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May 11, 2010

(Approved September 1, 2010)

Call to Order 

The meeting was called to order at 4:05.

Present: Ann Morgester, Barb Kreher, Debi Tice, Jacque Peterson, Janet Madsen, Kari Sagel, Kerri Geppert, Pat Wamsley, Piper Coulter, Robin Turk, Suzanne Richards, Suzanne Metcalfe, Wendy Leseman     

Additions to the Agenda/Approval

Meeting time and days for 10-11 school year were added to the agenda. The agenda was approved.

Approval of April Minutes

Janet moved and Barb seconded approval of the April minutes. The motion passed.


Jacque requested a confirmation of the $1000.00 donation that is awarded to the Book Bonanza. Janet said that the Book Bonanza has already been budgeted.

David Ongley sent an email regarding the Collection Development Grant. Ann explained what our strategy was this last year. David thinks that librarians should do "a full court press" on this topic. David sent a few ideas. Ann will forward the emails.

Ann emailed "Big Deal" regarding our decision to only provide a link to the "Big Deal of Technology FREE eNewsletter." Ann will follow up with providing a link.

Kari reported that the Alaska Spirit of Reading grant was funded for next year. It was suggested that AkASL start looking for alternative funding for subsequent years.

Ann reported that the Battle of Books was funded at last year’s amount, not including additional travel for battle coordinators. The professional development grant was funded at 80%.

Old Business:

Suzanne Metcalfe has emailed the board a link to a google doc outling the division of board duties. Please take some time to look over the link. Suzanne has cleaned up the policy language and wants us to pay particular attention to the description of the awards chair. Ann suggested that the president elect should serve as awards chair so that we develop a group of board members with experience with the award. The AkLA table is another duty that needs to be assigned. Debi Tice suggested that the region rep responsible for the region the conference is held in will take responsibility for the table. Suzanne took minor suggestions regarding policy language and made changes to the proposed language during the meeting. Ann and Suzanne will send the proposed changes out before the October 2 face-to-face meeting to be held at the State Library offices from 8:00am to 4:00 pm.

Proposals for Principals Conference

Suzanne has the proposal form for the Principals Conference. Ann will send that out to everyone. Ann is filling one out. She is happy to do a Web 2.0 or SecondLife presentation. The conference is the weekend of October 17, 18 and 19. Erika suggested pre-loaded flash drives to hand out. The cost for 30 2GB flashdrives at Pexagon Tech would be approximately $360; the cost for 30 4GB flashdrives would be $510. The drives could be engraved with our logo. Pat moved that Ann research prices for 50, 75, 100 drives. Barb seconded. The motion passed. Ann will send information asking for final approval.

2GB Swivel Drive – engraved Alaska Association of School Librarians

    50 – 599.50

    75 – 899.25
    100 – 1199.00 (40.55 shipping) 

4GB Swivel Drive – Engraved

    50 – 849.50
    75 – 1274.25

    100 – 1699.00



Janet will send checks to reimburse members for professional development expenses. Kerri and Janet will be meeting face-to-face to ease the transition. Janet needs help getting in contact with Kirk to update checkbook signature information.


Piper already has two articles for the fall. Ann would like to talk to Piper during the summer to discuss options for getting news out in the digital age. Ann would like to have proposals for face-to-face.


Region 1 (Northern)

Suzanne Richards reported that NCLB concerns mean that there is pressure to move certified people into the classrooms and out of libraries.

Region 3 (Anchorage)

Anchorage has a new OPAC and library management system.

Region 4 (Southeast)

Debi is fielding a question about the leadership academy. Jacque filled her in about professional development plans.

New Business

October Face to Face Agenda:

Presentations at ASTE, Governor’s Advisory Council

Re-evaluate Puffin

Google docs demo

Division of duties/awards language

Update on Principals Conference

New online registration

Collection Development Grant campaign

Budget presentation

AKLA report

Meeting schedule for next year:

Robin suggested a September audioconference so we can take goals to AKLA. Ann needs to request dates for audioconferences. Tuesdays at 4:00 seem to be working for meeting times.

September 14
October 2
November 9
December 14
January 11

February 10-13
April 12
May 10

Ann proposed that we switch a MatSu line to Anchorage. We decided to skip the March meeting because of spring breaks.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:16.

Face to Face: October 2, 2010

State Library Office 8:00 – 4:30


April 13, 2010


(Approved May 11, 2010)

Call to Order 4:03

Kari Sagel, Erika Drain, Kerri Geppert, Jacque Peterson, Ann Morgester, Suzanne Metcalfe, Pat Wamsley, Nikki Roohi, Wendy Leseman, Barb Kreher, Suzanne Richards, Robin Turk, Carrie Day, Piper Coulter

Additions to the Agenda

There were no additions to the agenda.

Approval of Agenda

Suzanne Metcalfe moved and Barb Kreher seconded the approval of the agenda.

Approval of February 2010 and March 2010 Minutes

Feb 9, 2010 Move Suzanne Metcalfe Second Barb Kreher – Motion passes
March 2010 Move Piper, Second Carrie Day – Motion passes


L4L letter – signed and sent in March 8, 2010


Old Business:

There was a discussion about the wording for the School Librarian of the Year award. Suzanne Metcalfe moved to accept the proposed changes to section 2.1 and 4 of the policy language (see below). Janet seconded the motion. The motion passed. The new awards chair will outline the criteria for the awards and bring changes to the board.

Ann turned in two grants: one for professional development and one for Battle of the Books. Kari and Ginny worked with Juneau to submit the Spirit of Reading grant. She did not submit a speaker grant this year.

BOB Availability: Ann is now working on grant reports for the current grant cycle. Ann was not able to check on the available number of battle titles using BIP. She is going to check with the public library to use BIP.



Janet emailed a report to the membership. Janet and Kerri will work together to transition the treasurer’s position.


Nikki reported that AkLA is happy to work with us on Regonline. It must be approved at their next board meeting. Nikki reported that it costs more than we thought it would. Pat shared a concern that we have access to our own membership. Nikki says that the registrations are separate. Nikki would have passwords and access to the information. AkLA would receive the money for memberships and have to pass that through to AkASL. Janet moved that we moved forward to a one-year subscription to Regonline and evaluate at the end of the year. Barb Kreher seconded. The motion passed.


Piper said that we have plenty of articles for the Puffin! Grant recipients have submitted articles. Piper is shooting for an April 30 publishing date. Ann suggested re-evaluating how we are communicating with our membership to have ongoing communication with our membership: perhaps a blog with more frequent, but smaller, Puffin editions. She will put it on the agenda for the September face-to-face meeting. Robin will pursue the possibility of an RSS feed. Suzanne will research AASL’s requirements for publishing by member associations. Pat suggested we find out what other associations are doing.


Region 1 (Northern)

Suzanne reported that Roland Smith is visiting Bethel next week. Suzanne will resend information to Piper.

Region 2 (South Central)

Carrie Day reported that Matsu district has four library positions open.

Region 3 (Anchorage)

Wendy is interested in working with Piper and others with any changes to the way we communicate with members.

Region 4 (Southeast)

No report.

New Business

In May we have a conference with the Treasurer and grant coordinators to prep the final reports. Ann is working on rough drafts for the grants she has taken responsibility for. Other grant coordinators need to be doing the same.

There was a discussion about the value of having tables at the Principals conference and School Board conference as there has not been a lot of attention from principals and school board members at the recent conferences. Robin commented that shotgun sessions at the school board conference provide a valuable forum for interacting with the superintendents. Ann suggested we do actual presentations at the Principals conference, maybe some Web 2.0 sessions, topics that don’t just focus on libraries, but include topics that principals are interested in. Ann will place the conferences on the agenda for our next meeting so we can make a plan to present.

Big Deal of Technology FREE eNewsletter – see text of email below

Ann will respond and tell "Big Deal" that we will provide a link to their newsletter signup in the Puffin. Jacque includes timely information from the newsletter in her SAYL Mail.

Payment of Scholarship and Lobbyist Fee to AkLA

Janet reported that they have been paid.

Division of Duties

Ann suggested we list jobs that are not assigned to any position. Pat suggested we set up a google document and use it to brainstorm this topic for discussion at the next meeting. Erika reminded us that we doled out some jobs to regional reps. Ann would like us to clarify positions and responsibilities, so we are better prepared as the year goes on. Erika will provide a link to the policy manual and the constitution on the wiki so that all can review positions and responsibilities to be prepared for a preliminary discussion in May. Suzanne M. will clean up the wiki and send out an email with a link to the wiki. The remaining work concerning positions and responsibilities will be done at face-to-face in September.

AkASL Minutes

Minutes are posted on the webpage. Once the minutes are approved, Robin will pull them from Google docs and post them to the webpage. Robin will post a link to the minutes on the executive board webpage. Ann suggest the minutes be removed from the wiki.


Meeting adjourned at 5:30.

Next Meeting: May 11, 2010

March 6, 2010 7:45 am

Face to Face

(Minutes Approved April 13, 2010)

Ann Morgester, Barb Kreher, Carrie Day, Erika Drain, Ginny Blackson, Jacque Peterson, Janet Madsen, Kari Sagel, Kerri Geppert, Nicole Roohi, Pat Wamsley, Piper Coulter, Robin Turk, Suzanne Metcalfe, Suzanne Richards, Bonnie Cavanaugh, Shelley Logsden, Wendy Leseman

Guests: Deborah Tice, Sharon Holland

Call to Order

Gavel was passed to new president Ann Morgester

Suzanne handed out copies of This Book is Overdue to everyone present.

Welcome and Introductions

Introduce New Note Taking Process

Ann uploaded agenda to Google Docs and sent us each a link. Kari will continue to take the notes, but all can edit during the meeting. We can review the minutes at the end of the meeting and make corrections. Yay!

Additions to & Approval of the Agenda

Ann discussed the agenda. Ann announced that Ginny is resigning her position.

Approval of February 2010 Minutes

We will delay the approval of the minutes until the April meeting.


L4L – Learner for life – AASL wants a letter of support from the association endorsing L4L. Ginny moved to give association support, Pat seconded. The motion passed.


Ann and Barb sat down with Clark Gruening to discuss the SLCDG. The senate finance committee should be our focus. We should see that the SFC includes it in the budget to the governor. The house then can sign on. We have til March 17 to call, write letters, write POMs. It is especially important that legislators hear from parents, teachers, students. It is also important that they hear from rural school libraries. Clark said that the most effective way to garner support was a written letter followed up by a phone call. 

Kari asked members to send sad book pictures for the alaskaemptyshelves website. Ginny, Piper, Wendy, and Ann will work on this.

Suzanne and Ann will send a letter from the association to the Senate Finance Committee regarding the SLCDG.



Janet passed out copies of the monthly report and an income/expense summary for 2009. A copy of the 2009 summary goes to AKLA. Janet reported on balances. Janet has posted grant balance registers on Google Docs so that grant coordinators have access to that information. Janet passed out reimbursement forms.


Nicole emailed information about using an online registration system. AKLA says we could piggyback on their regonline system, which is $1.10 charge per person. Paypal would collect our money, but we would have to set up a separate information collecting system. Paypal costs about .88 per person. We have between 130 and 150 members. A discussion about regonline ensued. A benefit would be some of the features of regonline, like renewal notices. People could also renew both AKLA and AkASL at the same time. Pat investigated what other organizations are doing. Ginny moved for the association to move to regonline with AKLA. Suzanne Metcalfe seconded the motion. A discussion followed. There was a recommendation that, if we pass the motion, that we revisit the idea next year. Ann amended the motion to reflect that we recommend to the AKLA board to join their system. Ginny seconded the amendment. The motion passed.


Piper reported an April 7 deadline for the Puffin. She recommended that people write their conference reports straightaway, while the information is still fresh. Send articles and pictures to Piper at pcoulter@acsalaska.net.


Robin reports that there still is inconsistency in certification office policies and practices. Kari and Robin will continue to work on getting FAQ information.


Shelley says that determining availability of books is a major problem. She used a trial copy of Books in Print to help with that information this year. The problem is the expense of BIP. Ann reported that Anchorage has a subscription available in FirstSearch. Nicole will help with this next year.

Area Representatives

Ginny reported that she is resigning. She is serving on the ALN board this year. She is recommending Deborah Tice as a replacement. There should be 24 grant recipients at the conference. She has met with 22 of them and spoken with another on the phone. Grants were provided to Anchorage area members for their conference registration fee. Suzanne Richards will run the grant program next year. The requirements of the grant are meeting with the coordinator at conference, attending the general membership meeting, writing a Puffin article and submitting receipts on time. The items that are eligible for reimbursement are travel, hotel, and basic registration. Reimbursement is sent after article is turned in and the receipts are received. 

Carrie reported that Katie Conover is coming back and Laura Guest would like to come back. She also asked for help with contacting Kenai librarians. Kelly Smith was suggested as contact.

School Library Coordinator

No report at this time. Jacque is exploring the possibility of one-credit classes or other options instead of a summer institute. Ann is offering the Raven 2.0 class one more time this summer.

Old Business:

Certification of Election Results
Suzanne moved to accept the results of the election. Carrie seconded the motion. The election was certified. Robin has archived information about past boards on the association website.


The bill continue to sits in committee. Ginny stressed the importance of restoring real retirement to the system. Letters from Tier 1 people are effective. Please send letters about the importance of your retirement and the effect of the current system on teacher stability.


This will be put off until the September Face-to-Face.
Need a letter going back if the librarian does not qualify 

Final grant reports – handed out reports asking for information – all information must be returned to Ann by May 1st. 

Ann is working on a professional development grant trying to get Doug Johnson – Will coordinate with Mat-Su regarding their library PD days

Working on opening Professional Travel grants for PNLA, NCTE to be run through the board

AKLA travel grants still handled by Suzanne Richards

Future discussion about Principals meeting and bringing someone up at the April meeting. 

Need to appointment southeast rep:

Robin motioned Debi Tice for Region rep for Southeast. Suzanne M. seconded it.  All voted in favor.  Welcome Debi.

New Business

Tabled: Division of duties – Make clear who is doing what and assign any new duties that have come up – redistribute if necessary (Give president elect some duties  eg – in charge of setting up table and schedule volunteers for AKLA) Bill and funding


AkASL E-Board Minutes January 12, 2010

Present: Kari Sagel, Erika Drain, Nicole Roohi, Suzanne Metcalfe, Bonnie Cavanaugh, Ginny Blackson, Kerri Geppert, Pat Wamsley, Piper Coulter, Jacque Peterson, Robin Turk, Ann Morgester, Suzanne Richards, Carrie Day, Barb Kreher, Janet Madsen

Suzanne called meeting to order 4:01.

Kari moved to approve the agenda as amended. Carrie seconded. The motion passed.

Piper moved to approve the minutes, Barb seconded. The motion passed.

The only letter was a solicitation to nominate someone to the Professional Teaching Practices Commission. Serving on the commission reflects quite a time commitment. Ginny asked if we should send it out to the membership. Suzanne will check into it.


There was not a whole lot of action in December. A check was paid to Barnes and Noble. Suzanne was reimbursed for travel to the conference in Charlotte. Janet reported on the savings and checking account balances. She also commented that the grant money is sitting in the account. Barb in Juneau asked if we accepted credit cards. We don’t at this point. Janet will look into debit/credit card paperwork for the association. She will send out 1099 forms this week.

Nicole Roohi has sent out updated lists. Nicole is looking into doing membership through AkLA, giving us online application. There was discussion if we should get our own account online (like regonline). One consideration would be the fee charged to the association for registration. Ginny appreciates that the AkLA online membership system sends out an email reminder. There seemed to be a consensus that online membership registration was worthy of exploring.

Piper has sixteen articles. She needs articles immediately so that the Puffin can be published by the end of the month. The focus of the Puffin will be the conference. pcoulter@acsalaska.net is the better email to use to reach Piper.


Piper suggests FAQ for website. Kari will work with her. Suzanne will follow up with Sue Sherif.

Erika reported that we are working on getting the new lists for grade level chairs. We can work with new Follett representativ to see if we can get enough copies of proposed books. She is going to ask chairs to work with Follett. Lists are due at end of the month. Erika is asking districts for what levels are participating so that all can be accommodated on GCI. Barb Kreher reported that we have ordered new battle pins. We will advertise online when they get here.

Erika reported on the progress of the election.

Area Reports

Area 3 – Kerri Geppert
Anchorage librarians met on a recent professional development day to have a district meeting and had a profitable time discussing Battle of the Books.

Area 4 – Ginny Blackson
Ginny reported that many became members in area 4 region and southeast members sent in many scholarship applications. She reported that the Sitka School District provided libraries with stimulus money for the purchase of science materials.


Book Bonanza made two awards: $1500 and $1250 going to McLaughlin School Library and Tok School Library. Suzanne asked that winners provide pictures for the next Puffin.

Professional Development Grant
Ginny reported that there are twenty available professional development grants and that she has eighteen applications so far. Ginny could not  confirm AkASL membership on one application, leaving seventeen member applicants. She has emailed the seventeen with their good luck and the conditions of the grant. They have until Friday to fax back an acceptance. Ginny sent an email to the membership saying that additional spaces were available. She received two good applications today, leaving one more grant award available.

Grants are due April 1. Ann and Suzanne will get together Monday to talk about grants. Suzanne is asking for grant ideas. Please shoot her an email if you think of a good idea. Jacque will be talking to Sue about continuing education for librarians, developing some other options rather than leadership academy – perhaps something on a smaller scale and with different credit options. Erika floated the idea of a grant around SecondLife. Erika talked about a Smack Down weekend (short focused professional development). There was further discussion of what that would look like. Ginny asked that we send Jacque ideas and that Jacque solicit them via email. Suzanne asked that she and Ann be cc’ed any ideas. Erika suggested bringing back the Read CDs to any training offered. Please ask the membership about their ideas. The idea of a “technology petting zoo” was suggested.

Spirit of Reading
Kari asked for help in getting the word out about the Spirit of Reading. Many offered suggestions.

Bonnie was asked to send a blurb to Piper for the Puffin. Further discussion of awards will happen at face-to-face.

Ginny said we should ask members to send a letter. See Ginny’s letter for information.

Collection Development Funding

What do we need to do? We just got the word that the money is not in the budget. Jacque’s understanding was that it was in the commissioner’s budget, but it did not go ahead in the governor’s budget. Lobbying the legislature would be one course of action to create the “buzz” that was missing last year. Ginny suggested we put the question to Clark. Suzanne will follow up with that. There was a suggestion for Jacque to get advice from Linda Thibodeau. Kari and Erika will meet and think of a strategy. Suzanne and Ann will do the same. We need a better title. FUND THIS LEGISLATION! The webpage needs updating with new documents. The e-council wondered if Bryson or McNamara i would be interested in helping out.

Next meeting February 9, 2010.

Adjourned 5:13.


AkASL E-Board Minutes December 8, 2010

Present: Kari Sagel, Erika Drain, Nicole Roohi, Suzanne Metcalfe, Bonnie Cavanaugh, Ginny Blackson, Kerri Geppert, Pat Wamsley, Piper Coulter, Jacque Peterson, Robin Turk, Ann Morgester, Suzanne Richards

Suzanne called the meeting to order 4:02.

Ginny moved to approve the agenda as amended. Suzanne seconded.

The names Pat Wamsley and Barb Kreher need to be corrected in the October minutes under persons present. Ginny moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Pat seconded. The motion passed.

Pat moved to approve the November minutes with spelling corrections as needed. Ginny seconded. Passed.


Janet sent the treasurer’s report. Suzanne reported that Janet sent everyone a link to Google Docs to allow them to keep track of the grants.


The first Kindle used as a membership raffle prize was defective and had to be replaced.

The next deadline is December 16 for articles.

Pat says that the certification page is on pbwiki. She suggested that it be moved to our actual web page. Kari will get in touch with Robin about that. Suzanne will talk to Sue Sherif to see what our next move might be with the state.

Battle of the Books

54 schools are participating. Bonnie agreed to be the 7th/8th grade battle chair. Ginny asked that Erika send a Battle of the Books message to area reps.

Area Reports

Area 3
Kerri Geppert reported that Shishmaref won the Myths and Legends set at the principals’ conference. Debra Washington, principal at Kasuun School, won the Spirit of Reading pack.

Area 4

Ginny reported that she has already received submissions from Area 4 for the next Puffin. She has five professional development grant applications so far and reports that she likes the requirement of a principal’s letter. Ginny has emailed out the rubric being used to score the grant applications. Ann Morgester asked to be cc’ed grant report information for professional development grant.

Spirit of Reading
Ketchikan, Sitka, Fairbanks, Bethel will host Roland Smith during his visit to Alaska. We have fewer presentations than planned, and consequently will have less revenue than anticipated. Ginny is working on getting a contract in hand. All the youth correctional facilities have confirmed and are excited about participating. We will be doing an audioconference. We don’t know about a video conference yet. The author prefers to Skype.

School Librarians’ Leadership Academy

Jacque led a short discussion about whether to have the academy this year. We only had 14 participants last summer. Ginny asked about the possibility of having training when the AACR2 is updated. There was a suggestion to shorten the academy rather than eliminating the academy. Jacque will share the list of potential topics in the meeting on January. Robin thought this could help determining possible pre-conference topics.

Book Bonanza
Jacque reported on Book Bonanza. There will be two grants this year, a first and second place. There will a $1500 and a $1200 award at Barnes and Noble. Jacque is going to begin work on Book Bonanza 2010.

Erika reported on the status of elections. There was some discussion about whether there needs to be an election for president as we have a president-elect. Erika indicated that our constitution suggests we do in Article 4, B1. Suzanne offered a different interpretation – that it was just a list of electable positions. We need suggestions for region 3. The names Maureen Farmer-Burris and Wendy Leseman were put forward. Erika needs biographies and pictures for them.
Erika requested $40 for Survey Monkey. Ginny moved to approve the expense. Piper seconded. The motion passed.

Suzanne would like us to think about our 2010 grants, especially if we decide not to do a leadership academy. There is plenty of money from the state. Pat suggested that we do something on professional development, even it is not classes. Suzanne mentioned Raven 2.0. Robin talked about doing something like we did for Gary Hartzell, sending him around to big districts and offering professional development. The Read CDs under Erika were a popular grant program. Erika suggested online library classes. Ann gave an update about participation in Raven 2.0. Ann would like to get at least one more group through. Ann has created a basic Second Life tutorial. She would be willing to work on a class. Ginny asked if there was a way to partner with AEIN. Perhaps we could work with them to look at continuing education for librarians. Suzanne suggested looking at AASL and YALSA online development.

Bonnie will get the word out about deadlines for awards and have information for the Puffin. People who attended AASL on grants were reminded to write articles for the Puffin. Representatives should copy information from the Puffin about the Jo Morse scholarship and send to their members.

Suzanne wonders what we should do with the old pbwiki. Is it useful or a duplication? Robin believes it is not being used. There was a discussion. Robin will work on updating pbwiki.

Big Deal Book of Technology
Suzanne will discuss this later.

Next meeting January 12, 2010.

Ginny says local NEA affiliate is going to Juneau to lobby for return of retirement benefits. She will send an email to encourage others to join.

Adjourned 5:13


AkASL E-Board Minutes November 10, 2009  

Ann, Barb, Carrie, Erika, Ginny, Jacque, Janet, Kari, Kerri, Nicole, Pat, Piper, Robin, Suzanne M, Suzanne R, Bonnie, Shelley,
Call to Order
Welcome and Introductions
Additions to & Approval of the Agenda

            Erika moved to approve agenda
            Kerri D seconded all approved

Approval of 2009 Minutes put off till next meeting
Correspondence – Suzanne M. talked to Commisioner of education briefly at state library with Sue Sheriff.  He was very supportive of library grant.

            Didn’t talk much about certification – too impromptu at the moment.

Treasurer –reviewed expenses for month of October.

2010 budget proposal same as at face to face only added the book bonanza and estimated amount akasl would contribute.  Janet will delete Line item “donations” and put “Book Bonanza” line item in it’s place.  It was a repeated line item.  Niki motioned to approved budget as corrected
Pat seconded. Voted all in favor.  Janet will put budget in wiki.

Janet – Discussion about the book Bonanza. Have $750 from Anchorage chap and Northern Chap. Received a check from AKLA Katherine Powers, but she put wrong date on it, Oct. 2005. She will work on getting this corrected. We have about same donations as in the past.  When Jacque comes back she will need to let us know how she wants us to write the checks and to whom.

Janet – Reconfirmed battle registrations are updated.


Membership –  Nikki is doing the drawing Sunday for the kindle and letting everyone know Monday.  She will write a report of who won in the Puffin.

Puffin –  Pat said that they are working on rough draft. Piper has a few more items to put in. Pat is updating logo.

Certification –No report, Kerri at parent teacher conf.

BOB –  in good shape all schools paid up except two.

Area Representatives – Kerri G. did the drawing for the principal’s conference. Shaktoolik principal won the first drawing.  Kerri G. is waiting to tell the next winner until Shaktoolik lets us know what they want for a prize. Then Kerri G. will notify the other winner.  We are giving away One “spirit of reading kit” and one of two world book sets.   Kerri G. asks that we reassess our presence at the principal conference.  Kerri G will do a write up about winners for the puffin. 

Kerri Day, – no updates to report

Ginny- received good response for puffin articles from the southeast members. She sent out an AKASL misses you email and believes she got 3 new members.  She is trying to find and recruit non-members.  Niki is putting together a new list of librarians from the state directory to help us contact potential new members.

School Library Coordinator – absent


Old Business:
Budget FY 2009-2010 – Janet reported

New Business
Book Bonanza – covered in Janet’s discussion of budget at beginning of meeting.

Bonnie C. reported that we are going to combine awards programs at conference this year with AKLA.
Bonnie C. – Won the highsmith race at conference!  Yeah!!  Shared that the Graphic novel pre-conference was great and the presenter is very interested in coming to Alaska. Ginny asked that maybe we could have her talk about graphic novels and special education. 

Ann  – went to number of great sessions at conference and is hoping to live a more paper free life. She is looking at ways to pass that information on to her librarians.  She is also looking at how to pass on conference info to librarians in Anchorage with help from Kerri G.

Kerri G. – went to library of congress pro. Dev. Session and is getting time at her next staff meeting to present.

Robin – emailed out a wonderful web page to all of us “gadget a go-go”. Tons of useful information and tools.

Erika – is talking about using inservice time to present noodle tools to her teachers and is doing a gadget presentation at a staff meeting next week.

Janet – enjoyed the session on “research tools 2.0” – It was jam packed and discussed how to incorporate information from bloggs and wikis and how to teach effective use and evaluation of those tools.  The presenters said that the information will be presented in January’s edition of “Knowledge Quest. “

Suzanne M. – went to Doug Johnson’s preconference and discovered many new ways to apply Web 2.0 tools. It was a good reminder about all the gadget/helpers available.

Kerri Day, – went to Tony Busio’s data driven collaboration session –Informative session about digging into data and looking at strands of information to use in collaboration with teachers.  We need to make sure we are on the front lines of getting data.

Ginny reported – Kerri S. worked with an individual in Sitka and they are getting Sitka libraries $20,000 for health and wellness books.  The Grant is due in part to the Sitka Strategic planning process.

Next Meeting: Dec. 8, 2009
Future Meetings – Pin Number

December 8 – 7362
January 12 – 7042
February 9 – 2778
March ? (AkLA Conference, Anchorage)

April 13 – 4114
May 11 – 1184

*Phone lines:

  1. Anchorage:
  2. Anchorage:
  3. Anchorage:
  4. Mat-Su:
  5. Mat-Su:
  6. Mat-Su:
  7. Bethel:
  8. Fairbanks:
  9. Juneau:
  10. Stika:
  11. Sitka:
  12. Extra:

Anchorage 6: Ann, Jacque, Kerri, Nicole, Piper, Suzanne M
Juneau: Barb
Mat Su 5: Carrie, Pat, Robin, Bonnie, Shelly (Palmer / Wasilla)
Fairbanks: Janet
Bethel: Suzanne R
Sitka 3: Ginny, Erika, Kari

AkASL E-Board Minutes October

AKASL 2009 EBoard Meeting
October 13, 2009

Pat Kreher, Kari Sagel, Ginnie Blackson, Bonnie Cavanaugh, Suzanne Metcalfe, Piper Coulter, Jacque Peterson, Nicole Roohi, Ann Morgester, Robin Turk, Kerri Geppert, Erika Drain

Call to Order
Suzanne called the meeting to order.

Additions & Approval of the Agenda
Suzanne asked to add the membership drive under new business. Piper moved, and Ann seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Approval of September 2009 Minutes

Ann and Piper expressed that it is hard to approve the minutes when they are sent on the day of the meeting. It would be good to get the minutes ahead of the meeting. Ginny moved approval of the September minutes; Ann seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

No correspondence.

Membership is at 77 members. Two more memberships in the mail brings the total to 79. Nicole received the Kindle in the mail. Area reps are asked to send out the word about the membership drive.


Piper asked for all Puffin articles by the end of the week. We are still trying to get some articles from the librarians’ leadership academy.

Suzanne and Kari are going to work on letter to LeDoux asking that an AkASL member serve any state certification committee.

Battle of the Books
Barb has the sales items and she did the inventory. She is redoing the order form and will send it to Erika. Practice questions should be out this week.

Kerri Geppert reported that she needs contact information. Suzanne will look for contact information and forward it to Kerri.

Ginny reported that membership is low in southeast. She got good responses for regional news for the Puffin. She also received responses to her “AkASL Misses You” and believes former members are renewing.

Jacque had no report.

The treasurer’s report was tabled to November.

Old Business

Goals and Legislative Priorities

AkASL Goals

Suzanne sent out proposed changes. Suzanne reported that the only change to AkASL goals was that we moved collection development grant here. Ginny moved to approve the AkASL goals as presented, and Pat seconded. The motion passed.

Legislative Priorities
Then we voted on the legislative goals. Ginny moved for approval. After minor grammatical corrections, Ann seconded the motion, which was approved.

AkLA Handbook
We then tweaked our section in AkLA Handbook: http://www.akla.org/handbook/iv-5roundtables.html#school. In the discussion, Pat pointed out Puffin is not published quarterly, but three or more times a year. Pat moved, Ann seconded to accept the changes.

Principals’ Conference
Suzanne made an executive decision that parking will be reimbursed. Ann and Kerri have things under control. Many are helping out. Robin is putting all the information on the wiki.

Merit Award / SLOY
Suzanne suggested we look at the two proposed languages and vote. Pat explained the reasoning of her language. Suzanne read Robin’s language. There was a long discussion. Bonnie had concerns that a change would disqualify some nominees. Bonnie wanted to table the discussion until she could look at numbers for past two years, specifically who the change would have “kicked out.”  Suzanne will send out information so that we can look at the progression of changes to the award.

New Business

A discussion of archives was tabled to next Face-to-Face. Pat suggested it would be wise to archive our web information. Pat suggested the time to save web information was when we are changing eboards. Robin pointed out that, technically, the information is in the minutes. A primary concern was saving a list of who was on the eboard. Suzanne suggested making a page on the wiki listing what information should be saved.

We need candidates. Robin will put blurb on home page to elicit nominations. We should put it out in the Puffin. Suzanne will send information out to reps and to Piper for distribution to members. Ann added that the Alaska Library Network is looking for a new school library representative. Please let everyone know. Ann thinks it is important that we have school library representation on the committee.

Erika popped onto the teleconference. There was a discussion of possible people for positions. Erika believes the Anchorage position is the only one for which we will have to search for a candidate. Erika will send a blurb to Piper, who needs pictures and biographies of candidates. Robin wanted copies so she could put in on the website.

Suzanne posted FY 2010 Grants are posted on the wiki. Timelines for representatives and other positions are on the wiki. Suzanne started a timeline on the wiki. She asked us to fill in information.

Next Meeting
November 10, 2009
Access numbers (907) 644-4119 / 800-770-6845 PIN: 1172

Future Meetings and Pin Numbers
December 8 – 7362
January 12 – 7042
February 9 – 2778

March (AkLA Conference, Anchorage)
April 13 – 4114
May 11 – 1184

Phone lines

Anchorage: Ann
Anchorage: Suzanne & Piper

Anchorage: Kerri & Jacque
Mat-Su: Robin &
Mat-Su: Pat
Mat-Su: Bonnie
Bethel: Nicole

Fairbanks: Janet
Juneau: Barb
Stika: Erika
Sitka: Ginny & Kari

AkASL E-Board Face-to-Face September 26, 2009

to Top

Ann Morgester, Barb Kreher, Carrie Day, Erika Drain, Ginny Blackson, Jacque Peterson, Janet Madsen, Kari Sagel, Kerri Geppert, Nicole Roohi, Pat Wamsley, Piper Coulter, Robin Turk, Suzanne Metcalfe, Suzanne Richards

Call to Order and Introductions
Suzanne called the meeting to order at 8:45 am.

Suzanne Metcalfe

South of Broad
Anger Management

Pat Conroy

Chris Crutcher

Janet Madsen

Winter Girls

Laurie Halse Anderson

Barb Kreher
Governor’s Advisory Council

Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

Pat Wamsley
Puffin Publisher


JA Jans

Kerri Geppert
Region 3 Representative

Blind Man’s Bluff

Faye Kellerman

Peter Friend

Nicole Roohi

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Catching Fire

Barbara Kingsolver

Jacque Peterson
Ex Officio

Elegance of the Hedgehog
Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Muriel Barbery
Kate DiCamillo

Robin Turk

Battle books


Ginny Blackson
Region 4 Representative

Battle Books
Cumberland Plateau


M.K. Baxley

Erika Drain
Past President


Dead Until Dark


Charlaine Harris

Kari Sagel

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Black Cauldron

Jeff Kinney
Lloyd Alexander

Suzanne Richards

Region 1 Representative

Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth Gilbert

Carrie Day
Region 2 Representative

Places in Between

Rory Stewart
Michael Scott

Piper Coulter

Women’s Murder Club, 4

Nancy Yi Fan
James Patterson

Ann Morgester

Cast in Silence
Brother’s Keeper

Michele Sagara


Additions to & Approval of the Agenda
Suzanne added legislative priorities and AkASL goals to the agenda. Erika added elections. Janet moved and Pat seconded the agenda.

Approval of May 2009 Minutes
Janet moved Erika seconded approval of the May minutes.



See Janet’s handout.

Nicole mailed out the membership (50 members). We have since received 14 more members. There was much discussion about holding a membership raffle. Ginny moved to raffle a Kindle to elicit membership. After much discussion, seconds, and counter motions, Erika honed the motion, suggesting we buy a refurbished Kindle. Ginny seconded and the motion passed. The membership discussion included a suggestion that we better inform potential members what we are doing for them, for example, pursuing the collection development grant. Barb suggested we should send an envelope with a stamp to make responding easier. Barb suggested that look into our past practice of including a membership form in the AkLA directory. We talked about handling membership online. There was some discussion if we could piggyback on AkLA’s online membership tool. Suzanne reminded us that their policy was not to collect money for round tables.

Deadline for Puffin articles is October 12, a Monday. Ginny has all travel grant articles. She will send those in. Representatives are expected to write a report, or, better yet, elicit articles from area members. Suzanne gave an outline of a typical Puffin. There was some discussion of including student book reviews. Barb said she would be the collector of the book reviews. December 16 and March 30 deadlines were set for the winter and spring Puffins.


Kari suggested that Suzanne and she work on a letter to LaDoux asking for representation on the state certification review committee. Kari will write an article for the Puffin referencing information on the wiki.

There have been some objections to book about President Obama and Sir Fartsalot.

Area Representatives
Carrie Day expressed difficulty about having Kenai and communicating to new librarians there. Ginny suggested using Nora Ribbons as a contact. Suzanne will try to find a certain scholarship winner as a possible contact. Ginny is going to send out an “AkASL Misses You” email, even though she found that many previous members are no longer in their former positions. Ginny suggested region reps share the messages they are sending out and try to coordinate the message. Pat suggested refurbishing and revising member documents on the website and sending those links to members. Erika and Pat will work together on this. Robin Turk and Suzanne will help out too. Suzanne will work on having her communications be “copy and paste” for area reps.

School Library Coordinator
Jacque expressed a willingness to provide professional help to school librarians as a function of her job.

We tried to contact Freya Anderson for a state library report, but were unable to reach her.

Old Business

Leftover Grant Money
There was $2300 left over from federal grant money and $3000 from state. Federal grant money should be spent by September 30. State money should be spent by December 30. We voted to use some of that money to reimburse Ann for ALA. We also voted to use the leftover money for scholarships for AASL. There were four applications. A discussion followed about requiring membership before awarding scholarships. Ginny moved to award money to the current members with completed applications. Kerri seconded. The motion passed. We awarded two $1000 grants for travel to AASL. 

Jacque explained the change in tactic to include the grant in as a line in the libraries, archives, and museums budget. She received more than 300 pre-certification forms. In theory, there should be more than 500 applications. The pre-certifications have not been evaluated. There are some applications that won’t make the pre-certification. Larry LaDoux made the decision to put a budget amount for the whole 500 schools and the “non-qualifying” schools will be able to apply for a smaller amount. The program also requires a grant coordinator, so the line item is close to 1.3 million dollars. The budget has been submitted. The grant to unqualified schools would be called “Commissioner’s Book Fund.” Pat suggested a little blurb in the Puffin that the process is going forward.

Conflict of Interest Form (Janet)
The Alaska Association of School Librarians is a professional organization – a 501 (c) 6. In researching conflict of interest forms, Janet looked at what other organizations had online. She found most used forms similar to the one our accountant suggested, inserting their associations’ names where appropriate. The purpose of the form is to declare that we will not benefit financially from participation in the association. Another purpose is to have a document to refer to when “conflict of interest” questions come up. Janet reported that the IRS is tightening up on 501 organizations. There was some discussion of whether the form required signatures from members and how that would work when new members come onto the board. Ginny and Pat suggested we just start with adopting the policy and not requiring signatures. Ginny moved to accept the conflict of interest form, and Robin seconded. The motion passed.

Association Credit Card (Janet)
Janet went to Credit One, which suggested using a low credit card line. Pat suggested a debit card. A card would have two authorized signatures: the president’s and the treasurer’s. Janet will go back to look at  the possibility of using a debit card.

Reimbursement (Janet)
We are no longer accepting cocktail napkins with scribbles for receipt purposes! Board members should follow IRS practices. Janet passed out “AkASL Reimbursement Policy,” but explained it was not really policy, but a practice. Suzanne suggested we each fill out 1099. A lengthy discussion followed about acceptable forms of electronic receipts. Janet will investigate further.

Kirk Thompson Update
After a year’s leave of absence, Kirk took a job at Colony High, only to be offered a DoD job in

Germany. Colony High now has an opening!

School Librarian of the Year Award
Pat suggested handling the award so all applicants are winners, rather than just runners up. She suggested that the merit awards be the main focus and come before the SLOY award. There was a long discussion. One suggestion included putting more substantial articles about the merit winners in the Puffin or online. Another suggestion was to provide award information to the principals at their conference. Robin will send language out to us. We will complete any changes to the award in October.

Janet handed out the proposed budget. We will vote in October.

Pat mentioned adding an expense for the Puffin to provide CDs of past issues, providing an archive of the material. $100 was added to the proposed budget for this idea. Suzanne thought that archiving was a good topic for our next meeting. A discussion followed in which members explained where the

AkASL archives are. Some archival material is at Rasmussen; Janet has material at West Valley, but she plans to send it to Rasmussen. Suzanne has notebooks of archival materials.

Janet said that while we dug into savings a bit last year, we are doing fine. Janet plans to add a budget column to Kirk’s basic form to keep better track of spending in a line item.

Janet reported that it is tax preparation time. Janet finds the accountant very helpful and refers questions to her often. The accountant is working on the 2008 return and will be done shortly.

A discussion followed about the battle sale inventory. Do we need to retool our inventory? Barb suggested against buying bracelets. We need to reorder pins. We have bookmarks. Erika wanted a new design printed on card stock. Email Barb ideas for battle inventory. It was suggested that we keep the $1500 in for sales items. Barb Kreher will now be in charge of battle inventory.

New Business

2009 Final Grant Reports

The Spirit of Reading and Gary Hartzell grant reports have been completed and submitted.  Jacque reported that the Leadership grant report will be in on Wednesday. Suzanne will be working on the Battle of the Books and Travel grant reports.

2010 AKLA Conference Professional Development Grants
Ginny passed out a handout going over proposed changes to what is now called the professional development grant. She went over a number of issues. There was a consensus that administering the grant should be left to the grant person, who may consult the president before making final decisions. There was a suggestion to do a small grant for local people. Another suggestion was to give priority to people living farther away. One solution would be to add distance to the rubric. We have $22,000 for AkLA scholarships. No one person can receive more than $1,000. Pat suggested that the application reflect the small local grant  possibility. Ginny will provide us the new rubric and details next meeting.

School Board & Principals Conferences

There was a discussion of the value of having a presence at the principals’ conference, which is October 18-20 (Sunday-Tuesday) at the Sheraton with exhibit times being on Sunday and Monday. Carrie and Kerri would be responsible for arranging the booth at the principals’ conference. We would need to get brochures ready to hand out. Jacque advised that if principals have any questions about the collection development grant, they could be given one of her cards and referred to her. A discussion about what to have at the table followed. We should call attention to what we do: Book Bonanza, Battle of the Books, and the Spirit of Reading. We should also provide award nomination forms. Please send principals’ conference materials to Jacque. Kerri said she was willing to put on a slide show to loop and run. Pat will make some displays that can be easily fit on the table. Kerri will download the brochures. Everyone should send pictures of different activities to Kerri. Jacque will be there Monday. Suzanne will help Kerri. Carrie might be able to help on Monday. Ann moved to pay for a table at around the $400 level. Ginny seconded the motion, which passed.

School Board
As many people will be gone to AASL, participation at the AASB conference was tabled to next year. There was a suggestion to put it on the May agenda. Pat suggested making our presence known to them sometime this year, perhaps putting an article in their newsletter. Kari will look into that. Robin Turk will email Timi Tullis to tell her to expect a call from Kari.

Alaska Spirit of Reading Program

Ginny provided a report of last year’s activity. This year, the featured author will be Roland Smith, with a visit tentatively scheduled for April 18-23. Planned destinations include Sitka, Ketchikan, Fairbanks, and Bethel or the Kenai area. Featured books include Peak, Thunder Cave, and Sea Otter Rescue. Sitka is willing to pass the Spirit of Reading onto another site next year!

eBoard Members’ Expectations & Responsibilities/Elections

There was a feeling that we need to provide better information to new board members. One suggestion was that the new past president, old past president and new president should talk at conference. Pat suggested we provide new officers with end of year comments. Suzanne R. suggested that we pass on a notebook with important documents. Erika, Ann, Suzanne and Suzanne R. will work it out. Pat suggested adding language to the policy manual requiring board members to submit an end of year report for the general membership meeting. Erika will work up some language.

Grant Administration
Suzanne spoke to how grants are due so soon after presidency starts. We then discussed ways to make the grant application and reporting process more efficient. After many suggestions and much discussion, some key points emerged:

  1. Have the grants decided on in February.
  2. Bring grant proposals to the conference Face to Face.
  3. Have the incoming president write the grants and do the reports.
  4. Have the person submitting the grant write the report.         
  5. Minimize the number of people working with the treasurer; communicate in a teleconference in May.



Erika suggested that the president needs to come from within the board.

BoB State Chair
All grade level chairs have turned in questions. Practice questions will posted on the Battle page in October. Erika has been fielding questions from new district coordinators. Barb has volunteered to take over Battle sales. Erika reported that she will be doing two sessions at AkLA: book choice and tips and tricks. Erika reported that she has not received professional leave to run the state battles. Shelley will help this year, but she can’t next year. The e-board will discuss finding a coordinator for the week-long state battles.

Governor’s Advisory Council Appointee
The term expires December 31, 2009. Barb is willing to continue. Suzanne will send her name on.

Communications (minutes, emails, etc)
Suzanne brought up need for better communication. Kerri thinks we need an electronic communication policy. Many suggestions were generated:

  1. Suzanne R. suggested cc’ing the president key emails.
  2. Please use clear subject headings in emails. Ex. For Distribution to Regions.
  3. Robin suggested putting announcements to the full membership on the home page.
  4. Please send Suzanne an email when you have accomplished a task for Suzanne.
  5. Region reps: add Suzanne to list of emails sent out.
  6. The webpage person should be in the list too!


AkLA Conference Sessions

AkASL “Business” Sessions

  1. Two sessions on Battle books
  2. e-board meeting
  3. General membership
  4. Travel grant

Other Sessions

  1. Ann – Second Life
  2. Erika – Battle of the Books
  3. Sitka – Guatemalan library project
  4. Ginny and Kari – Spirit of Reading
  5. Robin – Panel for those who went to AASL
  6. Kerri – Smartboard in library
  7. Suzanne R. – Sharing session for elementary librarians

Ginny explained that travel grantees will be required to come to the general membership meeting. She suggested a session on library services to exceptional learners. Please cc Suzanne if you send in a proposal for a session.

Strategic Plan
Ann proposed that the next face-to-face include strategic planning. Erika suggested an extra day at face-to-face. A retreat was also suggested. Janet thought we should identify key organizations and examine their strategic plans to help us determine future needs. Ann will research what strategic planning would involve.

AkLA Handbook / AkASL section
Suzanne passed out information for us to look at for our next meeting.

Many e-board members are going to AASL. Ann was asked to be a director elect of region 8 for the  affiliate assembly of AASL for ALA. She could not commit to paying for eight conferences over four years. It was suggested that we put region 8 contact information on the wiki. There was a suggestion to look at sending representation to conferences at the strategic plan process.

Advocacy Committee Tabled

Suzanne will rewrite and send out goals for voting at next meeting.

We have changed meetings to Tuesdays, 4:00-5:30.

Next Meeting: October 13, 2009
Access numbers (907) 644-4119 / 800-770-6845

Future Meetings – Pin Numbers

October 13 – 3586
November 10 – 1172
December 8 – 7362
January 12 – 7042

February 9 – 2778
March (AkLA Conference, Anchorage)
April 13 – 4114
May 11 – 1184

3 phones for Anchorage: Ann, Jacque, Kerri, Nicole, Piper, Suzanne M
1 for Juneau: Barb
2 for Mat Su: Carrie, Pat, Robin, Bonnie, Shelly (Palmer / Wasilla)
1 for Fairbanks: Janet
1 for Bethel: Suzanne R
3 for Sitka: Ginny, Erika, Kari

1 extra phone line

Good of the Order
Jacque provided information on the Circle of Safety.

Ginny moved, Ann seconded adjournment at 3:30.