expects from board members for the Fall issue of the Puffin 

Book Bonanza – Sue Sherif

Should AkASL take on this program?  It involves the following activities: Publicizing, getting donations, mentioning it at conference, committee reads applications (usually 12 – 18 submissions) and awards the money.  It is in keeping with our mission.  Liaison with Cook Inlet Books.

Sue – will work on fundraising

Pat – will work with the brochure and update it

Lyn, Lynn and Suzanne M. will read the application essays

MOTION: AkASL will pilot the Book Bonanza this year to see if we can make it work and want to continue this endeavor: Pat Wamsley

2nd: Erika Drain


Hooper Bay Donation – Sue Sherif

They have too many books right now and no place to house them.  Really, they just need money.  Sue will visit the community, find out three things they need and present them to us.  We will decide which one to fund.  “Hold that thought” 

2008 Interlibrary Cooperation Grant – Sue Sherif

Grants are due April 1st.  AkASL is always late with our applications because it is our time of presidential transition.  We need to develop ideas now…

Battle of the Books Leadership, travel, advocacy…but maybe we need to develop our members.  Could we provide money for taking professional development classes? Not really.

YALSA Institutes will come to us.  It is a pre-packaged workshop they provide if you get the money, the place and the people to attend.  This needs to be further researched. 

Budget will be finalized at the next meeting. 

MOTION: Valerie Oliver proposes we adjourn the meeting

2nd: Erika Drain


E-Mail Issues

LSTA Funding

MOTION: AkASL should write a letter to Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski, and Don Young’s offices in support of full funding for LSTA.

Valerie Oliver   (September 19th)

2nd: Erika Drain


Darla Grediagin: I would like to give our members the option of joining a listserv.  I can set it up on Yahoo groups and send an email out to new members letting them know about it, if it is okay with the board. (September 23rd) 

Michael Sullivan visit

Valerie Oliver: This is just a refresh for those who are working on Michael Sullivan’s visit.  According to our very capable treasurer  we have spend the following thus far:

    $556.81 for Michael’s airfare

    $422.82 for brochures

    $275 for booth rental

    $325.00 for Michael’s hotel arrangements 

This leaves us with $4,300.69.  From this we will pay him his $$ per day and it appears that it will leave us with a considerable unspent balance.  Ideas?  The funds are encumbered until the end of October. (September 24, 2006) 

Barb Bryson: Lynn M. will be picking Michael up from the airport, taking him on a tour of the area, and getting him back for his return trip home.  Thanks so much Lynn! 

Robin Hanson and the Alaska Library Association is having Michael speak Sunday afternoon at 4:30 at the the University Consortium Library and will take him to dinner as well. Any are welcome to attend, so if you want a chance to hear Sullivan speak, now’s your chance. 

Mardell Kiesel and the Anchorage School District will have Sullivan speak to junior high/high school teachers Monday morning. 

Mary Hacker has offered to introduce Sullivan at his session at the Principal’s Conference AND will be taking him to dinner Monday evening.

If you have time to join for dinner and support Mary that would be great!

Please email and let her know. 

If anyone wants to join me Sunday at the Sheraton at the AkASL booth, that would be great too.  Val will be helping set up and can stay for a little while.  (October 8, 2006) 

AkLA Face-to-Face update – Barb Bryson

* AkLA will support the "School Library Collection Development" Grant  and have made it one of their legislative goals for 2007!!  AkLA supported this quite readily.  I’m sure the proposal Sue worked up for us to hand out had a lot to do with that.  Thanks Sue!  Thanks also to Erika & Val for using their creative juices to help rewrite the goal which was approved! (I’ve attached the goal for you to look at)   

* The 2003 AkASL audit was briefly discussed by the AkLA board.  I got together with Diane Ruess, AkLA’s Treasurer.  She’s very willing to help us, and will be contacting us after she’s had a chance to talk to their accountant. 

*On a side note: Diane R. suggested we hold off paying additional donations into the B. Jo Morse Scholarship until we know what’s going to happen with the 2003 audit.  She suggested paying the $7,000 we were to put into the scholarship last year though.  I’m going to put this on the October agenda for discussion. 

*More good news!  It’s not carved in stone, but it sounds like both Judy Freeman and Carol Brodie may be able to present at the AkLA 2007 conference.  Add onto that Charlotte Glover’s pre-conference presentation on teen reading and the possibility of  Robin and Darla doing  workshops on blogging and Wikis and I think school librarians are going to have some nice choices. 

*AkASL has officially taken on Book Bonanza!  Once again AkLA will support

the project by contributing $1,000.   Do we want to contribute money, or

is our time good enough?  I’m hoping at least one person on the board would be willing to work with Sue on this project and let the rest of the board know how we can pitch in. We will discuss these things at the October meeting. (September 26) 

Battle of the Books – Shelley Logsdon

1)  Circle Bracelets  www.CircleBracelets.com   Our public library sold

these for banned book week and they were a hit.  You can pick your slogan, design and colors for 44 cents each when you buy a thousand. They sold theirs for 1.00 each. 

2)  battle pencils  Oriental Trading Company sells personalized pencils for about 10 cents each.  (Maybe even cheaper elsewhere?)  Our school buys school pencils and resells them for 25 cents each. 

If we did anything I was thinking of sticking with the slogan:  Batttle of the Books: Reading + Teamwork… (September 28, 2006)

Erika Drain added What about:

Battle of the Books –  Just read it.

Battle of the Books –  Read long, Live hard Battle of the Books – It’s the questions that count.

Battle of the Books – Only for the stout hearted.

Battle of the Books – A true mind game. 


Robin Turk: The purpose of the AKASL wiki, according to the board goals, is a place for sharing teacher-librarian practices and resources, and is a read/write space.   

The eboard business, once finalized, will be posted on the website.

I’ve been tossing around in my head the distiction between the website and the wiki, and how not to be redundant or confusing to users.  There may be a day when the website becomes obsolete, and the wiki does the whole job.  Especially looking at the improvements coming from pbwiki and what others are doing with it.   

For now, It doesn’t mean that we can’t post the same information at each place, but technically speaking a link to the eboard info on the website would accomplish the same thing and not be duplicating efforts…. and

we would want the board info on the wiki locked.   I know at this point

you are all keeping the wiki up to date faster than I am the website, but that should improve, and I I’ll copy new info over when you all agree that it is ready to post. (September 30, 2006) 

Erika Drain: I’m thinking redundancy is the key to success in education.  The web site is looking wonderful and is easy to navigate.  Many people are going there.  The wiki is great for other people who desire more interaction.  I’m thinking we should keep double posting in certain spots; at least where goals and objectives are concerned.  Then people can react and comment to our goals if they so choose on the wiki. (October 1, 2006) 

Leadership Grant – Barb Bryson

Erika, Suzanne R., Darla, and Robin will all be attending the AASL Mid-Winter Conference: "Reading and the School Library Media Specialist"

on January 19, 2007. (October 5, 2006) 

Puffin – Suzanne Metcalfe

We can talk about this more at our next meeting, but I would like to change the schedule like we talked about at face to face. With my going to full time work and 29 articles (this issue) to read through, it takes me longer to get through them and get them to Pat. It takes her several days as she has to fit them on the page, find graphics, we both look for photos and she gets a draft to me which goes back and forth a couple times before we send it out to you guys. Then we need a few more days for all the great input you all give before we post it to the public. Meanwhile, I’m sending (gentle) reminders to people who haven’t sent me stuff or writing it myself when I don¹t hear back. Because we’re all volunteers and have lives, it takes a while. 

I’ll have my suggestions for a new schedule for the next meeting, and I would love for you guys to be thinking about any suggestions you have also.(October 14, 2006)