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AkASL E-Board Face-2-Face March 15, 2008

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AkASL E-Board Meeting, AkLA Conference in Kodiak

March 15, 2009
Present: Suzanne Metcalfe, Erika Drain, Ann Morgester, Bonnie Cavanaugh, Nicole
Roohi, Ginny Blackson, Suzanne Richards, Janet Madsen, Sue Sherif, Katie Sanders

Suzanne Metcalfe called the meeting to order using the jade gavel. Erika moved and
Bonnie seconded the agenda. Erika moved and Ginny seconded to table the February
minutes. There was no correspondence.
Treasurer’s Report

Janet provided printouts of the treasurer’s report. (See the wiki for copies of the
reports.) There was a motion to approve the expenses of the battle co-chair coming to
Anchorage for the selection meeting. Robin moved, Ann seconded. The motion passed.
Janet reported that Melody Schneider has donated many pro bono hours and
information. Erika moved, and Kari seconded a $25 gift certificate to Melody in
Membership report

Ann reported that we have 129 paid members. There is a need to update membership
lists as some people have moved out of district. Reps need to do that. Nicole is the new
membership chair. Robin suggested we start using google docs to maintain information
such as membership. Sue Sherif brought up privacy issues. There was some discussion
of whether the spreadsheet is handy for reps to work from. There was a suggestion to
put member names and emails at beginning of spreadsheet list as these are the most
needed bits of information..
Katie Sanders visited about SLED 2 movement – a statewide library system. There
would be three main servers: in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Southeast. Katie handed out
brochures. Information will be coming out on AkLA listserv. A discussion followed.
Lobbyist Clark Gruening dropped in to talk about the school library collection grant. The
legislation became a zero fiscal note and we need to look at getting funding this
legislative cycle. Regs have been done for this grant, while no regs are completed yet
for the public library construction grant. The school library collection grant will be
administered by state library. We request funding from the commissioner and the
request was sent on to OMB, but it didn’t make it past the governor. We need to engage
the governor on this, using our connections. We might be able to get it in this year on
stimulus money. That would be capital money, that would be a start. Capital money
doesn’t renew each year. Eventually we want the legislation funded from general
budget. We need to engage the governor and supportive senators to see if we could get
capital money. Then we need to begin working on the next year’s budget.

Sue said the grant was in the state’s library budget. Kay Shelton did this. It got past the
department, but was cut out at OMB. Larry LeDoux went to a meeting in Washington
regarding stimulus package. He asked each division head to turn in top requests.
Teaching and Learning put in request for software for applying for grants, Cindy Curran
put in for automating certification, and we put in for 1.1 million for this.
Sue put in the regs leeway for funding half the grant one year, half the next. Our
strategy, however, should be to go for the whole amount. Talking to the governor is the
big thing. The governor has a lot of discretionary money through stabilization money.
Sue and Linda can’t do this, we need to do this. Clark said the governor is the key.
However, Alaska’s reserves could be depleted in three or four years. The governor and
the legislators are concerned about being fiscally responsible.

There was talk of asking Kirk and Abby to connect with the governor. We are doing
another poster with Governor Palin reading the First Alaskans picture book with Trig.
They love the posters and there is support for reading. Governor Palin stops in schools
and reads when she has a chance. Suzanne, Kari, and Erika are willing to go to Juneau
and connect with legislators and Anna Kim, the governor’s aide. Maybe it is better for
Matsu people to try to talk to governor. Erika said Kari should talk to Burt Steadman.
Final notes from Clark: Mike Hopper is a great supporter of this. He is ready to spend
money when appropriate. There are thirty-six days to go in the session. Legisltators will
be in rush to get out of there. Lyman is a co-chair of senate finance in charge of
operating budget. Bert is in charge of capital budget. It is worth it to contact legislators.
We should all be contacting legislators.

Ann moved and Ginny seconded to certify the election. The only new member is Kari
Gephardt from Anchorage.
Tabled Items
We tabled a discussion of the conflict of interest form. We tabled a discussion of the
monthy meeting schedule. Erika will work on policy manual updates. We skipped a full
discussion of the item. While it says that the Puffin is due April 1, grant articles are not
due until April 6. The calendar of assignments needs to be done. Other than grants,
remaining agenda items were tabled.
Grants for 2010
We automatically do the battle leadership grant. Ann is submitting a Raven about Web
2.0 Part 2 grant. There was some discussion of possible authors for the Alaska Spirit of
Reading grant. Bonnie suggested going with an author higher or lower than middle
school. The travel grants are now called professional development grants. Ginny spoke
about need to have the grant requirements written down.
Jacque spoke about the Leadership Academy. Please post speaker suggestions on the
wiki and/or email Jacque.

We adjourned at 8:58 am.

AkASL E-Board Audio Conference February, 2008
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Barb K took notes (THANKS!)

Present: Suzanne M, Barb, Janet, Ann, Nicole, Pat, Laura, Robin, Suzanne R

I No additions to the agenda

II Agenda approved: Janet made the motion, Laura 2nd
III Approval of January 2009 minutes Janet made the motion, Ann 2nd
IV Treasurer’s Report was sent out to the board in email.  Any person receiving honorarium for the combined amount of $600 or more will be getting a 1099.  Janet had a question about BOB State Battle Judges being paid for sub time.  No policy can be found that this payment has been approved by the board.  Janet will look again for evidence of this type of payment being made last year, and will also ask Shelly for more information.  Janet also requested 5 minutes at the Conference general membership meeting to give a Treasurer’s report.

V Correspondence:  Mary Jo Miner emailed Suzanne stating that Tamra Wear has been selected for the Jo Morse Scholarship award.  Her school is an institutional member of AkLA, but Tamra will become an individual AkASL member right away.  Suzanne was thrilled to be the one to phone Tamra with the good news.
VI Old Business:
a.  Kodiak Travel Grants: Suzanne R requested that we take a look at awardees who receive a travel grant year after year.  Kodiak may be a small conference and not as many people have applied, so repeat awardees were chosen, but we will review this at face to face in September.

b.  SLCD.  We will ask Erika what is happening.  Continue to get the message to leg and reps and governor.  At the next Anchorage secondary librarians meeting Suzanne will make sure everyone writes and mails a postcard.
c.  Jo Morse award winner is Tamra Wear from Seward.  Her award will be announced at conference.  Friday 13th is deadline for SLOY and LKB awards.  Feb 27 is deadline for Pat on the Back.

d.  Elections.  Erika will have to give us report later.
e.  Conflict of interest:  On hold, tabled.  Mary Jo Meiner is looking at this and will let Janet know if AkLA already has a policy addressing this issue.
VII New Business:

a.  Constitution Change:  Erika will have to fill us in later.
b.  Merit Award:  Pat made a motion to postpone discussion about the Merit Award until September’s face to face meeting.  Janet 2nd.  The item was tabled.

c.  Puffin update and ways to advertise:  Ideas needed to get the Puffin to a broader audience.  Ideas that were discussed:  Have Jacque send a separate message to email list and not buried in the SAYL message—which might include the administrators from the list used for nomination announcements;  Message to all membership to forward the Puffin link to principals, superintendent, school board in a member’s district;  Editor will create a message with the link to the new edition in the body of the message along with the pdf attachment;  At the conference the general membership will be asked for ideas at the meeting; Will discuss this again at conference and at face to face in September.

d. Battle of the Books Update:  Statewide battles happening week of 23rd.
e.  Elections update.  Erika will have to fill us in later.  Send out a reminder one week before the END of the elections.
f. New web page LOOKS GTREAT!  Thanks Robin!  Pat made a cool puffin icon—check it out!

g.  Conference Update:  eBoard members planning to attend:  Suzanne M., Erika, Ann, Nicole, Janet, Robin, Ginny, Suzanne R, Jacque, Barb and Bonnie.
h.  Names for next year’s conference.  There is a place on the wiki to add names of presenters you would like to have next year.  Jamie McKenzie came up in email discussion, and Robin would like to see ASSESSMENT I and ASSESSMENT II workshops considered for 2010.  Sue Sheriff will be co-conference chair for the Anchorage, 2010 AkLA Conference.

i.  Next year meeting days and times.  Discussion came up that Wednesday are also staff meeting days—is there a better day or time of the week?  Think about it and more discussion on this at conference and face to face in September.

February 18 & 19, 2009 Online Vote:

Janet made the motion:

I move that we pay the following schools to cover sub pay for our Battle judges:
Larson Elementary ( Wendy Stout) $120
Anc S.D. ( Heidi Tsukada ) $180
Palmer Middles ( Sandy Kreuger) $180
Wasilla HS ( Shelly ) $825.00

Laura seconded.


Suzanne R
Suzanne M

The motion passed.

AkASL E-Board Audio Conference January 14, 2008

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Present at the meeting: Ginny Blackson, Erika Drain, Janet Madsen, Ann Morgester, Barb Kreher, Robin Turk, Suzanne Metcalfe, Pat Wamsley, Katie Conover, Jacque Peterson and Suzanne Richardson

Guest: Clark Gruening (Lobbyist)

Minutes: Ginny Blackson
Start Time: 4:00PM

End Time: 5:30PM

January 2009 Agenda

Additions to the Agenda – None
Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve by Janet Madsen, seconded by Ann Morgester, motion passed
Approval of December 2008 Minutes – Motion to approve with the following corrections Janet Madsen, seconded by Ann Morgester, motion passed.  Correction on page 2: “Survey Monkey will be used for members to vote for officers”.

Communications – AKASL received a letter from Lyn Ballam notifying the Assn. of her resignation from the position of AKASL president.  Motion to accept by Erika Drain, seconded by Pat Wamsley, motion passed.
Clark Gruening – Will be lobbying for AKASL and AKLA during the 2009 Alaska legislative session beginning January 20th.  Since the legislation has already been passed, lobbying efforts will concentrate on full funding of the bill.  Funding will be around $1 million for the school library media collections grants.  The regulations for the Public Library Construction part of the bill have not been written.  He would like membership to contact legislatures with stories of the local impact of this grant, giving examples of increased student achievement.

Treasurer’s Report, Janet Madsen:  See Treasure’s Report.
Old Business:

  1. Membership – Ann has updated the membership form and will send out an updated membership list.
  2. ALA Midwinter – Ginny Blackson will attend the ALA Midwinter meeting.  Motion to appoint Ginny Blackson as official delegate made by Erika Drain, seconded by Ann Morgester, motion passed.  Ginny will not receive funds for attending the meeting.
  3. Kodiak Travel Grants: Ginny reported that 22 grants will be offered this year.  The leftover funds from the Gary Hartzell Travel Grant will be rolled into the travel grant.  We need to start referring to the grant as a continuing education grant.  Twenty applicants have been notified of their award.  As soon as, Ginny can confirm the membership of an applicant the other two awards will be announced.  Ginny will have each grant award recipient sign an agreement accepting the award and conditions.  Ginny, Suzanne, Sue Sherif and Patience will meet during AKLA to revise grant guidelines for next year.
  4. School Library Collection Development Grant: Erika has written Puffin article/ reps to urge members to write legislators & governor.  She asked that all area representatives email members a link for more information regarding the grant.


  1. Elections Update: Erika Drain reported that all positions have candidates.  The following is a list of candidates:

Suzanne Richards – Region 1 Representative
Katie Conover – region 2 representative

Keri Geppert — Region 3 Representative
Ginny Blackson – Region 4 Representative
Janet Madsen – Treasures
Ann Morgester – President Elect
Nicole Roohi – Membership Chair

Motion to allocate $50 for a quarterly subscription to Survey Monkey by Ginny Blackson, seconded by Ann Morgester, motion passed.

  1. Awards: Robin reported that emails have been sent to principals seeking nominations for School Librarian of the Year and Linda K. Barrett Service Award.  The deadline to apply is February 13, 2009.  Robin is concerned about the language used to describe the purpose of the Barrett Award.  She would like more information on Ms. Barrett and the goal of the award.  If was suggested that she contact Anchorage School District Librarian Linda Masterson.
  2. Policy changes: Proposed changes to the treasurer job description & term is constitutional amendments are finished.  Members will be notified to vote on the changes using Survey Monkey.
  3. Connections for monthly meetings: Erika and Suzanne Metcalfe are still working on adding lines for the monthly meetings.  The increase may require that we change the time of the meetings or pay for an additional line.
  4. Conflict of Interest: Janet Madsen reported that she has been unable to locate a conflict of interest policy for AKLA or AASLA.  She will contact AKLA and see if they would be willing to discuss developing a policy at their next board meeting.  Out account strongly feels that we need to establish a policy.
  5. Book Bonanza: Jacque reported on the overall success of the program.  AKASL has already budgeted $750 to contribute to the program. 
  6. Web Page Update: Robin reported that the website has been updated and is working well.

New Business

  1. School Library Grant Funding: Regional Representatives are asked to contact their members and begin the letter writing campaign for full funding of the grant.
  2. Puffin Update – The first draft will be available soon.
  3. Conference update:
  1. AkASL will pay the airfare of board members.  Please contact Suzanne Metcalf to let her know you will be attending.
  2. We will have a table in the exhibit hall during the conference.  A sign up for shifts will be put on the Wiki (Who is responsible).  Erika will contact Shelley for Battle of the Books items to sale.  Ginny will bring AK Spirit of Reading sets to distribute.

 Motion to adjourn by


AkASL E-Board Audio Conference Decmber 10, 2008

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Present: Ginny Blackson, Kari Sagel, Erika Drain, Barb Kreher, Pat Wamsley, Jacque Peterson, Janet Madsen, Ann Morgester, Niki Roohi, Suzanne Metcalfe, Laura Guest, Katy Conover, Robin Turk, Linda Thibodeau

Additions to the Agenda

Ginny wanted to clarify under old business that she is not looking for travel money to attend ALA. Suzanne Metcalfe added several items.

Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved.

Lyn Ballam is resigning as president. Suzanne Metcalf will take over. Lyn will be sending an official resignation letter.

Approval of November 2008 Minutes

Ginny moved approval of the minutes, Barb seconded, and the motion passed.

Linda Thibodeau
Linda joined us on the teleconference. We welcomed her as the new state librarian. Linda commented that she has a report for us and will send it to Suzanne for distribution. She reported that the school library collection grant regs passed quite smoothly at last state school board meeting. They aren’t online yet. She said that the Department of Law has to look at them. The application process is complicated. The association should work on funding. Live Homework Help has a new method of authentication. She congratulated Jacque who went to present to counselors about the testing center on SLED.

Erika reported on an email from Sue Sherif. Erika said it reported what Linda said regarding regs.

Treasurer’s Report
Janet posted the treasurer’s report on the wiki and sent it to eboard. We received the $22,880 for the travel grant and battle leadership, and received battle registration money. Expenses were small: reimbursement of gift cards, GH travel reimburse, and the principal’s conference. Janet noted and corrected an expense wrongly applied the Spirit of Reading grant. We finally received $1000 from AkLA for the Book Bonanza. Janet requested an invoice for the BJ Morse and paying our lobbyist. She is still waiting before taking care of.

Line item for president’s travel
Janet can pull this out of the line item for travel if we want to do this. It is just under travel.

Erika says we can roll over the money the Gary Hartzell money into the travel scholarships (Suzanne called Patience). Suzanne has to sign some paperwork to get the money for the GH grant. Ginny, Suzanne, and Janet will work offline to figure out how much money.


Old Business:

Conflict of interest
We asked Janet whether the language could be shorter. The issue is when we vote, the possible benefitter can’t vote. Janet agrees it is too long. Jane will work on it.

Ann reported she will send out one last round of mailed membership forms. She suspects that it is people have moved districts. We currently have 132 members.
The topic of money for ALA midwinter keeps coming up. We decided at face-to-face to include a question on the membership concerning plans to attend. Ann will fix the form. Pat thinks we need to be specific about asking about conference plans. Ann says she will try to keep the membership for to one page. Robin suggested we ask people going to conferences to give reports.

Kodiak Travel Grants
 Ginny:  roll over grant from gary hartzell grant

School Library Collection Development Grant
Erika spoke to Clark about what we could do. Here’s what he said. We need to think about potential sponsors for the appropriations bill and work with people on the finance committee. We don’t have to sell the grant; we have to show that the money would be well spent. We should work with Burt Stedman, who added the library building component of the library legislation. We should get it in the general budget so we don’t have to do every year. We should look at starting to line up speakers. will make a mock letter for our legislators to catch them up. She’ll send it to Clark for wordsmithing. Supporting funding and having it in the general budget should be the message.

Robin will email Bonnie Cavanaugh and cc Suzanne to see if help is needed to get awards started.

Policy Changes Update
The treasurer’s term issue is a constitutional change. Erika read the language. There was a friendly amendment to change a title to “treasurer elect.” Erika will send the wording to Bob, who will post. Laura motioned to put it on the ballot, Niki seconded. Ayes carried the motion.

Erika read suggestion for president travel language. Katie moved the changes, Suzanne seconded. It passed.

Concerning wording of 1099 disclosure issue, Janet didn’t think it needed to be in policy. IRS requires reporting whether person receives 1099 or not. It is just part of what treasurer has to do. It was decided to put it as part of job description in the policy manual. Pat moved Janet’s wording. Janet will send. Katie seconded. Ayes.

Ben Mikaelsen Update
Ginny reported that packets are circulating around the state. Forwarding has got a little complicated. Ginny talking about Talk of Alaska with Steve Heimel. We are planning an audioconference for remote schools to call in to the author. Ann is coordinating at the Anchorage/Matsu end.

New Business


GCI Connections
Do we need more connections for monthly meetings? Erika said GCI said we could use two PIN numbers, which presents some technical savvy. The 24-lines conference slot is already taken. Erika will call back and check into it. Erika will try the double PINs for the next meeting.

Puffin Update
Laura’s due date is January 10. It was suggested that she send out a working table of contents. Pat reminder that this is the last issue before elections and conference.
Ann blurb for membership winners

Book Bonanza

We have the money. Who will run it? Jacque will do it!

Elections Update
Erika reported on elections. She will be writing reps asking for pix and bios. We have to re-elect Janet once the constitutional change regarding the treasurer’s term is made. Due date is December 19.

New Web Page
Robin will continue to work on. Recent changes were made by AKLA webmaster changes an implementation of  style sheets. Pat suggested taking back control and providing similar brand to all our publications. This would take time. An example process would be to hire someone to create the web and then add content. We could decide on an overall look. Robin suggested she and Pat talk about this. Robin thought that working with Elise seems doable. Pat and Robin and Elise and Erika can look at this in the future.

Conference Update
There was a letter from David Ongley. If you proposed a conference session and you are a member of AkLA you are accepted. Suzanne announced our sessions: the general membership meeting, board meeting and some other meeting. Suzanne will send the information send to the Puffin again. Ginny asked about pre-conference topics for travel grant purposes. How will people know what days they need to attend? The battle book selection committee meeting is cancelled because chairs won’t be there. Books will be chosen after the conference. There was a concensus that, at the least, we needed to hold the Battle of the Books idea session. Erika wants people to come! People promised.

Battle of the Books Update
Janet estimates around 52 schools are registered. Suzanne asked Erika to write Puffin blurb about Battle of the Books.

Letter to Obama from AkASL
Suzanne and Kari will write a congratulation letter to Barack Obama highlighting our organization and stressing the importance of school libraries.

There were no good of the order announcements.

The next meeting is January 14.


AkASL E-Board Audio Conference November 12, 2008 DRAFT

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Present at the meeting: Ginny Blackson, Kari Sagel, Pat Wamsley, Jacque

Peterson, Katie Conover, Nicole Roohi, Erika Drain, Suzanne Metcalfe, Suzanne
Richards and Robin Turk
The meeting was called to order at 4:05.
Additions to Agenda and Approval
Suzanne added Membership to the agenda. Pat added GAC update to policy
manual. Kari moved. Katie seconded.

Approval of September Minutes
Pat moved to accept the minutes as written. Ginny seconded. Passed.
Approval of October Minutes
Ginny moved. Katie seconded. Passed.


Janet was not on the teleconference. Suzanne read Janet’s email.
Teleconferencing costs were donated by GCI, which is why we’ve had no bill. I have not done anything on
the conflict of interest at this time. Gary Hartzell has been paid. All schools that have registered for Battle
have paid.
Questions: Is there a line item for the president’s travel? Is there money to send

someone to midwinter? This also touches on policy – what Erika is rewriting.
Approval of October Minutes
Ginny moved. Katie seconded. Passed.
Gary Hartzell
The evaluations from the principals were mostly positive. Approximately thirty

people were there.
Travel Grants
Four of five recipients attended. Only one attendee has provided the paperwork
to be reimbursed. The deadline is the 18th for Puffin article and receipts. Ginny
has received two applications for the Kodiak conference. The application deadline
is January 9. Erika asked if we could roll over the grant money. Lyn should call

Patience to see if we can roll it over.

Principals Conference
Niki reported that she was there for setup and first three hours. We had a good
location. It went pretty well. People filled out postcards. Jacque said it went well
and we got a fair amount of walk by traffic as we were near the coffee, we didn’t
see as many as we’d like compared to the number attending. Jacque reported

that approximately twenty postcards were filled out. A principal said he would
write a letter, that a postcard was not enough. The Battle of the Books sign is a
good icebreaker.
School Board Conference
Thanks to all those who helped. Katie reported that laptops were set up to
provide a look at SLED. Robin and Katie presented. This was a good opportunity

to address misconceptions about school libraries. There were many questions.
Collection Development Grant
Erika said it the regulations are out of public comment, but comments could still
be written and sent in. Erika has been sending comments to Palin via her aide
Karen Rehfled. Erika will report on our next steps as she talks to Barb. She will
keep the listserv informed.

Pat didn’t hear many comments back. She wondered if area reps sent out Puffin
information out. It seemed that people did. Ginny will resend the Puffin from her
region. Pat will work on Staying Connected brochure coloring to adjust the
gradient. Erika mentioned that it is a great brochure to send out to members. Pat
suggested putting it on the main website. Pat will ask Robin to do that.

Conflict of Interest
Janet sent a document. Erika wondered if the statement could be shorter. We
will table the discussion.
Jo Morse Scholarship
Aja is spearheading at the State Library in Juneau. Jacque reported that she
would continue to advertise. The cutoff day is January 15. We need a committee

to review applicants. Erika reported on how the committee was formed last year.
Erika that awards and scholarships is the same committee.
Kodiak Travel Grants
Suzanne thinks the deadline should be before the holidays to give time to verify
membership, whether applicant is a school librarian. Ginny is verifying them as
they come in. She looked at past deadlines and talked to other members of the

e-board in making and communicating that decision. Pat suggested that Ginny
track how it goes and make a recommendation for next year. Ginny brought up
that pre-conference doesn’t seem set and makes it difficult.

A discussion of conference followed. Suzanne Richards hasn’t heard back on
conference proposal yet. Jacque also hasn’t heard back. Ginny called last week

and they’ve still not decided. Metcalfe says she would contact David Ongley for
ETA. Robin suggested not worrying and just waiting.
Denver mid-winter meeting (ALA)
Ginny is proposing a session and trying to go. She may be going to be part of a
panel. Ginny would be happy to attend a session.

Suzanne reported that we are down to about 48 members. Ann is going to
contact people who haven’t renewed. We have two winners. Susan? and Karen?
won the certificates. Ann should be asked to write a blurb about the raffle for the
New Business
There was a discussion about possibly switching teleconference times, and it was
discovered that any day poses conflicts. Erika suggested sticking with schedule.

Kari moved. Erika seconded. Suzanne will run the next meeting.
Kari described strategic planning sessions for the Sitka Library Network.
Changes to Policy Manual
Erika will give everyone a new constitution and new policy manual when changes
are made.

Change one: Pat moved we accept policy changes concerning additional duties
for the president elect. Suzanne Richards seconded. Passed.
Change two: This change involved duties of regional reps. Someone expressed a
concern about sharing duties rather than alternating. Language changes were
suggested. Kari moved, Pat seconded to accept with changes. Ayes.
Change three: This change affected the awards chair. Pat suggested language to
call it School Librarian Merit Award and under A, item 1, specifying that the

School Librarian of the Year be chosen from these winners. Kari moved, Katie
seconded. Aye.
Change four: The executive board was redefined and there was clarification of
reimbursements for meetings. Minor language changes were suggested. Kari
moved. Pat seconded. Passed.

Change five: This change concerned the length of the treasurer’s term; this is a

constitution change! Pat suggested that treasurer traditionally serves two terms.
She would go with a four-year term. This requires separating out language
concerning the length of the secretary’s term. Pat says this is a big issue and we
need to talk about it more. It has to go on the ballot and occur before AkLA. Pat
suggested a listserv discussion.
Change six: This concerns president’s travel; Erika will send out language via

email for wordsmithing.
Change seven: This concerns the treasurer and involves updating language to
include information about 1099 disclosure form. Kari moved, Suzanne R.
seconded. Ayes.
Pat will send to Erika language regarding the GAC to write up for next meeting
for policy addition. (???)

2009 conference – see agenda for information
Kay Shelton –see agenda for information
Linda Thibodou is new state librarian
Robin Turk deleted school library grant information page. Look it over for

improvement and re-addition of information.
Meeting called for adjournment. Erika, Katie seconded. Aye. 5:22.
Suzanne Richards called in. Robin Turk called in.

AkASL E-Board Audioconference October 8, 2008

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Present at the meeting: Ginny Blackson, Kari Sagel, Lyn Ballam, Robin Turk, Nicole Roohi, Laura Guest, Barb Kreher, Jacque Peterson, Ann Morgester, Erika Drain, Janet Madsen, Suzanne Metcalfe.

The meeting was called to order at 4:04.

Lyn Ballam added Kay Shelton’s retirement to the agenda. Ginny motioned to approve the meeting agenda as amended. Lyn asked if there was any dissent. Having none, the agenda passed.

Kari asked that we postpone approval of the September minutes until she can fill in the details. They will be approved by email. Janet said budget section looked good.


Erika got correspondence from Barb Bryson, a letter from Alaska Association of Elementary School Principals. Anne Salzer, on the association’s resolution writing committee, will be writing a general resolution to promote our school library funding efforts. Erika will send Kari the information from Barb.


Janet sent out the budget. She also put it on the wiki. Erika had some questions about the budget. There are three checks written to Laurene Madsen: $2980.00, $7000.00, and $1685.00 for travel lodging and supplies. Janet said travel was reimbursing at cost. There was a leadership academy balance. Sue felt we should give more money for the extent and quality of work that Laurene put into the academy. There was a need to edit the handbook. All money came from summer leadership academy grant or online handbook grant. Robin, Ann, and Janet received payments for the leadership grant. Laurene worked on the academy from March to October.

Erika asked whether AkASL pays for Barb Kreher’s travel or whether the Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC) pays. Janet will look at last couple years to see what was done. Barb believed AkASL paid travel.

Janet thinks that budget reflects increased costs of travel, ex. Face to Face cost more than $4000.00 last month. Janet put in more money for travel. Janet believes that Face-to-Face and AkLA need to be the same weekend next year. A discussion followed. It was suggested that we talk to AkLA about next year.

Janet is looking into why we have not been billed for teleconferencing costs over the last two years.

Ginny Blackson had a question about funds for the Alaska Spirit of Reading. Janet has the application. Janet will need to go over the budget and add to appropriate line items. She suggested passing the budget as presented and making changes later.

Lyn Ballam explained about changes regarding Book Bonanza. Lyn spoke about Clark Gruening’s stipend, suggesting an increase. Lyn will get in contact will AkLA to see about what kind of increase would be appropriate and we would bring back to the next meeting.

Janet suggested that we take a more deliberate look at sale items: their costs to us, inventory, inflow and outgo. Janet needs to make sure that what goes out, comes back in.

There was a suggestion to keep Clark Groening’s stipend at $1200 for now, but increase the stipend next year. There was some discussion about the Book Bonanza allocation. AkLA has not yet paid its portion of Book Bonanza. There was a discussion about the amount allotted for sales items.

Ginny moved that we accept the budget as amended. Ann seconded. Erika suggested postponing approval. Janet suggested passing and amending later on. Erika agreed. Passed.

Janet asked to write $3000.00 scholarship checks and check to Clark Gruening. Gruening’s check goes to AkLA.

Gary Hartzell Travel Grant

Ginny reported that there were five applicants for the travel grant and all met the criteria. She sent out list of recipients’ name via email. Ginny revised the forms to make it clear the grant only covered airfare and one night of lodging.

Policy Manual Changes

Erika said only Janet sent some changes, the ones for treasurer. Erika has posted the proposed policy manual changes on the wiki and we will them discuss in November.

Principals Conference

Niki spoke about Principals Conference setup. She has the banner and brochures from Sue. She will try to get Digital Pipeline bookmarks and copies of the Alaska study.

It was suggested it was a good idea to do a drawing. Sitka folk provided Spirit of Reading materials. The association is working on whether we’ll have the mythology encyclopedia from World Book. Lyn needs to ask Daryl.

Niki said expenses might include postage and candy. Erika said she is working on a pamphlet on the library grant law/funding for disbursement. Erika suggested example letters and example POMs available on main website. Principals can fill out postcards, POMS, etc. at the booth. Jacque has about 75 postcards.

Niki has several librarians to staff the booth on Sunday, but she only has Jacque on Monday. Ann said she could help a bit on Monday. Niki had a question about T-shirts, but no word yet from Katie.

Suzanne said to put word out that you have to be a registered attendee to go hear Gary Hartzell speak. Don’t just invite librarians to come hear him! Suzanne is working on principal invitations.

Lyn will call in on NWREL.

School Board Conference

Kari sent in the form for requesting a booth and Robin took care of the shotgun session application. Janet paid the bill for the booths in September. There was some discussion about staffing the booth. Valerie Oliver was suggested. The O’Malleys were suggested. Jacque will help fill in.


Lyn requested Sunday time for us to meet at the Kodiak conference.

Kay’s Retirement

$50.00 at Hearthside Books in Juneau and flowers were suggested for Kay Shelton’s retirement gift.


Erika suggested sending a letter to the governor and reps emailing their people to send their letters.

Conflict of Interest

Janet put IRS conflict of interest language on the wiki. This needs to be a discussion item. Janet will put some additional explanatory information on the wiki.

End of Meeting

Kari moved, Erika seconded. “Ayes” ended the day at 5:11 pm.


AkASL E-Board Face-to-Face September 20, 2008

to Top

Present at the meeting: Ginny Blackson, Kari Sagel, Lyn Ballam, Katie Conover, Pat Wamsley, Suzanne Richards, Robin Turk, Nicole Roohi, Laura Guest, Bonnie Cavanaugh, Barb Kreher, Erika Drain, Suzanne Metcalfe, Jacque Peterson

Called in or dropped in: Janet Madsen, Kay Shelton, Sue Sherif


Lyn announced that Janet would call in at 9:15 and that Sue would bring lunch at 11:30. Kay would report telephonically at 10:00.


Erika will report on the State School Board meeting held recently in her library. Ginny moved and Suzanne Metcalfe seconded the approval of the agenda. It passed.


Suggestions were made to correct the spelling of Robin Turk’s name and Lyn Ballam’s name. Ginny moved and Katie seconded the approval of the minutes as amended. The motion passed.


Janet called in to discuss the budget. The plan is to finalize the budget at the October meeting.

LLA Academy grant will close at the end of the month. The plan is pay the balance to Laurene Madsen. For Raven 2.0, the plan is to roll the balance into the Gary Hartzell grant. The Alaska Spirit of Reading grant has a remaining balance of 9784.46. Battle of the Books registration is right on track with previous years figures. It is our biggest source of income and we have collected a little over 14,000.00.

Janet commented that it appears we spent more on sales items than we brought in last year. She suggested we get an inventory of what we have. Erika said that she and Shelly Logsdon were going to offer Battle of the Book sweatshirts on the web. Erika will send Janet an inventory of the sweatshirts remaining.

Sue Sherif asked about Book Bonanza and whether it was a go to write checks.

The budget showed blanks for Face to Face. The policy says that airfare and $100 for incidentals will be paid for e-board members, which is four positions. We are paying for the entire council. We need to do some clarifying of policy, a job that falls to Erika. Janet will call Erika about potential change to policy. A change would require a vote.

There was a discussion if we were paying for the president to go to both ALA and ASL. Erika commented that the president chooses one conference. Janet asked whether the practice was written or part of “oral history.” Erika will check on the policy manual.

Janet advised staying with accountant Melanie Schneider whose fee is $1700.00. Janet commented that Melanie offered three free hours working with Janet.

There was a discussion about the costs of teleconferencing and whether GCI picked up teleconferencing costs for the Battle of the Books. Janet commented that she wrote a check. There was a question about whether GCI gave a donation and whether they will help out this year or whether we needed to add a line item to the budget. Janet will call GCI. Erika commented that GCI has had internal changes. Pam Lloyd was suggested as a GCI contact.

Janet will work on budget figures by Friday. People will be asked to look over the budget so it can be passed in the October meeting.

Janet passed on the accountant’s suggestion that we add policy language regarding “conflict of interest.” Janet will work with Erika on this. Many of us benefit from participation in the organization – through scholarships and reimbursement of travel expenses. Pat Wamsley said that there should be some work on conflict of interest language somewhere in our archives.

Janet explained the 1099 tax issue. Janet will have a list of people in question who will receive a 1099 form. Janet will be looking over the books for those names.

Janet suggested that the treasurer’s position be a three or four year position. She is willing to do this. It was suggested that a treasurer elect work with the treasurer in the fourth year. Janet will work with Erika on policy language for approval in October.

Janet suggested that we cover attendance at the AASL fall forum with our budget. This would require an addition to policy.

Pat noted that the Puffin had no budget line and there is a need for $200.00 for CDs and mailing.

Pat asked about Quickbooks. Janet explained that she used Quicken in 2007 and Quickbooks in 2008. She is learning how to do reports and finds the program to be less intuitive than Quicken. Janet does not plan to update to the new Quickbooks while she is learning the new system.

Email Janet if you think of additions/emendations to the budget, which will be finalized at the October 8 teleconference.

Pat moved and Katie seconded finalizing the budget in October. The motion passed.

SLA 55

Sue Sherif, Patience Frederiksen, Jacque Peterson, and the EED attorney worked on the regulations this summer. Erika reported that the State School Board agreed to support public comment on the regulations. Jacque reported that the regulations are out for public comment and that Kay Shelton would fill us in. Revisions to the regs are possible. Jacque presented the council with several handouts: an agenda summary by Larry LeDoux, the wording of the legislation, and a copy of the proposed regs. A discussion followed. Jacque reported that school districts will be surveyed about spending to provide a baseline for eligibility under the regs. Jacque suggested that we use any opportunity to promote funding for the legislation, for example, at the Principals Conference. She suggested we get letters of support.

Pat suggested we write an article for the Puffin. Barb was suggested to write the article. Lyn will get in contact with her.

It was commented that someone needs to take over Barb’s role. Ginny suggested Erika. Erika said she would talk to Barb and ask her to write something up for the Puffin: background, history and what needs to be done.

Kay Shelton

Kay reported that the Board of Education met Thursday/Friday. The considered the regulations and put them out for a comment period, which is likely to be longish. Kay commented that our agenda item was not on the top of their list, but they did have a few questions on how the legislation had come about.

Kay said that getting funding is next on the list. The law is very prescriptive. She suggested we all look over the regs to see if we understand and said that we should send in comments. Kay will send a URL to the regs so we can see them online. Kay said that the grant would require 1.1-1.2 million to fund the 3000.00 per school plus the grant administrator.

Kay reported that the commissioner has not had his first meeting with the budget office (OMB). The OMB will then come back to the commissioner about what they want in the governor’s budget. The commissioner has many priorities. We will probably not make it into the governor’s budget. The governor will put a cap on each department and the commissioner has his own priorities. The official governor’s budget comes out in mid-December and legislators look at it and decide what they want. For us, all of this means starting again with the legislature to appropriate the funding.

Kay suggested talking during campaigns, get talking right now. Update legislators that they passed the law, the department wrote regs, the regs should be in place by January, and we need funding this year.

Kay said to refer to Larry LeDoux’s summary for the legal reference to Sec. 3, ch. 55 SLA 2008.

Kay clarified that the School Board voted to open a period of public comment on the regs, not that they supported the regs.

There was some discussion about the role of the Director of School Finance in the budget and legislative process.

Kay retires on Halloween. She won’t be here for the whole process, but can be counted on for advice. Her job announcement closes next week. She doesn’t know if there will be another person in place when she goes.

She said it is especially important for members of the finance committee to get on board. We don’t yet know who these will be. Kay suggested that we find a short name for our efforts – like “School Library Initiative.” She further suggested that we get it divorced from the construction law as they are now codified in separate sections of the law. She suggested making reference to the statutes: AS 1456.360-375. Just give them this.

Robin asked if it were appropriate to mail the state school board. Kay suggested copying Larry LeDoux on this.

Kay had encouraging words. She said that we had good will from people during our legislative efforts. She suggested talking it up with the governor’s office and copying Larry LeDoux if we do. Kay commented he is the first commissioner who understands libraries and spends time in them. Ginny added that she plugged the Spirit of Reading program on his visit to her library and he listened. Robin commented that he spoke after the Leadership Academy and it was apparent that he held Laurene Madsen in high regard. She sensed a real commitment to education. Pat suggested inviting him to one of meetings at conference. Erika suggested inviting him by letter.


Suzanne Metcalfe spoke about the AASL reaffiliation paperwork. She suggested that we update AASL each year on our officers. It was suggested that policy language be changed to make this someone’s responsibility to handle the reaffliliation paperwork every other year. There was a discussion of sending a person to the AASL affiliate meeting at the ALA summer conference.

Pat suggested that the membership form be amended to ask whether the applicant intends to attend ALA. Policy allows us to designate a representative. There was some discussion of #11 of policy language. Lyn would like to look it over before making any changes.

Pat moved and Katie seconded amending the membership form to ask if the applicant is considering attending the summer ALA. Ann Morgester needs to be informed of this motion, which passed.

Bonnie moved and Ginny seconded changing policy language to have the secretary be responsible for handling the reaffiliation application every other year and updating AASL on our officers. The motion passed. Suzanne will send Kari what she has.

Gary Hartzell

Lyn and Suzanne spoke about the Gary Hartzell travel grant, which provides for an all-day workshop in Anchorage. There are five 1000.00 grants to bring in people at least fifty miles. Away. Gary is also doing something with school librarians in Fairbanks on October 17. He will spend 1.5 hours on Sunday speaking at the Principals Conference. He is not the keynote speakers, but is one of three featured speakers. Suzanne suggested talking him up to your principal. On Monday he is going to Matsue, where he will do a full-day workshop. He is doing all of this for 3000.00 and will be staying in people’s houses.

It was recommended that we pay for a $400.00 booth in the middle of the conference because we will get many more people to visit that way. Ginny moved and Pat seconded that we get a booth for the Principals Conference.

Ginny offered to be in charge of the travel grant for the Gary Hartzell event. It is a grant for school librarians. To be eligible, grant applicants need to be in AkASL. They can attach a photo of payment and a membership form to the grant application. The five $1000.00 grants will be awarded first come, first serve amongst eligible applicants. Reimbursement will be made upon verification of membership. Recipients are required to write an article for the Puffin.

Erika moved and Katie seconded to make Ginny responsible for creating and administering the Gary Hartzell grant application as discussed above.

Ginny will put the application out by September 23, with a closing date of October 1. She will announce the winners by October 6. October 31 will be the deadline for submission of receipts. Pat called the question. It passed.

Erika asked Suzanne to give us information about Gary Hartzell to pass on to principals. Robin suggested posting invitations that can be used with principals.

Lyn will check with Daryl on the availability of an encyclopedia.

There was some discussion about what to have at the booth: a banner, Battle of the Book sweatshirts, Spirit of Reading items, a banner, and a tri-fold display were mentioned.

A discussion of setup followed. Setup can begin at 7:00 am and takedown needs to be over by 5:00 pm. Nikki is responsible for booth arrangements and supervision. It was suggested that retired librarians might help. People also suggested Ann.

Region Reports

Suzanne Richards showed a Battle of the Books photograph holder from Uncle Lloyds in Soldatna. She will find an address to share.

Region 4

Ginny Blackson reported that Sitka’s Rotary Club provided $500.00 for the purchase of Battle Books for Kettleson Memorial Library. Leftover money was used to purchase titles for the school libraries. Sitka’s Rotary is also providing every third grader in Sitka with a dictionary as part of a national program called The Dictionary Project.

Ginny reported that a Sitka MAT (student teacher in a master teaching program) negotiated with Angoon to pay for 27 hours of library school as part of accepting a job there.

The Sitka Library Association presented four proposals to the Sheldon Jackson board of trustees regarding the disposition and care of their collections. All were accepted and the Association is in the midst of working out details.


Erika reported that Shelly emailed that there was no money from GCI.

Bonnie Cavanaugh reported that the Wasilla Rotary Club donated character books to school libraries. Katie Conover asked for a contact in Wasilla. Bobbie Baldwin was suggested.


Erika reported that there are 42/140 members signed up. Jacque passed around membership forms.

Nikki reported that the Anchorage School District received a Picturing America grant. All ninety schools received Picturing America displays for their schools.

School Board Conference

Last year we had both a booth and participated in the “shotgun” sessions. There is an October 10 deadline to apply for a booth and the fee must accompany the application. Kari will follow up with this and will confirm participation in the shotgun session, which Robin Turk and Katie Conover will lead. It was suggested that a goal for next year include presenting at a regular session. Ginny moved and Laura seconded that we approve reasonable expenditures for a modest booth and approve $100.00 for promotional materials. Kari will pass on “shotgun” session information to Robin and Katie.

It was suggested that the booth include bookmarks, legislative information, and something from YouTube. The booth application should include a request for outlets.

Nicole Roohi will set up volunteers for both booths.

Lyn called the question and the motion passed. Robin was concerned that the shotgun session or booth attendance might require volunteers to have subs. Ginny moved and Kari seconded that we provide, if necessary, one day’s sub pay for each of two people. The motion passed.

Kari suggested that someone make a point at the conference of speaking to Timi Tullis about the possibility of working on providing a speaker to the conference next year.


Recent changes in the DEED provide our association with an opportunity to further clarify certification. Cynthia Curran, formerly Administrator of Teacher Education and Certification, has been promoted to the Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Support, which oversees the certification office. Replacing her as Acting Administrator is Sondra Meredith.

At Face-to-Face the E-Council recommended that Jacque Peterson and Kari communicate with Sondra Meredith regarding these concerns. It was suggested that we draft a list of questions we need clarified for our members.

Alaska Spirit of Reading

There was some discussion of the grant. Katie Conover will help Kari with website ideas. Kari will follow up with the NEA-Aktivist to change the article date to January. Lyn will let Janet know about budget obligation related to the grant. Pat Wamsley suggested iTunes University for a podcast.

AkASL Conference Scholarship

There was discussion about the need to update the per diem form and a suggestion to put a flat rate for the registration fee on the reimbursement form. Lyn said she would update Janet regarding the $4000.00 for this item.


Laura reported that only two articles were in. Kari said she would do an article on certification. Laura was asked to write an article on National Board certification. October 2 is the new deadline and Pat said she would be happy to bug people.

Wiki and School Library Handbook Changes

Look for emails on joining the wiki. Sue Sherif provided an update of the school library handbook. Pat moved and Katie seconded the changes. They were accepted.


Erika, as past president, is in charge of the ballot. Katie suggested an advocacy position. Pat cautioned against making additions to the e-board. Erika suggested that Nicole’s position addressed advocacy. Robin suggested an advocacy page on the wiki.


There was a discussion about incentives for joining: iPod Shuffle, Amazon certificate, AkLA membership. Pat suggested we stay away from memberships as an incentive. Pat moved and Nicole seconded providing two Amazon gift certificates as incentives. Ginny suggested we use an Alaskan business, like Gulliver’s. Erika amended and Suzanne Richards seconded the motion as amended. It passed.

Book Bonanza

Jacque reported that there were only five applicants for Book Bonanza. Sue and Jacque selected Pitka’s Point. Their twelve students will benefit from a $1500.00 award. See the handout for more information. Erika moved an increase in the Book Bonanza prize. Katie seconded. It passes.

New Award

There was a discussion of the new merit award. All persons nominated for the School Librarian of the Year will receive the merit award. Robin suggested they stand up and receive their certificates at conference. There was some discussion of a paraprofessional award. Pat suggested putting off the discussion. Lyn tabled the discussion and will follow up on it. There was some discussion of establishing a mentoring program.

AASL Fall Forum

Robin discussed sending someone to the AASL Fall Forum for specific intensive training on a subject, with the current focus being assessment. Ginny moved that we budget $2500.00 to send someone to the Fall Forum. Bonnie seconded. A discussion ensued. Lyn suggested we be work on this for two years from now. Ginny called the question. It failed.

Legislative Priorities

Kari moved and Ginny seconded a motion asking Lyn to update last year’s priorities and send them out to the e-board.

Board Goals

We began discussion of board goals. Pat reminded the council that priorities should be tied to our expenditures. We decided to wordsmith the goals on the wiki.

Grant Ideas

  • Sue suggested that we ask for $30,000.00 in travel grants
  • Alaska Spirit of Reading
  • Book Bus/Boat/Plane
  • Bring an assessment presenter for the 2010 pre-conference
  • Strategic planning module
  • Send someone to ALA underserved youth training for certification
  • Speakers for principals and school board conferences
  • Librarians present at conferences

There was some discussion about possible conference topics association members could lead. They included: best practices, top ten books for high schools, e-board meeting, Battle of the Books sessions, Spirit of Reading, strategic planning, 99 Jumpstarts for Kids’ Social Studies Reports.