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AkASL E-Board Audioconference
May 14, 2008

Present at the meeting: Ginny Blackson, Kari Sagel, Lyn Ballam, Katie Conover, Ann Morgester, Pat Wamsley, Janet Madsen, Suzanne Richards, Robin Turn, Nicole Roohi, and Laura Guest

The meeting was called to order at 4:05.

Pat asked that the agenda include a discussion of a new award. Ginny moved that the amended agenda be approved. Pat seconded. The motion passed. Ginny moved that the minutes be approved. Pat seconded. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Janet reported that there was a 268.38 balance on the travel grants budget and will check into applying to administrative costs. She recommended outlining the grant/claim process and clarifying what is and is not covered.

Janet reported that the 2006 tax return was amended and the 2007 tax return filed. The accounting bill was $1700.00. Melanie Schneider volunteered hours to work with Janet. Kari moved and Pat seconded paying the accounting bill.

Janet advised purchasing QuickBooks to ease future tax filings. Pat moved and Suzanne seconded its purchase. The motion passed.


All four grants were accepted with increased amounts for the Travel and Battle of the Books grants. Southeast’s Spirit of Reading grant added the titles “Ghost of Spirit Bear” and “Tree Girl.” Kari will write up a description for the wiki. Pat moved and Ann seconded the acceptance of the grants. The motion passed. Laura Guest would like Matsu to have an opportunity to host Ben Mikaelsen.


It was moved and seconded to add the School Librarian Merit Award to the AkASL Awards. Pat Wamsley will write up the wording changes for the policy manual and AkASL website awards information. The motion passed.


Sue sent out a report on the status of the state school librarian search. She hopes an announcement will be made during the first week of June.

Sue asks that people send her news of retirements and relocations for the purposes of updating SAYL Mail.

Robin will get out information about the summer academy.

Lyn will email information provided by Rita Anderson concerning a Digital Pipeline competition. The competition is funded through a grant and poses weekly questions answerable by using the Digital Pipeline. Rita Anderson spends 4-6 hours per week creating these questions and would like some help.

Governor’s Advisory Council

No progress to report yet.


Kari reported that the school board is interested in working with us on a speaker, but it does not fit into their conference focus this year, but maybe next year.


There was a discussion about a mini-Puffin for the beginning of the school year. Possible topics would include: the Alaska Spirit of Reading program, a welcome from the President, how to join, and conference. There was a discussion of a full issue in October. We also talked about how to send the Puffin to non-members.


AkASL E-board Meeting TOP

April 16, 08

Call to Order

Present at the meeting were Erika Drain, Robin Turk, Kari Sagel, Ginny Blackson, Suzanne Metcalfe, Lyn Ballam, Pat Wamsley, Janet Madsen, Bob VanDerWege, Kay Shelton, Katy Conover, Suzanne Richards, Nicole Roohi, and Barb Bryson

Addition to Agenda

Travel grants were added to the agenda.

Approval of agenda

Ginny Blackson moved and Pat Wamsley seconded the agenda.


SB 119 is in Governor Palin’s hands. She has fifteen days to sign the bill. Kay Shelton reported that an appropriation for the bill has not been made. Kay will write the regulations for SB119. We will need to gear up in the fall to prepare to go back to the legislature to ask for money. Kay will ask that it be put in the governor’s budget for the EED. The budget process begins in August and is due by December 15 to be ready for the legislators in January.

Barb intends to step back a bit from the SB119 process. She recommends getting in touch with Ginny Osterman to lay out the deadlines for next year’s budgetary and legislative process.

We decided to send thank-you notes to Ginny Austerman, Clark Gruening, and Donny Olson for their help with SB119.

Principals Conference/School Board Conference

Katy Conover will email Carol Kane about getting a booth. Suzanne reported that Gary Hartzell will be one of three “keynote” speakers for breakout sessions. Kari Sagel reported that Timi Tullis is on vacation. Kari will check with her about the school board conference upon her return. Erika suggested taking sweatshirts to the conferences to use as prizes and to sell.

Treasurer’s Report Janet Madsen reported that she sent the March report via email as an attachment. She also reported that there is approximately $1200.00 left in the Battle of the Books grant. She is waiting to hear from Shelly Logdson before considering sliding this amount over into travel grants. Janet and Suzanne will call each other to work out disbursement of the travel grant funds. There was a general feeling that clearer guidelines may be needed for travel grant disbursement next year. Janet has an appointment with Melanie on Tuesday to go over taxes.


Suzanne reported that the association received a thank-you from a travel grant recipient. Erika asked for a copy of the letter for the grant report.


Suzanne Metcalfe is looking at reaffiliation . There was some discussion about sending a delegate to the midwinter or June conference. It was decided to put the discussion off until face-to-face in the fall.

Conference Speakers

Lyn Ballam will send these three names to Kodiak as possible speakers: Teri Lesesne, Alan November, and Doug Johnson.

2009 Grants

There was a discussion of the 2009 grants, which are soon due.

Battle of the Books

Get those questions in!

Awards Chair

Erika reported that Bonnie Cavanaugh volunteered to be the awards chair.

Governor’s Advisory Council

Kay reported that the GAC is not a political position, but is about federal funding. Bob will ask Barb Kreher in Juneau to take the GAC position. The GAC representative is a member of the AkASL e-board. Thanks Bob!

School Library Coordinator

This position closes April 25.

Face to Face

Face-to-face is September 27.

The meeting adjourned.



AkASL E-board MeetingTOP
March 19 2008

Call to Order

Present at the meeting were Erika Drain, Sue Sherif, Renee Wood, Robin Turk, Kari Sagel, Ginny Blackson, Suzanne Metcalfe, Lyn Ballam, Pat Wamsley, Janet Madsen, Bob VanDerWege

Approval of agenda

Janet Madsen moved and Pat Wamsley seconded the agenda.

Treasurer’s Report

Janet Madsen reported that she emailed February’s treasurer’s report to the e-board. Conference sales and member travel expenses will show up on the March report. Janet spoke to Melody Schneider, who will be preparing the AkASL’s 2007 taxes. Janet provided Melody with a package of information from last year that will help in preparing the 2007 taxes. The Kenai donation check will be resubmitted and will be used for the Battle of the Book program. A check will be written to the bookseller.

Guest Speaker-Barb Bryson

Barb was not present on the teleconference.

Approval of Minutes

Sue Sherif posted the February 29 e-council minutes on the listserv. Lyn Ballam will contact Tiki Levinson to post the January minutes. Lyn postponed approval of all the minutes.

Welcome New Board Members/ Regional Rep Responsibilities

Lyn Ballam welcomed the new board members. New job responsibilities are posted at http://www.akla.org/akasl/assoc/eboard.html. Erika Drain will be making official changes to the policy manual.

Interregional Liaison

Pat Wamsley made a motion regarding volunteers to help area representatives serving populous regions. Suzanne Metcalfe seconded. After a discussion involving any monetary and policy implications, Lyn Ballam moved that the motion be tabled for a year. Pat Wamsley seconded and the motion passed.

Upcoming Grants

Grants are due on April 1. Sue commented that we can call Priscilla McAdara for an extension of the grant deadline. Lyn Ballam will be working on the Battle of the Books and travel grants. Erika Drain provided Lyn Ballam with copies of last year’s grants.

Sue Sherif will write the school library leadership academy grant. Ann Morgester, Janet Madsen, and Robin Turk will work on developing the academy.

We discussed the possibility of a “Big Read” grant, including suggestions for a focus on Thoreau or Afghanistan. Sue Sherif suggested that the “Big Read” grant idea could contain an author visit component in the form of an audio/video conference with an emphasis on serving children and the underserved. Erika Drain suggested a “Big Read” for library professionals. The economics of buying books for a “Big Read” was discussed. Sue Sherif suggested exploring ideas in a sub-committee. Ginny Blackson, Kari Sagel, and Erika Drain volunteered to meet and work with Lyn Ballam on additional grant ideas. Sue Sherif suggested contacting her before final decisions to see if the suggestion is grantable.

Speaker Recommendations for Kodiak

There was a discussion of potential speakers for next year’s conference in Kodiak, including responses to David Ongley’s email included below. Erika Drain commented that she sent a list of recommendations to Joe D’Elia. It was decided that Lyn Ballam would write to David and Joe asking whether there was any progress in securing Violet Harada for the conference. Lyn will check to see that they received Erika’s list. (Sue Sherif will search out the list from her emails.) Lyn will suggest that they encourage Scholastic to send Francie Alexander to the conference as a speaker.

Principals Conference Speaker

Suzanne Metcalfe reported that Julye Neel is working with Carol Kane, the executive director of the Alaska Association of School Principals, to arrange an AkASL-sponsored speaker for their conference. Gary Hartzell is currently a possibility. He would not be a keynote speaker but a breakout session speaker. Sue suggested that we should also arrange for the speaker to help out at the booth and speak at school librarian venues.

School Board Conference Speaker

We are waiting to hear from Timi Tullis, Association of Alaska School Boards, about whether that organization is interested in an AkASL-sponsored speaker at their conference. Suggestions were made that we sponsor a booth and participate in the shotgun sessions again next conference. Sue Sherif suggested that the statewide databases would be a good topic for the shotgun session. Michael Sullivan and Deborah Ford were mentioned as possible speakers if the association is interested in boys and books. Many were impressed with Deborah Ford – both her presentation and her willingness to participate in other presentations.

Summer Institute

Sue Sherif reported that grant funds are being used to hire Laurene Madsen to help organize the Summer Institute.

Puffin Format

There was a discussion of the Puffin format and the difficulty some members having in pulling up the PDF document. Suggestions included sending the Puffin to those members via CD, breaking the Puffin into smaller documents, and providing it in a text-only HTML format. Pat Wamsley will look into the feasibility of these formats. Robin Turk will provide a link to Acrobat Reader on the website, but believes that the file size is the problem some members are facing.

Puffin Deadline

The Puffin deadline is April 1. Suzanne Metcalfe has sent out a reminder in the format of the Puffin table of contents. This will be Suzanne’s last Puffin!

Book Bonanza

$2000 worth of books was sent to Klukwon. Robin Turk and Pat Wamsley have new Book Bonanza flyers available. The flyers don’t specify amounts, just that three awards will be given. Mary Hacker and Sue Sherif have developed new criteria to avoid ties. There are no entries so far. Area representatives should attempt to solicit entries. Sue Sherif will send out another notice.

September Face to Face

The date is not yet set. We try to line our meeting up with AkLA’s. People seemed to like having both meetings over a long weekend. Suzanne Metcalfe and Lyn Ballam will represent AkASL at AkLA’s face-to-face meeting.

Next meeting date/time

The next teleconference is April 16 at 4:00 pm. May 14 is the date of the following teleconference.

Additional Notes

Erika will look for a volunteer to serve as awards chair.


Adjournment was at 5:14 pm.

From David Ongley

We’re looking at a variety of people for programs and ran across a few you might be interested in. We didn’t want to go too far without checking with you first to see what you might have planned at this early stage. One person I’d like to recommend is Francie Alexander. She is a Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Scholastic, Inc. She is also an author of several books. Have a look: http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/authors/alexander.htm I’ve heard her speak and she is very dynamic.


AkASL General Membership MeetingTOP
March 1, 2008

Present: Approximately 34 members present.

Overview of the year

Erika Drain delivered a PowerPoint presentation giving an overview of the year’s accomplishments. She conducted a popular raffle during which READ CDs, sweatshirts, and various other prizes were given.

School Board Conference

Robin Turk and Katie Conover presented a “shotgun” session at the school board conference this year. The event was held in a large ballroom with round tables. Every twenty minutes, conference attendees rotated to tables of their choice. Robin and Katie presented information about the “many hats” a school librarian wears, focusing on the connection between a school library media program and student achievement.

Coming Year

Our plan is to both provide a speaker to the school board conference and to participate in the shotgun session. Kari Sagel is working with Timi Tullis to arrange a speaker for the conference. We are also working on providing a speaker to the principals’ conference.


The Deputy Commissioner of Education, Hal Spackman, has outlined librarian certification in a letter that is available at http://www.akla.org/akasl/docs/commissioner_letter.pdf. Member Wendy Leseman reported on her success in having her certification corrected through reference to the letter and inclusion of the letter in her appeal. Work remains to be done. The standards for a type C certificate need to be clarified and information regarding needs to be corrected and available on the EED website.


Barb Bryson reported that SB119 will hit the senate floor on Monday and that Clark Gruening was confident that it would pass. Flyers are available at. Barb urged members to send POMs to their representatives. Stamps were available at the membership meeting. Barb reported that the bill would soon be starting its way through the House side. Senator Stedman tacked on a public library construction grant to SB119. Barb urged members to become familiar with those provisions in case a legislator had questions. Barb presented certificates to the following people for their help with SB119: Pat Wamsley, Tiki Levinson, Clark Gruening, Roz Goodman, Debbie Edwardson, Cathy Boutin, Ginny Osterman, Charlotte Glover, Bob VanDerWege, Kari Sagel, Maureen Radotich, Barbara Nagengast, and Lyn McNamara.

Boundary Adjustments

Boundaries have been adjusted and renamed to Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, and Region 4.


Ann Morgester has the membership list. Current membership is at 147!

Battle of the Books

After a long and happy ovation for Battle of the Books, an announcement was made that sweatshirts were selling for $30.00. (More information about Battle of the Books under Grants below.)

Book Bonanza

Members were encouraged to take a Book Bonanza brochure and apply again this year. Last year’s submission were very strong. A suggestion was made that applicants could re-apply with last year’s letter.

New Exec Board Members

Region 1 Suzanne Richards
Region 2 Katie Conover
Region 3 Renee Wood
Region 4 Ginny Blackson
Puffin editor Laura Guest
Secretary Kari Sagel
President Lyn Ballam
P. Elect Suzanne Metcalfe


Erika reported on the many successful grants written, received, and implemented this year: READ CDs, travel grants, Battle of the Books grant, summer leadership academy. READ CDs were very popular. Members who attended the leadership academy received the READ CDs for free ($237 value). Free copies were sent to school districts around the state and other copies were sold for the low price of $80. Travel grants brought 24 members to conference. Grantees were reminded to fulfill their obligations quickly. Extra Battle of the Books grant money paid for a question editor. Forty-four districts participated in the Battle of the Books, with two being out of state and two being international. The summer academy was lead by Joyce Vallenza and focused on Web 2.0.

Coming Grant Year

AkASL is looking for grant ideas. Erika reminded that grants must focus on benefits to students. The association is looking for a focus for this summer’s leadership academy. Please direct any suggestions to President Lyn Ballam.

Presentation of Gift Certificate

On behalf of the association, incoming President Lyn Ballam presented Erika Drain a gift certificate for her leadership during the past year.

AASL Presentation

AASL representative Cyndi Phillip gave a presentation on the American Association of School Librarians, focusing on their mission, benefits, conference, forum structure, affiliate assembly, strategic plan and the SKILLS Act.

The meeting adjourned.



TOPAlaska Association of School Librarians Face-to-Face Fairbanks, AK 7:30 a.m.
February 29, 2008

Members present: Lyn Ballam, Ginny Blackson, Barb Bryson, Katie Conover, Erika Drain, Laura Guest, Mary Hacker, Tiki Levinson, Shelley Logsdon, Janet Madsen, Lynn McNamara, Suzanne Metcalfe, Ann Morgester, Kari Sagel, Sue Sherif, Robin Turk, Bob VanDerWege, Renee Wood (new members are in bold and outgoing members are in italics)

I. Call to Order

II. Additions to the Agenda

III. Approval of Agenda

MOTION to approve: Lyn Ballam, 2nd Tiki Levinson

Introductions of new members

None to report

VI. Treasurer’s Report

Formal claims in the form of receipts must be submitted for the accountants
The tax deadline is May
After considering the options, we should stick with Melody Schneider for our accountant.
The $105 donation from Kenai AkLA will be moved to the Book Bonanza account
The bill for Battle of the Books hasn’t arrived yet
There are 9 Read CD’s left to sell; 2 to give away at general membership meeting and one was given to the silent auction

VII. Membership Report

There are 149 current members. Ann is trying to make it clear to members or potential members that they need to join both AkLA and AkASL. The database is now up to date. Lyn used Reg Online for conference and she will investigate whether or not we can piggyback with AkLA for their conference subscription – at least for the coming year. She will report to us in May.

VIII. Unfinished Business

a. Awards

Forms on the web need work. Robin is working with Elise Tomlinson on this. Mary is thrilled to be finished. She is to be commended for a great and effective tenure.

b. Election

There were 38 voters. Results are attached. MOTION: for approval of election results. Bob VanDerWege, 2nd Ann Morgester PASSED

c. Regional Representatives

i. job descriptions

Region 4 – Travel grants Region 2 – assist with Principal’s and School Board conference

Region 3 – assist with Principal’s and School Board conference Region 1 – assist with travel grants President-elect will keep regional representatives up to date

ii. Region 3

Lynn McNamara believes there should be two representatives for this densely populated area: one for elementary and one for secondary. This would still represent more members than any of the other representatives. It is just a big job and should be slplit like Battle of the Books co-chairs. TABLED because it is a constitutional change and requires in-depth consideration and discussion because of the long-term implications.

d. School Board Conference Timmie Tullis is very receptive to a speaker sponsored by AkASL. Kari spoke to her and AkASL is on the Board’s meeting agenda for April 5th . She will contact Kari after that. They are interested in the topic of boys and literacy. Possible speakers on this topic: Patrick Jones but he is kind of avante garde for the School Board Conference attendees, Jon Scieszka, Kathleen Baxter and Gary Hartzel. Kari will call Timi Tullis to give her an idea of the type of speakers we are considering. The shotgun sessions were very successful and we should definitely do that again. Once we learn their theme and timeline we can work with them. We also need to speak to Scott McNamara.

e. AkLA Conference

We suggest our speakers and they make the contacts. Considerations: Violet Harada

f. SB 119 Update January re-cap: The legislature added the public library capital construction grant section as Part 1 and the bill would allot roughly $3000 for an annual collection development grant for qualified school libraries. I went before Senate Finance Committee and passed to Senate Rules Committee and passed on to the Senate floor. Sue reported as a point of information that Clark Gruening feels the bill will move along. Erika commented that AkLA feels thata it will pass but not be financed. However, this will give us a solid foundation to request funding. Lynn McNamara felt that the addition of Part 1 helped garner support for the bill from smaller house and senate districts. Contacting your representatives is made easy at the AkASL table with POMS and postcards.

g. 2008 Grants wrap-up

Erika will take care of this

h. Ideas for grants for 2009?

i. Web 2.0 from Ann M., Sue and Katie C. will need phase 2

ii. Leadership Academy will need a committee and the state library proposed hiring a coordinator with grant money since Sue is spread so thin with her two jobs. Grants are due in April. MOTION: to form a committee to put together the summer Leadership Academy Lynn McNamara, 2nd Bob VanDerWege PASSED Janet Madsen, Robin Turk and Ann Morgester volunteered The committee will suggest national speakers. Possibilities: Deborah Ford, Violet Harada or Blanche Woolls.

iii. Other grant ideas tossed around Alaska Book Award, Big Read/One Book differentiated by grade levels

– working with the public libraries and AkLA

Constitutional review i. Committee: Erika, Ann and ?
Battle of the Books

Most diverse group of winners ever in her tenure as chair. Anchorage Daily News won’t do a story on the Kotzebue team. Who can we connect with to try a different approach? Len Anderson of Alaska News Nightly because he lived in Kotzebue or John Creed who is a Chukchi College English professor.

Puffin Articles due April 1st .
Certification AkASL’s efforts are having a positive effect. Results of late have been encouraging!

MOTION: to adjourn Janet Madsen, 2nd Bob VanDerWege PASSED

TOPAlaska Association of School Librarians Executive Board Meeting -Audioconference

January 16, 20084:00-5:10 p.m.

Members present: Barb Bryson, Erika Drain, Mary Hacker, Tiki Levinson, Shelley Logsdon, Janet Madsen, Suzanne Metcalfe, Suzanne Richards, Kari Sagel, Robin Turk, & Pat Wamsley

I. Call to order

II. Additions to the Agenda -none

III. Approval of Agenda

Approval of December 2007 Minutes MOTION to approve: Barb Bryson, Suzanne Metacalfe 2nd PASSED
Correspondence – none to report

VI. Treasurer’s Report : Janet Madsen

Standards for 21st century learners ordered? Yes and they have been shipped as of today
Quicken not Quickbooks was purchased because the latter was not available.
MOTION: AkASL will purchase a copy of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac for Pat Wamsley to use.Tiki Levinson, Robin Turk 2nd PASSED
Membership report: Ann not presentLinda Moyer of Haines School won the Ipod d. Changes to the AKLA handbook and constitution – wording of the financial changes still needs to be added and must be sent to Barb
Unfinished Business:

Sweatshirts for Conference They are with Lyn Ballam and Barb will get the invoice to Janet if necessary.

Awards: Mary Hacker i. Cook Inlet appreciation award is ready to go ii. Need to link her award form information from our web site. It is verydifficult to post forms on a server and Mary had to work with GCI to get it done. This will have to be improved for the future so it can actually be onthe AkASL web site. iii. Reps send out a notice about the awards available and due dates iv. Some nominations are coming in but not a truckload like she would like to see
School Board Conference Kari Sagel spoke with Timmy Tullis and found that their next planning meeting ison April 5th. They like the idea of our organization providing a speaker whom will speak on a literacy or boys & books topic. However, they will let us knowafter their meeting if they will be taking us up on our offer.
School Library Collection Grant: Barb Bryson

Speakers meeting was held via audioconference on 1/15. Parents, school board member, librarians and administrators are all willing to testify before the finance committee in support of the legislation. The meeting went well but a couple of bighurdles to overcome such as no house sponsor and a good comeback for why this should be created outside of the regular education budgets.

i. Kari Sagel called Peggy Wilson and she wasn’t willing to become a sponsor.She raised a couple of questions: Who will be eligible? She feels a librarianor staff person needs to be in charge. She also feels the funding should come from the local district rather than a special program.

ii. Suzanne Richards called Mary Nelson but she isn’t taking on any newcauses. Suzanne will get some ideas from Mary Kapsner.

iii. Lynn McNamara is still working on our ideal sponsor: Mike Hawker who is an urban Republican.

Clark doesn’t feel there will be any problem passing the Senate financecommittee.
We need to try to get Governor Palin and Bob Roses, her education fundingreformer, on our side or at least not against us.

vi. Don’t forget postcards for AKLA conference. Janet will get a roll of stampsfor us to have on hand. A couple of sample POMs will be there as well.

vii. Our SB 119 flyer needs to get cleaned up and sent to Kinko’s for printingfor conference.

2008 Grants: Erika Drain need to finish BOB and travel grants
Travel Grants: Suzanne Richards

Do reps still need to advertise? No, there are plenty of applications. Suzanne has requested an estimate of travel expenses from the Anchorage and Mat-Su applicants.The highest is $700 and she is wondering of the unspent portion of the $1100 grants canbe 1) used as extra for Bush attendees as their trips will cost more or 2)used to fund someone on the waiting list.

People often think they are AkASL members and they are only members of AkLA.They should send a copy of their registration and check with their application nextyear.

g. Battle of the Books: Shelley Logsdon All is going well (or as well as can be expected) other than needing paperwork from 26 school districts.

Puffin update : Suzanne Metcalfe Great issue for people getting their stuff submitted in a timely manner.
Wiki update: none
Certification Report: Kari – Hal Spackman, Deputy Commissioner of Education letter (attached)

He pretty much gave us what we wanted and said it was virtually no change. He has not yet given permission to publish the letter.

k. Boundary adjustments and new reps

Barb will investigate whether this is in the policy manual or the constitution. That will determine whether it needs to be voted on by the membership

i. Southeast – will be in charge of travel

ii. Northern – travel grants can help jenny out with questions

iii. Western – (Mat-Su & Kenai) -assist with principals’ and School Board conferences

Southcentral -(Anchorage ) assist with principals’ and School Board conferences
President-elect – Coordinator of regional reps. Will make sure they have the information they need to communicate with membership.

l. Book Bonanza – Sue not presentMary Hacker worked with Sue on reviewing the applications from 2007. Should we be advertising this program? We need to get with Sue and get this baby rolling again because we took on theresponsibility and have made good progress thus far. The need is great!

VIII. New Business

a. Add to president’s job

MOTION: It shall be added to the policy manual that one of the president’s duties is to be one of

the reviewers for the LKB (is this correct?) Scholarship Award Pat Wamsley, Janet Madsen 2nd PASSED

b. Agenda items for conference suggestions

i. Regional representative’s revised job descriptions

ii. Grants

iii. Mentor pairing

Book bonanza
Forms on the web page and accepting credit card payments

vi. Make clear the difference between AkLA and AkASL

vii. PR for AkASL so people know who we are

THE REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES shall: (current wording)

1. obtain information from and disseminate association related information to all of the AkASL members in his/her region.

  1. assist in regional membership drives.
  2. ask the school librarians within each district to appoint a liaison for contact with the Regional Representative.
  3. communicate with all of the AkASL members in their region at least once a year by e-mail, fax, or letter.
  4. solicit ideas for the Puffin before each issue is produced. Write an article for the issue which includes the ideas which have been submitted.
  5. be assigned tasks and other duties as the Executive Board determines necessary.
  6. write a report of regional and other activities to be distributed at the spring general membership meeting.
  7. advise the Board of issues that affect their area’s school libraries.
  8. attend AkASL Board meetings.


TOPAlaska Association of School Librarians
Executive Board Meeting – Audioconference

December 12, 2007
4:00 – 5:18 p.m.

Members present: Lyn Ballam, Barb Bryson, Erika Drain, Mary Hacker, Joy Hewitt, Tiki Levinson, Janet Madsen, Lynn McNamara, Suzanne Metcalfe, Ann Morgester, Suzanne Richards, Kari Sagel, & Robin Turk


  1. Call to order
  2. Additions to the Agenda – none
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of Minutes – November 2007

MOTION to approve: Ann Morgester
Suzanne Metcalfe, 2nd

  1. Correspondence – (Erika)

Letter of appreciation will be written for Ann and Ron Dixon formerly of Cook Inlet Books.  Mary Hacker got a framed puffin print with an engraved plaque on it.  It was decided that the letter Mary will write will include an invitation to the AkLA conference in February and that we will make a formal presentation at that time.  They probably will not be able to attend but they will be informed of the event.

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Janet)

Submitted via e-mail to all board members

  1. Membership report (Ann)

AkASL currently has about 52 members.  The Ipod drawing will be held next Friday for all updated members. Anne will take applications to Friday’s elementary meeting in Anchorage. She will send an updated membership list to Robin Turk. Ann will take membership applications to conference to have on hand.

  1. Share changes to the AKLA handbook and constitution
  1. 4 financial changes

There are actually 2 changes and they are for a monthly treasurer’s report and an annual financial review by the board.  These changes need to be put into the handbook so that AkASL meets with federal non-profit guidelines.  Janet will re-word them, e-mail to Barb and she will get them inserted into the handbook.

Unfinished Business:

  1. Sweatshirts for Conference update:–(Erika)

The order has been submitted.  We spent $1550 and the sweatshirts will cost $31 each.  We are getting a four color logo for the three color price.

  1. School board Conference update

Keri Sagel spoke to Scott McAdams before the school board conference when things for next year were tentative and now she will speak to him to get our offer of a speaker firmed up.  Whoever doesn’t work out for our speaker recommendations for the Kodiak conference can be recommended for the actual speaker if the deal is struck.

  1. Speaker for AKLA conference (Lyn)

Deborah Ford will be our speaker for the AkLA conference in Fairbanks.  She will address boys and reading and book selection.  Lyn heard her speak and feels she will do very well.  She will do a full day, half-day and one sectional as well as present to the public library.

  1. School Library Collection Grant Update  (Barb)
  1. Reminder – Reps need to contact members before Christmas
  1. Send Handout
  2. Letter of Support
  3. Sample POM
  • Mary Jo Iagulli didn’t give up when Bob Roses said no.  She started working on Nancy Dahlstrom for sponsorship but she said no as well.  Kari met with Peggy Wilson during conference last year and now she will work on her as a possible House majority sponsor.  Lynn will meet with Mike Hawker as he has indicated a willingness to sponsor library legislation in the past and he is on the all-important Finance Committee.
  • Barb has e-mailed potential speakers including Barbara Niaguli, LynnMcNamara, Roz Goodman and Cathy Boutin.  On January 15th she will have speaker audioconference so that people can get their ducks in a row.  Keep drumming up support with school board members, parents, administrators and teachers.
  • Clark was going to contact Mary Francis and Bob Roses about potential conflicts with Governor Palin’s education budget plan.
  • Erika has made a link on the Wiki with all of the documents relating to the bill: Lynn’s working with government guidelines, POM samples, letters of support samples, and the current flyer.  Erika’s principal, Bernie Gurule, wrote an excellent letter of support even though he is a very busy man.  Ask your administrator to do the same!
  • 2008 Grants update: (Erika)
    1. READ CD grant update (Janet, Ann M.)

    Ann has sold 19 and given Shelley 5 for potential sales to Mat-Su libraries.

    1. Battle Books Update

    Book nominations for next year are open on the web site

    1. Puffin (Suzanne M.)

    Get those articles in!  It takes time to put it all together.  Columnists wanted.  You can write on an annual or per issue basis.

    1. Wiki

    The address is: akasleboard.wikispaces.com   Use it, edit it and add to the general effort.

    1. Awards (Mary Hacker)
    1. New puffin pins with the trio are for speakers and others we need to profer with a little honor/thank you? Lynn has tracked down the creator of the pins we saw at Face-to-Face and will get bulk pricing from that person.

    MOTION: Lynn McNamara will purchase four of the puffin trio pins for AkASL’s current needs: Tiki Levinson

    Barb Bryson, 2nd

    1. Thank you gift needed.  Mary Hacker is asked to “go forth and do good”
  • Certification Report (Kari Sagel)
  • Kari and Erika will be meeting with former Mt. Edgecumbe superintendent who is now the Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Education and Early Development.  Kari is in current communication with four people seeking their library endorsement and she will use their frustrations as an example in the meeting.

    1. Boundary adjustments on ballot

    Tiki will prepare the wording on the new boundary proposals and present it for the election ballot

    1. Positions on ballot (Barb)

    i.          Suzanne Richards is willing to serve as Region 1 rep.
    Katie Conover is willing to serve as Region 2 rep.

    Renee Wood is willing to serve as Region 3 rep.
    We have no Region 4 rep.  Caitlyn Dixon wants to but not until next year.  There is a possible uncertified library aide who is interested.  The board felt this was not appropriate based on our efforts at getting certified librarians in school.  Jenny Blackson is a possibility.  Katie Conover is believed to be just finishing her program.  We will investigate whether she will be finishing in the next two semesters.  Shelley and Robin will get a note to the Mat-Su librarians to determine if someone is willing to be Puffin editor.

    President-elect will be Suzanne Metcalfe but we will need to find a new Puffin editor.  Several people will beat the bushes to find someone capable and willing to do the job.
    Secretary will be Kari Sagel

    1. What are the regional reps duties now?

    They don’t do much now that the travel grant work is centered on one person.  They need to keep in touch with the membership but those numbers are very low.  We also need a communication director.  Sue covers a lot of what the regional reps used to convey with her SAYL mail messages.  The job descriptions will be reconsidered at Face-to-Face or at conference.  Erika will consider re-assigning current officer duties to regional reps.  Suzanne won’t be doing travel grants next year due to her increasing job duties so someone else will have to do this job.  Janet feels the president-elect should do most of the communication because that will be an avenue to get them in touch with the membership before they take over as president.

    1. Book Bonanza – (Sue)

    Mary will contact Sue to find out about last year’s winners and where we are for this year.

    1. New Business
    1. Mentoring pairing – (Janet)

    Janet will post ideas on the listserve and we will discuss this in January.

    1. Travel Grants for AKLA 2008 conference – (Suzanne R.)

    Applications are coming in daily.  The reps. need to e-mail the travel grant information to their members.

    1. Reno Grants (Erika)

    follow up paper work needs to be sent to Sue Sherif

    1. Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

    Do we want to purchase this, the new AASL booklet, for distribution at the AkLA conference?
    Yes, 50 will be purchased and Janet will order them for $135.  Barb would like some to give to Library Collection Grant speakers so that they have solid, current talking points.

    1. Table for conference (Lyn)

    Was one ordered?  Does it need to be?  Lyn will take care of this important detail

    MOTION: to adjourn: Janet Madsen
    Joy Hewitt, 2nd



    TOPAlaska Association of School Librarians
    Executive Board Meeting – Audioconference
    November 14, 2007

    4:00 – 5:18 p.m.

    Members present: Lyn Ballam, Barb Bryson, Erika Drain, Joy Hewitt, Tiki Levinson, Shelley Logsdon, Lynn McNamara, Suzanne Metcalfe, & Ann Morgester

    Meeting called to order at 4:00 p.m. by President Erika Drain

    I. Call to order at 4:05
    II. Additions to the Agenda
    Expense Claim Form VII: c
    Letters of Appreciation to the Dixons (former Cook Inlet Books owners)
    Please submit a paragraph of your experiences with them as booksellers

    III. Approval of amended agenda
    IV. Approval of September 2007 Minutes PASSED
    V. Approval of October 2007 Minutes PASSED
    VI. Correspondence

    a. Letter written by AKLA to board of Sheldon Jackson regarding the securing of a grant for boxing and preserving the collection by placing the materials in storage and providing humidity control. Employees from the State Library will help with this project.
    VII. Treasurer’s Report (submitted electronically by Janet)
    a. Membership report (Ann)
    Regional representatives need list of their members so they can be in touch with them. Ann has only sent names and phone numbers thus far. She will use last year’s information for now until the database software transition take place.
    Membership applications will be available at our booth at conference.
    b. Share changes to the AkLA Handbook and constitution

    i. 4 Financial changes
    · Annual financial review
    · Treasurer’s report will be sent to the board on a monthly basis
    · AkASL decided NOT to have the president receive an e-mail on each check from the treasurer
    · AkASL decided NOT to require two signatures on each check
    c. Expense claim form (Sue)

    This form is available on the AkASL web page under association information

    VIII. Unfinished Business:

    a. Sweatshirts for Conference update – Erika Drain

    A sweatshirt with a zipper all the way up the front is $31 and it includes a three-color logo on the upper right front.
    MOTION: Order 50 of these sweatshirts to sell at the AkLA conference: Barb Bryson
    Tiki Levinson, 2nd
    Sizing: 5 3X, 10 2X, 10 XL, 10 L, 10 M, 5 S
    Erica will e-mail the company name and graphic to us

    b. Principal’s Conference – (Lyn)

    Sue, Nina P., Cathy K., Valerie and Lynn set up and worked the booth which was not in a great location
    They talked to a number of people but it was slow.
    Sue suggested we alternate locations every other year – one in the ballroom and one out.
    David Worlick was a fantastic speaker and would be wonderful at a future event

    c. School Board Conference
    i. Scott McAdams is the new president of the Alaska School Board Association and he was very nice about having AkASL at their conference. The principals are a little more jaded because they have so many more meetings to attend. It may be better to focus on the school board because there we can get to the districts where librarians are needed or programs need to be strengthened. Erica or Kari will talk to Scott about the possibility of having a sectional speaker at their conference next year.

    ii. We need a policy about getting materials together to support our outreach efforts
    Each booth needs one person to be in charge. The Anchorage rep. could be in charge/coordinator for this. We would need a checklist of things to be done such as shifts covered, booth materials gathered, donation book set secured, speaker hosting, etc.(Attached to the minutes thanks to Sue). The State Library would give lots of support. This should be added to the handbook. E-mail changes to Robin.
    MOTION: Area representatives will be the coordinator for conferences which we support or participate in their region: Tiki Levinson
    Joy Hewitt, 2nd

    d. Speaker for AkLA conference: – (Lyn)
    i. Possible speaker names for the 2008 Kodiak Conference: David Warlick and Violet Harada are two possibilities. Send any others to Lyn or Erika. If they don’t come to conference, the State Library will again be coordinating a leadership academy so they might come for a summer workshop.

    ii. Sue recommended a topic: Censorship from the author’s point of view. Lois Lowry, Carolyn Mackler and Chris Crutcher presented on this at the AASL Reno conference.
    iii. Whale Snow author, Debby Edwardson, is coming out with a new novel and will be there.

    e. School Library Collection Grant Update – Barb Bryson

    i. Post cards will be at our conference booth. People can write, we can address and send them to their legislator. Bring any extra post cards you have to conference for this purpose.
    ii. Bob Roses will not be our sponsor. He wants to wait until the main six education funding issues are taken care of. Mary Dahlstrom, Anna Fairclough are other possible sponsors. Clark will be contacting them. Speakers on the bill’s behalf: Charlotte Glover, Barbara Nagungust (sp?), Roz Goodman, Tiki Levinson…but these folks already spoke. Who else can we get to offer words of support? Debby Edwardson is a possibility. Peggy Wilson might be a good possible sponsor but she is in the minority.
    iii. Regional reps. need the phone numbers of their members so they can call them and educate them about what we are trying to accomplish with this bill. Reps will need to do this before Christmas. Remember to emphasize:
    1. Why are school libraries important?
    2. What is our goal with this grant?
    3. What could the impact be over time?
    iv. Lynn noted that we can make this an issue that will gain our organization members.
    v. We need to compile a box of what could be purchased if the bill passes. Lynn will boil down the effective legislative process into one page. Suzanne will clean up the flyer.

    f. 2008 Grants – (Erika)
    The READ CDs have been received by Ann

    g. Battle Books Update (Shelley)

    Battle sales items are HOT! Pencils are flying out but we are only making six cents on each one. A bracelet vendor has been located and those will be over a fifty cent profit for each one

    h. Puffin – (Suzanne)
    December 21st is the deadline for the next issue.

    i. Wiki (tabled)

    j. Awards (tabled)

    k. Certification Report
    The deputy commissioner is at Mt. Edgecumbe School two days a week and Erika will try to get our point across.

    l. Boundary adjustments/new positions (Erika and Barb)
    What positions need to be on the election ballot?
    Joy Hewitt is bowing out, Suzanne Richards will continue in her position, Mary Hacker would like to step down and let the new awardees take her position. Tiki Levinson will be stepping down.
    Katie Conover is a possible Region 3 rep. What about a region 4 rep? President-elect? Secretary?
    Mary Hacker will work with Sue to make changes to our current award program so that there can be an award for a paraprofessional.

    m. Book Bonanza – (Sue) – e-mail on this one

    n. Shirts (Sue)
    Kelly Smith, Nina Prockish & Cathy Kiddell need to be sent shirts as a thank you for taking care of our booth. Erika will do that on the letterhead and send t-shirts.

    IX. New Business

    a. Mentoring pairing – Janet?

    b. Share people for speakers for next years conference
    i. Reno conference sharing

    c. Need new Anchorage Rep

    MOTION: to adjourn: Tiki Levinson
    Barb Bryson, 2nd


    TOPAlaska Association of School Librarians
    Executive Board Meeting – Audioconference
    October 17, 2007

    4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

    Members present: Barb Bryson, Erika Drain, Mary Hacker, Joy Hewitt, Tiki Levinson, Janet Madsen, Suzanne Metcalfe, Suzanne Richards, Kari Sagel, Robin Turk, & Pat Wamsley

    Meeting called to order at 4:00 p.m. by President Erika Drain

    I. Call to order at 4:05

    II. Additions to the Agenda

    Publications for item VII: f
    III. Approval of amended agenda

    IV. Approval of Minutes September 2007 (tabled)
    V. Correspondence – Building Libraries in Alaska legislation (not presented)
    a. Letter written by AKLA to board of Sheldon Jackson regarding their desire for the board of Sheldon Jackson College to keep the library collection in Sitka and preserve it with heat and humidity control. Some of these concerns have already been addressed.
    VI. Treasurer’s Report (Erika and Janet)

    a. Cost for Melody – 4 hours for about $530. AkLA paid her fee because her work is most important to their organization.
    b. Financial Review: consists of: every year; look at reports and processes and procedures. Audits are much more extensive and expensive. A financial review will be necessary when Janet’s term is over.
    c. 501 C-3 – may need another person to do the taxes due to conflict of interest. However, Melody sees no conflict of interest in doing AkASL’s taxes and financial advising.
    i. We have our own separate EIN number and do not share AkLA’s.
    d. Every time write a check is written the treasurer needs to send an email about what they have written checks for to and the amount to the president who will print and keep in presidential records. We need to add this to policies and procedures. Pat suggested we adopt a monthly report instead. This will be far easier since the treasurer already does this. Barb and Pat will work up the new policies so they can be discussed and adopted.
    e. Every time treasurer changes AkASL will need to do a financial review

    f. Membership needs a report of amounts in and out every month. Ann will deposit the money and send a check to Janet.
    g. B. Jo Morse Scholarship total: when we donate it goes into Scholarship Savings
    i. Funds are added to the scholarship certificate of deposits (CDs)
    ii. Right now total is $95,570.29
    1. Top it off at $100,000 scholarship savings; almost there.

    VII. Unfinished Business:

    a. Sweatshirts for Conference update – Erika Drain

    A sweatshirt with a zipper all the way up the front is not available but there is a fleece jacket that is available like this. Erika will get a quote. We would like to keep the price around $26-28.
    b. Principal’s Conference – Lyn (tabled for e-mail)
    i. October 14th Valerie and Lyn will set up
    1. October 15th Monday Sue, Mary H.
    a. Maybe get Nina and Kathy?
    b. Bringing all brochures and legislative info. Drawing for Mythology collection,

    c. School Board Conference – Kari Sagel
    1. Nov 8th-11th booth arrangements have been made
    2. Shotgun sessions: Three half hour sessions made with 200 people in the room. No projection – handouts only and maybe a computer screen. Robin Turk and Katie Conover will present on how libraries impact technology, achievement and schools.
    3. Table workers? AkASL can pay for substitute teachers. Robin will “man” the table when she isn’t presenting the day she is there.

    d. School Library Collection Grant Update – Barb Bryson
    i. Erika made a presentation to the School Advisory Committee. Her presentation upset the rural members because she said that only schools with certified librarians would qualify. She corrected her information but the feathers were already ruffled.
    ii. Donny Olsen’s office is working on ironing ou


    TOPAlaska Association of School Librarians
    Executive Board Minutes September 22, 2007

    Annual Face-to-Face Meeting
    Alaska State Library
    Anchorage, Alaska

    Members present: Lyn Ballum, Barb Bryson, Erica Drain, Mary Hacker, Joy Hewitt, Tiki Levinson, Janet Madsen, Lynn McNamara, Suzanne Metcalfe, Ann Morgester, Suzanne Richards, Kari Sagel, Sue Sherif, Robin Turk, Bob VanderWege, & Pat Wamsley
    Special Guest: Linda Thibodeau

    I. Meeting called to order at 8:30 by President Erika Drain

    II. Additions to the agenda
    Booth at Principal’s Conference

    III. Approval of amended agenda
    MOTION to approve: Barb Bryson, 2nd Joy Hewitt


    IV. Approval of minutes
    MOTION to approve May 2007 minutes: Robin Turk, 2nd Joy Hewitt

    V. Treasurer’s Report : Janet Madsen

    Janet went with Diane Ruse to meet with Melody Schneider, a CPA who specializes in non-profits. The plan for AkASL is to follow AkLA in how our procedures are established in order to be in compliance with the IRS rules. Janet will simplify the procedures to the essentials and check with Diane and Melody to see if what she comes up with will be acceptable. The IRS return was filed last week.
    The fee for the Cook and Huckaberg CPA firm to assist with the tax return was $800.
    Melody recommended that AkASL migrate from Quicken to Quickbooks for non-profits which will cost $119. Janet plans to re-do the categories during the migration process. Periodic audits are also suggested by the membership. Janet will find out what the recommended timeline for this should be.
    MOTION to purchase Quickbooks for Non-profits: Pat Wamsley, 2nd Ann Morgester
    MOTION to work with Melody Schneider as AkASL’s CPA: Tiki Levinson, 2nd Bob Vanderwege
    A. Budget 2007-08

    The process for receiving the award, it’s appearance and opening it up to library aides or creating another award for them were all discussed. —-
    Mary Hacker and Pat Wamsley are going to research enhancing our current awards program.
    MOTION for our awards chair to develop and award for paraprofessionals and enhance the overall awards program: Tiki Levinson, 2nd Lyn Ballum
    Budget review tabled until the end of the meeting
    B. B Jo Morse Scholarship contribution
    Should we continue our current contribution? The membership agreed and silent auction contributions should go there as well. The $100,000 goal is not yet met but the State Library has been subsidizing the scholarships with grant funds. We still need to increase our efforts to meet the goal.

    MOTION to increase the 2007-08 contribution to the B. Jo Morse Scholarship to $3000: Bob Vanderwege, 2nd Barb Bryson

    VI. Linda Thibodeau report from the State Library
    Sue Sherif and Daniel Cornwall are both moving to new positions. They still need candidates for School Library Coordinator and have opened it up to Outside applicants.
    Budget for the State Library has been flat for the past few years but this is better than a decrease.
    Building for the State Library, Museum and Archives was awarded $2 million for a plan which was created by Rise Alaska. Now another $8 million is needed for the architectural plan.

    Sheldon Jackson College closed it’s doors and it is uncertain what will happen to their priceless collection. The city of Sitka, the historical society and the library need to cooperate to locate a repository.
    The State Library is reapplying for the next 5 years of LSTA. Big job.

    VII. Correspondence
    None to report but we discussed the letter from Gary Hartzell

    VIII. Unfinished Business

    a. Principal’s Conference: Lyn Ballam
    1. Booth set up will be on October 14th and Lynn McNamara and Valerie Oliver will be responsible for this. Sue Sherif and Mary Hacker will cover Monday if Mary can get leave. At the booth AkASL will have a World Book mythology book set drawing, brochures and legislative (SB 119) information. Lyn Ballum will create a display board. Sue will ask if Kathy Kiddell and/or Nina Prockish can help with the booth since current librarians can’t discuss legislative policy and issues which we need to be able to do in order to present SB 119.
    2. We will change our tack for now to the School Board Conference on Nov. 8-11 which has the theme Leadership for 20th Century Literacy. We will keep the booth for the principals’ conference and keep trying to get Gary Hartzell in as a speaker. The school board’s schedule looks full but we can try to get a booth and offer to fill in as speakers if there is a drop. Suzanne Metcalfe, Ann Morgester and Robin Turk will adapt an Anchorage School District Board presentation to give at the conference.

    MOTION to expend $400 for registration for a booth at the State School Board Conference: Lynn McNamara, 2nd Pat Wamsley
    b. School Library Collection Grant/SB 119 Update: Barb Bryson
    Lynn McNamara wishes to resign as Southcentral Representative to focus on the legislation passage process.
    Barb wants to create an informative flyer for booths at conferences and to inform others of the project. Volunteers are need for the committee to 1) clean up and 2) push the legislation. Volunteers are Suzanne Metcalfe, Lyn Ballum, Lynn McNamara, Erika Drain & Barb Bryson. Kari Sagel will help with specific projects as needed. Barb will also ask Mary Jo Aiulli, Roz Goodman and Cathy Boutin.
    Concerns: wording and passing the Finance Committee. The program will require a new position to administer it and this cost is not added into the bill.

    Public libraries will looking for the creation of a library construction fund similar to that for schools.
    Lynn McNamara will share pertinent portions of the guide to working effectively with the legislative process. Barb will figure out the cost for teleconference meeting. AkASL also needs to work the governor’s angle since she has line-item veto and uses it generously.
    c. 2008 Grants: Erika Drain
    1. Read CD grant
    AkASL has 20 CD’s left with Photoshop Elements (the premium product which was $237 and AkASL got for $49—-. Ann will be doing two training sessions on making READ posters at the AkLA Conference.
    6 board members were given a copy of the premium CD and now there are 14 left. How should they be distributed?

    · Donate to the silent auction
    · Give away one at each of Ann’s presentations
    Janet will talk to Tina at ALA to get the price for the premium/combo pack CD. We need to loan one to the governor’s office because she promised to pose for a poster.
    Regional reps will post it to their schools and will offer a membership price for purchasing the premium CD. If you’re not a member, join or renew. Reps need updated e-mail list of members so they can remind current members to renew.
    2. On-line professional development class
    Deb Mole and Sue Sherif will continue with the development. The problem was that Deb is already paid to develop classes and the grant was to pay her to do what she is already being paid to do so it was denied.

    3. 2008 Travel Grants
    $1200 grants for Southeast and Western; $1000 grants for Southcentral and Northern. Application deadline is December 15th, 2007. Must be a member to apply. Alert applicants that they will be given s substantial conference discount if they are a member of AkLA. A checklist needs to be given to awardees: I understand I need to…and list requirements.
    4. Booth at AKLA Conference
    If we have one, we need our handouts/flyers and shirts & sweatshirts. It was decided to get Battle sweatshirts with Erika’s logo on them. Look for a zip up sweatshirt with a collar NOT a pullover.
    5. Reno Conference

    Those traveling to Reno will share details over lunch
    6. Battle Leadership
    Lots of Battle workers will be able to go to conference.
    The paid editor was very good at her job and made things easier.
    d. Puffin Update: Suzanne Metcalfe

    One page “Puffin” in the fall to send out with renewal letters. Do we still send these?
    Table of Contents/list of needs was shared. Send all of your items in to Suzanne by next weekend. Send things to Metcalfe_Suzanne@asd.k12.org or suzmet@gci.net
    Winter issue: January 10th
    Spring issue: April 1st
    e. Membership Report: Ann Morgester

    Change database software to Filemaker Pro and then dump it into Excel.
    No mail outs and no cards rather an e-mail receipt with expiration date of membership and the information on file for the member so they can make any necessary corrections.
    Sue suggested we re-examine the dual membership in AkASL and AkLA issue. What about a discount on membership for joining both organizations? This needs to be an audioconference topic. For the time being, Ann will offer this service to people if they send her both forms and two checks.
    What about a welcome packet for new members? Mini Puffin, brochure and more… Lyn created a list of the top 10 reasons for joining AkASL.
    f. Certification: Kari Sagel (I need your notes)
    Problems facing the situation: there aren’t many of us & we are diverse. The web information hasn’t been updated – especially forms for institutional recommendation.

    g. Region Boundaries Adjustment: Shelley Logsdon
    Adjust boundaries to align the number of members in each area.
    Proposed regions


    –[Region 1]–

    Alaska Gateway

    Bering Strait
    Copper River

    Lake and Peninsul
    North Slope
    Northwest Arctic
    Yukon Flats
    Yukon Koyukuk
    Aleutians East
    Bristol Bay

    Lower Kuskokwim
    St. Mary’s



    –[Region 2]–



    –[Region 3]–



    –[Region 4]–

    No change

    Realign travel grants too? It was decided that it would be better to have a big pool of applicants from across the state and award 20 without regard to region.
    It will cover travel expenses and conference fees. Will there be extra points for combining applications? Yes.
    Questions for applicants

    1. Can you drive to conference?
    2. How far away are you from the conference site?
    3. Do you have district support for professional development?
    4. Have you ever been to conference before?
    5. Have you gotten a grant for travel before?
    6. How many years have you been an AkASL member?
    7. How much will airfare cost for you to get to the conference?
    8. Principal/supervisor’s signature (I give permission for __ to travel to the AkLA Conference)

    Note: no double dipping!
    MOTION to institute a constitutional change on the next AkASL ballot which will name regions 1, 2, 3 & 4: Pat Wamsley, 2nd Lynn McNamara
    MOTION to offer 20 travel grants of $1100 at large starting in 2007-08: Tiki Levinson, 2nd Bob Vanderwege
    MOTION to rearrange regions based upon the committees suggestion (see above) right now: Bob Vanderwege, 2nd Ann Morgester
    Current representatives will continue to represent their current regions. Positions to be filled for next year: President-elect, secretary, regional reps.

    h. Book Bonanza: Sue Sherif
    Small committee needed to make the final decision (5 judges). Sue has designed a new rubric with a short essay at the end to make future decisions easier. A picture of the library is to be included. December 1st deadline.
    The contest will be funded as previously but now AkLA will contribute $1200 minimum, AkASL $750 and other chapters as able.
    Three awards of at least $500. No 1st, 2nd, 3rd – winning entries will not be prioritized by judges. Winners will be announced at AkLA Conference.

    MOTION to contribute $1200 from AkASL to the Book Bonanza. These funds will be used to purchase book gift cards from around the state. The contest will feature a new questionnaire which will include the size of the community, average age of the collection, size of the collection, automated library or not, picture of library, percent of free and reduced lunch recipients and an essay about how more books would make a difference in the library: Barb Bryson, 2nd Lyn Ballam


    Lynn McNamara proposes a letter of appreciation from AkASL to Cook Inlet Books. She will draft it. We also decided to give them a Puffin award with a brass plaque. Mary Hacker will take care of this.

    i. Committee to get more people involved in AkASL activities
    List of ways to get active (I need this list). Ask people you know to help with AkASL because that is how most current board members got involved (and look at how well they are serving AkASL!).

    j. Wiki? Robin Turk

    Should we switch to Wikispaces rather than PBWiki? Should our web page be a wiki? Robin will continue to mull this over.
    It was decided that we would keep the e-board wiki but switch it to wikispaces. The AkASL membership wiki will be kept at WikiPB and will have a link from the website. The new address for the e-board wiki will be akasleboard.wikispaces.com

    IX. New Business

    a. Legislative Priorities (I need this list)
    MOTION to accept legislative priority number 1: Pat Wamsley, 2nd Barb Bryson

    MOTION to accept legislative priority number 2: Pat Wamsley, 2nd Mary Hacker
    b. AkASL Board Goals for 2007-08
    MOTION to accept board goal number 1: Shelley Logsdon, 2nd Ann Morgester
    MOTION to accept board goal number 2: Tiki Levinson, 2nd Janet Madsen

    MOTION to accept board goal number 3: Pat Wamsley, 2nd Mary Hacker
    c. 2008 Grants: Lyn Ballam
    · Character costumes for schools to check out?
    · Authors to rural libraries?
    Note: the focus of the grants is now on marketing a specific thing or event rather than advocacy in general. Good thing we have been taking advantage of being able to do the advocacy in the past years.

    d. Mission Statement: Pat Wamsley
    This is a requirement for many things so we need to have it stated clearly. The AkASL Constitution has the objectives for AkASL. We should stick with but rework these for now.
    e. Mentoring pairing: Janet Madsen
    She will get more to us on this at a later date.

    f. Programs for AkLA Conference: Lyn Ballam
    Annette Lamb: No response yet
    Sue McLeaf – Lyn will contact her
    Violet Harada – Robin will contact her
    Mike Eisenberg – Lyn will contact him

    The speaker will need to speak two times over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the conference. We need to send Georgine our best prospect in one week’s time.
    MOTION to add an additional $1500 to the continuing education budget to fund a speaker for the AkLA Conference if necessary: Tiki Levinson, 2nd Bob Vanderwege
    It was mentioned that we need to return to the practice of a full or half-day preconference. It can be a credit class and it could be a potential moneymaker because it was in the past.
    g. Term Limits: Erika Drain- TABLED
    h. Battle of the Books: TABLED

    i. Budget revisited: Janet Madsen
    MOTION for AkASL to encourage AkLA to offer AkASL members a 10 percent discount on their conference fee: Pat Wamsley, 2nd Shelley Logsdon
    Rationale: Membership e-board meetings are held at AkLA conferences by tradition. This helps with attendance. AkASL helps fund a big name speaker and many of our members do presentations and help with local arrangements. We are willing to strongly promote our members joining AkLA and have active links available for our members to both encourage and make this task easier.
    MOTION to adopt the revisions to the 2007-08 proposed budget: Tiki Levinson, 2nd Ann Morgester
    MOTION to adjourn at 5:30 p.m.: Ann Morgester, 2nd Bob Vanderwege