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Alaska Association of School Librarians
May 10, 2011

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:08.

Present:  Ann Morgester, Wendy Stout,  Debi Tice, Kari Sagel, Kerri Geppert, Nicole Roohi, Wendy Leseman, Robin Turk, Deb Mulcahy, Jacque Peterson

Additions to the Agenda/Approval:
There were no additions to the agenda.

Approval of Minutes from April 12, 2011
Wendy Stouts moved and Kerri Geppert seconded the April minutes. The motion passed.

There was no correspondence.

Old Business:

  • Policy Revision – Policy change proposals were made available on the wiki at the following link.     https://akasleboard.wikispaces.com/EBoard+Job+Descriptions. Ann moved the policy changes; Wendy Stout seconded the changes reflected in the link. The motion passed. Ann will change the policy documents to show these changes and email them out to everyone. They also need to be updated on the website. The award language still needs to be edited and will be on the September agenda


  • Digital Presence – We are still in the process of developing the website. Robin emailed out our new website akasl.org for board members to check out. There was a suggestion to empty out our old websites (like pbworks). Robin will take responsibility for decomissioning the pbworks website.


  • ILC Grant for AkLA update – Robin reported that Buffy Hamilton is excited to come to AkLA, but only wants to come for a couple days. Robin led a discussion about whether we wanted to pursue another presenter to make the school district visits. Ann suggested we pursue other options if the grant money would cover it. Robin will revisit the grant.


Treasurer –

Kerri reported on account balances and discussed the status of the grants. Kerri reported that we still have money available in the professional development grant. There are two applications in so far. There was some discussion whether we could give less money and send three people.


Membership –

Deb Mulcahy reported that we had 109 members last year and have 3 members already for next year. Deb suggested we change policy language to reflect that we no longer send out membership cards. Receipts are sent to members for tax purposes.



Robin suggested that we begin posting for the Puffin.


Battle of the Books

Kerri already has received two registrations for next year! Two POs have not been paid from last year’s registration. Kerri will follow up with these outstanding debts.




Region 1 (Northern)

.Kari reported that the Spirit of Reading grant ended  up with a videoconference and audio conference with author Will Hobbs.


Region 2 (South Central)

Mat-su elementary libraries are still at risk.


Region 3 (Anchorage)

There was a logo contest for the new circulation system. Anchorage school district is maintaining staffing, but the Snapshot Day will be important next year. Robin will add it to the face-to-face agenda so we can get an earlier start on Snapshot Day.


Region 4 (South East)

No report.

New Business

    • There was some discussion about news and emails from other organizations, such as AASL. It was suggested that the new website include such announcement information and links be sent to the website. This would encourage use of the website.
    • AkASL board vacancies – We have two board vacancies: webmaster and the grant coordinator. Alta may be interested in being the webmaster once the website is set up. Robin will send out an announcement about the board positions available. She will include information about the “perks” of being on the board.


    • Goals for future PD opportunties – Robin suggested that we explore funding AASL webinars in our next ILC grant.


    • Ann moved and Piper seconded a motion to delete the responsibility of mailing membership cards from the membership job description.


    • Ann spoke about an opportunity for AkASL to give feedback on a new state literacy effort.


    • Kerri Geppert suggested we develop a schedule of meetings for next year.

Adjourn: 4:58 pm


Alaska Association of School Librarians
April 12, 2011


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:25.

Present:  Erika Drain, Kari Sagel, Piper Coulter, Robin Turk, Deb Mulcahy, Alta Collins, Debi Tice, Nicole Roohi, Wendy Stout, Ann Morgester, Jacque Peterson

Approval of Minutes from Face to Face in Juneau on February 18, 2011. Ann moved to approve the minutes. Nicole seconded. The motion passed. Ann will look for a copy of the December minutes.

There was no correspondence.

Old Business:

Robin made a plea for a new webmaster and asked reps to send out the job description to the membership. Robin reported that once the template is set up, maintaining the WordPress site will be very easy. Ann reported that she did some work on WordPress and had some success in setting up an agenda. Robin reported that all you need is experience managing a WordPress blog, and a sense of organization and design.  The webmaster is a voting member of the AkASL eboard providing a voice in the future direction of your association.  She asks that we spread the word to school librarians far and wide, and help AkASL get the new website up and running.  Contact Robin Turk for More information. rturk@matsuk12.us

ILC Grants
Robin has submitted the following grants and is awaiting acceptance.

  • Professional Development Grants: Travel to State and National conferences – $40,000  ($10,000 from AkASL)
  • Battle of the Books –  $26,265 ($13, 693 from AkASL)
  • Experts to Alaska – Two presenters – ($8250 from AkASL)
  • Spirit of Reading – $17,675  – ($2525 from AkASL)

It has been suggested that we have a PO Box. Robin suggested we table the discussion until Kerri is present to talk to the issue.

Robin created emails we can use for the organization.

AkASL Policy Revision on E-Board Duties
Robin shared that after some investigation she found that the policy revisions were never approved, as they were supposed to be approved at Juneau Face to Face according to the Oct F2F minutes. Robin suggested we put approval on our next meeting agenda. Ann will work on the policy revisions. She will send out a reminder to all before the next meeting so that we can vote on them. Robin suggested that new members log into the e-board wiki and create an account. Ann will email the link to the e-board wiki.


Kerri Geppert was not able to call in due to illness.

Deb Mulcahey said we had a few members rejoin. The new membership form was updated by Alta.

Ann reported that there is a Puffin page on the new site and articles can now be added. Alta will be helping Piper with the Puffin. Ann offered to meet with Piper and Alta to get a start with WordPress.

Battle of the Books
Erika reported that there has been an issue with one battle book in Port Alexander. The book is “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian.”



Region 1 (Northern) – Laurie Madsen
Laurie was not present to give a report.

Region 2 (South Central) –  Wendy Stout
Wendy was not present to give a report. Robin said that some Wasilla elementary schools will go to half-time librarians.

Region 3 (Anchorage) – Wendy Leseman
Anchorage has rolled out new equipment to go with the new library system. There will be four summer library sites for elementary libraries, staffed by librarians. They will be running summer reading programs.

Region 4 (South East) – Debi Tice
Erika reported that Mount Edgecumbe High School put on its Java Jive. Kari reported that the Spirit of Reading program will be hosting an audio- and a videoconference with author Will Hobbs this month.

New Business

There is still money in the professional development grant. Robin reported that the ALA Conference is June 23-28 in New Orleans. We need to advertise and get the rest of the PD travel grant money spent by the end of June. Before we do this, however, we need to talk to Kerri to see how much money is available. Robin raised the question whether stipends are limited  to $1000? Ann suggested limiting the grants  to $1000 and then offering more if money is available. Ann suggested advertising the PNLA conference, too, and making the deadline for the two conferences the same.

Job Notes & Timelines
Robin has begun the process of providing “how-to” information for tasks such as the professional development grants, the school board conference, and the principals’ conference. She is working on posting an AkASL timeline to keep the association focused.

Snapshot Day
This can be any day in April. The State of Alaska will be collecting data for Snapshot Day.

Board Positions
Robin suggested that we create a position for the professional development grant position, especially as opening the grant to new conferences has created a year-round job. This would require us to recruit a new person and to put a description for that position in the policy manual.  Ann moved that we create a professional development grant position. Wendy Stout seconded. The motion passed. Ann will work on the job description.

The Goverment Advisory Council position is vacant. Robin wondered if this could be filled by an existing member. The GAC meets rarely. Erika suggested it be filled by an area rep. Robin will appoint a member to the position.

Next Meeting Agenda Items

  • Vote on job description policy changes, including award chair.

Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 5:30

Alaska Association of School Librarians

Date  February 18, 2011 Face 2 Face Juneau

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at

Present:  Ann Morgester, Wendy Stout, Erika Drain, Nicole Roohi, Wendy Leseman, Robin Turk,  Shelly Logsdon, Jacque Peterson, Laurie Madsen, Deb Mulcahey,
Joining us from afar via Skype are Debbi Tice, Kerry Geppert, and Piper Coulter

Additions to the Agenda/Approval:

Approval of Minutes from January Click the link to review minutes from the last meeting


Old  Business:

Digital Presence

Report from Robin on the Website progress: discussed hitting a brick wall in moving forward to develop template. She received a quote from Europe, from someone else for about $900; discussed problem with Mike Robinson (UAA). The U allows them to do community service technology jobs, and he may have an assistant who would work on the template. We still will need a webmaster to update and maintain the site after it’s developed.

The new url for AkASL’s homepage http://akasl.org on Mac Highway.

Discussion ensued:

Shelly asked if the Battle of the Books link staying on the AKLA site, is it stable? Consensus was that its being hosted by AkLA for now wouldn’t be a problem.

Piper spoke about her role as editor and the importance of having the website established to publish the Puffin. She knows someone in ANC who may be interested in working with Piper, Robin decided we should put the call out to all of the membership for a webmaster.


Treasurer: Keri reported finishing up the finances about Battle; Erika discussed need to have the POs paid ASAP due to districts’ running out of funds prior to the state battle, and they won’t pay once it’s all over with.

GCI Bill; $10k cost for the Battle’s Conference, they charge us $15k and return $5k.

Shelly will call GCI to solve problems. Kerri expressed a sense of confusion about prof. development costs, some bills are being sent to Suzanne. Unsure about Board members’ reimbursement form for costs associated with Conference.


Niki: 104 members, 31 fewer than last year; not sure why we’re down; she thinks that Deb Mulcahy will take over as Membership person. Hasn’t been able to get membership forms online – perhaps Mary Jennings can help and we can piggy back with AKLA’s forms.


Piper didn’t have a report; due to website migration; Robin relayed to newcomers that the Puffin will be more blog-like with multiple editors, and deadlines will be more flexible. Policies will have to be set up for posting, guidelines, etc.

Battle of the Books

One issue bothering Shelly: Many districts involved in Battle have librarians who are too busy to do battle. She is concerned that Librarians that don’t make time to do a reading incentive program.

Discussion ensued:

Robin: Some librarians think it’s “stupid” because of the literal nature of the questions;

Erica: it serves one purpose – to meet readers’ needs.

Jackie: assumption that they aren’t doing other reading incentive programs because of high reading levels of the books, and low reading ability of students. Shouldn’t make this assumption that the librarians aren’t doing other things.

Shelly: Are we reaching new librarians?

Keri: for some, it’s admins aren’t supportive, juggling teaching responsibilities; and don’t find time.

Erika: we have discussion; new librarians don’t have the time or interest

Shelly: judges were admin. Because of lack of interest.

KERI: Challenge for the newbie; mentor idea for new librarians, to coach them thru the process

Niki: membership has dropped off; at middle level in ANC more teachers are coaches than librarians

Piper: noticed that its teachers being the coaches, librarian being the coordinator;

Discussion about having librarians being involved in our organization, whether it’s a general loss in the teaching field.

Do we need to do more outreach; Jacque sends out a welcome package to new librarians.

Piper: when you’re new, it’s overwhelming to know who’s who, and how things work;

Discussion: Ideas for bringing new members, Academy? Series of workshops instead? Advertise it ; it’s a money issue, Pull out the flyer, staying current;

Could reps have a list of new librarians in the district or region, make it more personal and interactive to encourage new blood; perhaps its generational we’re dealing.  Useful ha



Region 1 (Northern)Laurie/Suzanne: No report yet–just need to know what to do!



Region 2 (South Central): Brandon Mull visited many of our schools. Due to budget cuts elementary librarians could be serving more than one school or cut to half time.  Wendy would also like to know what areas she is representing.

Region 3 (Anchorage) Wendy: almost lost library aides, going to recur budget issues, facing a $30Mil  budget cut

Region 4 (South East)

Region I:
Region 2: MatSU Southcentral: Brandon Mull, would like to know wh

Region 3: almost lost library aides, going to recur budget issues, facing a $30Mil  budget cut
Region 4: Debi Tice: making contact with rural librarians, made personal contact with librarians in her region.
Should we offer free membership to new membership, here’s your free membership to year one; $10 for para-pros.
Discussion about paras  not being members; role of the org in bringing non-certified people; and para-pros running libraries;
Ann: contact from Sam Houston University, to have a distace-run program here in Alaska, would there be a way to create classes for para-pros? Would the organization be interested in supporting this?

New Business

1. ILC Grants:THese are the only 2 grants Robin will work on:

Professional Development Grants

Battle of the Books

Mentorship Grant

Digital Storytelling

Bring up a professional for staff development ?Teri Lesesne?

3. Awards:

Discussion on award criteria and rubric.


4. Review jobs and job descriptions for eboard members.  Check the eboard wiki.


Have these changes been approved?

Robin would like to see “How-To guides for some of the jobs including time lines, resources, contacts, documents, etc.


5. AkASL POBox

6. AkASL email

Adjourn: 8:28AM

Alaska Association of School Librarians
January 11, 2011

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm.

Present:  Ann Morgester, Carrie Day, Debi Tice, Erika Drain, Jacque Peterson, Kari Sagel, Kerri Geppert, Niki Roohi, Pat Wamsley, Piper Coulter, Robin Turk, Suzanne Richards, Suzanne Metcalfe, Wendy Leseman

Additions to the Agenda/Approval:
Pat Wamsley will speak about the Puffin. Suzanne added an update to the agenda.

Approval of Minutes:
The December 2010 minutes were approved.

There was no correspondence.

Old Business:

Digital Presence: Robin reported about our efforts to migrate our site. She reported about Mac Highway. She said they have a robust online editor. Robin is working with Katy and her mom on a new template. Once they are done they will move the information over. Robin is planning space for the Puffin at the new site.

Awards: Mary Jo Joiner needs information about our awards for AkLA’s meeting. There is no banquet this year. We will announce our awards at our general membership meeting.

Elections: Suzanne M. reported that 49 people have voted. She will send one last email reminding people to vote.


Kerri thanked Erika for sending information via Google Docs. She reported that there are no outstanding bills at this point.

Niki reported that we have 95 members.

Professional Development Grants:
Suzanne R. reported that she has 14 applicants with 13 grants available for the conference grant. Ann offered some suggestions. Discussion ensued. The general consensus was that the lowest-scoring application receive $500 of the $13,500 available for grants. A further discussion regarded applications for attendance at other conferences. Ann suggested that if money is available and it is a listed conference, that Suzanne R. can award grants to qualified applicants. She suggested that applications to other conferences should be reviewed by the board.

Puffin: Pat reminded the board that it is the responsibility of e-board members to update information about their positions in our publications. She advocated for the consistent use of our title and logo in all our publications. Pat spoke about her long experience serving with her colleagues on the e-board over the years. Many thanked Pat for her participation in the association and for being the historian of the organization. Pat reported that Sue Sherif has information about the history of AkASL. Many thanks and much appreciation.

Battle of the Books:
Erika reported that the site that has appropriated our battle questions for posting on their site have done the same again this year. Shelly has written a letter asking the site to stop. Erika wondered whether legal action needs to be taken. There was some discussion about how the site gets access to the questions. Ann will talk to Dave Ongley to see what recourse we have to prevent this from happening in the future. Erika will work on better identifying the questions as copyrighted and not for sharing. We discussed whether the leaks will affect this year’s battles. Ann suggested Erika and Shelley have a plan if new questions are needed. Ann suggested we have a discussion at face-to-face.


Region 1 (Northern)
Lower Kuskokwim School District’s media center director, Merrie Mendenhall, took the position at the KUC Consortium Library, so we have no certified librarian in that position.

Region 2 (South Central)
Brandon Mull is coming the first of February.

Region 3 (Anchorage)
Wendy that new computers have arrived and they will be in building libraries soon. Wendy is now nationally board certified.

Region 4 (South East) –
Debi will be moving to Anchorage this summer. She is willing to continue being the SE Rep or to solicit another representative for the region. Debi suggests that we solicit a representative at the conference. Kari reported that Sheldon Jackson’s Stratton Library was sold to the state for the use of the Sheldon Jackson museum. Collections have been disbursed in Sitka and across the state and remaining materials have been offered to the public. Good news is that the central campus will be transferred to the Sitka Fine Arts Camp.

New Business
Governor’s Advisory Council – Barb Kreher will be resigning from the board. Ann will work on figuring out how her position will be filled. Barb suggested offering the second region 1 representative the position. The board decided to send Barb an Amazon gift card for the amount of $50.

Conference – Table schedule Debi has made the conference table schedule available online for volunteers to sign up.

Conference AkASL Schedule

  • AkASL General Membership and Awards: Friday, February 18th, 2:00-3:30 pm
  • AkASL Eboard: Saturday, February 19th, 7:00-8:20 am
  • Travel Grant Meeting: Friday, February 18th, 7:30-8:20 am

Ann, Suzanne M., Wendy, Robin, Nicole, Erika, Jacque, Shelley, and Suzanne R. will be at conference, with Debi and Kerri G. skyping in. Please provide your skype ids to Ann. Ann, Suzanne M, Wendy and Robin will be presenting at the conference.

The meeting ended with good wishes to Pat Wamsley and Suzanne Metcalf. The meeting adjourned at 5:07.

Alaska Association of School Librarians

Date  December 14, 2010

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:03.

Present:  Ann Morgester, Barb Kreher, Carrie Day, Debi Tice, Erika Drain, Kari Sagel, Kerri Geppert, Nicole Roohi, Pat Wamsley, Piper Coulter, Suzanne Metcalfe, Suzanne Richards, Wendy Leseman

Additions to the Agenda/Approval: None

Approval of Minutes from Nov. 2010: Minutes approved.

Letter for Carrie Day – Paying for Substitute for School Board Conference
Ann sent a letter to Carrie Day approving payment for a substitute.

Old Business:
Digital Presence
Ann reported that Robin will migrate the website over Christmas break. She plans to first set up the blog for the Puffin. Robin will then work with Piper to learn the new system.

Ann reported that there was a letter sent to principals and superintendents regarding the award. A principal sent a response stating a concern that the awards often go to someone on the board. Robin responded that the association will work on getting the information out to the state at large. She also explained that receiving the award is often a stepping stone to serving on the board.


Kerri sent out a copy of the proposed budget. She has adjusted a few numbers in the budget. Kerri expressed concern about covering expenses for Battle of the Books. A discussion ensued. Ann suggested that Erika send Kerri any information about past years’ Battle of the Books expenditures and a copy of the Battle of the Books Google doc. Erika and Kerri agreed to have a conversation about finances for Battle of the Books. Kerri reminded members to include “AKASL” in the subject line when emailing her. Ann called for approval of the budget. The board approved the budget.

Niki sent out a report earlier this week. We now have 95 members and membership seems to be picking up.

The newest Puffin is in the works and will come out when our new digital presence is ready to roll out. Piper suggested that emails to her also have “AKASL” in the subject line. She proposed that all communications have a subject line beginning “AKASL” – all caps and no spaces. Pat offered assistance in migrating documents to our new digital presence.

Battle of the Books
We have 55 schools in Battle right now: 11 out of state, 1 out of country. We purchased Books in Print.


Region 1 (Northern)
Suzanne had nothing to report.

Region 2 (South Central)
Carrie had a professional development last Friday to share information from Fall Forum. 23 librarians attended! Great information for the Puffin and the grant report. Bonnie Cavanaugh has announced her retirement.

Region 3 (Anchorage)
Wendy reported that the Dimond Center Public Library branch closed. Sad news. Anchorage is looking for librarians to run the district-wide elementary-level Battle of the books.

Region 4 (South East)
Debi is working to identify school librarians in southeast and encourage their membership.

New Business

Professional Development Grants
Suzanne R. reported that she received fifteen applications for the AkLA professional development grants. There is $13,500 available for professional development grants for AkLA. Suzanne reported that five people traveled to conferences in October. She also reported that one of the fifteen applicants had received a grant in October. Ann said that the professional development rubric addresses repeat applicants – assigning fewer points to an application from a previous recipient. This may be an issue if we have more people applying than we have money for. Ann suggested just going ahead with the rubric process and get in touch with her if a problem arises. It was determined that we should look at the rubric again for next year. Ann asked Suzanne to look at possible changes and bring them to the January meeting or to the conference face-to-face.

Suzanne M. reported that 37 people have voted so far. More messages will go out asking the membership to vote. Suzanne M. likes Survey Monkey!

Carrie Day moved and Niki seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting Schedule
Local Access Number:            907-644-4119
Toll Free Access Number:        800-770-6845

01/11/2011                          PIN: 6137
02/17 – 02/20              AKLA Conference Juneau Alaska
04/12/2011                          PIN: 1331
05/10/2011                          PIN: 1027

*Phone lines:

  1. Anchorage:
  2. Anchorage:
  3. Anchorage:
  4. Anchorage:
  5. Mat-Su:
  6. Mat-Su:
  7. Bethel:
  8. Fairbanks:
  9. Juneau:
  10. Stika:
  11. Petersburg
  12. Extra/Guest

Anchorage 6: Ann, Jacque, Kerri, Nicole, Piper, Suzanne M, Wendy
Juneau: Barb
Mat Su 5: Carrie, Pat, Robin, Shelly (Palmer / Wasilla)
Fairbanks: Janet
Bethel: Suzanne R
Petersburg: Debi
Sitka 3: Erika, Kari



Alaska Association of School Librarians

Date November 9, 2010

Call to Order: 4:02

Present:  Ann Morgester, Barb Kreher, Carrie Day, Debi Tice, Jacque Peterson, Kerri Geppert, Nicole Roohi, Piper Coulter, Robin Turk, Suzanne Metcalfe, Suzanne Richards

Additions to the Agenda/Approval: approved
Approval of Minutes: approved as submitted

Clark Gruening

School LIbrary Collection Development Grant – Ann has not heard back from him regarding.  meeting with the Commissioner of Education. Linda Thibidou did put money into the State Library budget and Ann will work on the documents needed to start pushing for the letter writing campaign.  Larry LeDoux has announced his resignation effective Dec. 7, and so we don’t know what the progress of this will continue with new government appointment – could be why Ann hasn’t heard from Gruening

Old Business:
Digital presence – Robin
Robin has looked over a few choices, there were differences and Robin is leaning toward the Mac Highway.  Did arrange with tech person at her district to help her move over the web as it is.  She will continue this process.  Does she need a motion to apply for subscription and get a reimbursement?  Pre-paid contract (at highest level) $150 a year. Discussion over what level AkASL might need. Robin would like to suggest going with the mid-level.  Suzanne M. entertained a motion for Robin to pay with personal funds the $100 fee and received a reimbursement.  Motion passed. Ann would like to see the Puffin blog/information on the same site.

President Elect – AkASL is looking for a President-Elect.  We really do need someone to step up.  Good time to do this since we have strong leaders at the moment (and there are some perks).  We do need someone who has had at least some experience on the board.

Account Signatures – this has now been straightened out – Kerri, Ann and Robin are all on the account – next year at Face to Face the President Elect will be added and the Past President taken off the account.

AASL L4L Point Person

In order for someone to become the coordinator or get any significant information and the packets of information they would be required to become a member of ALA and AASL.  Debi will prepare a letter regarding this and will send it out to Region Reps to be distributed.

Highlights of the budget were presented.  The budget needs to be presented to the board so it can be approved. Budget will be e-mailed out to board and an e-mail vote will need to happen.

We need to find a better way to handle the Battle of the Books registration and payments. (Several options were discussed, including POs from the school districts, PAYPAL, PO Box in Anchorage, information on registration form).  Should be an agenda item for Face-to-Face in Juneau.  Needs to be sorted out before next year.  Kudos need to be sent to Janet regarding her previous work on this.

Membership list of 79 was sent out last week.  Online electronic membership options have been explored, but Nicole is meeting some resistance.  Ann said she would contact Mary Jennings to see if she could move forward.  The drawing for the Nook is happening on Nov. 15!
No report!  After Mac Highway is set up the Puffin can move forward.  The format should be dynamic and ongoing.  Articles should be coming soon from those recently attending conferences.  More discussion on formation and how to keep it up to date will be on agenda for December meeting.

Battle of the Books – (reps not present)

    • Use of grant funds to purchase books in print
    • must check with Patience to get official word on this, barring any objections regarding the terms of the grant this is approved

PAYPAL for Battle items
Robin has explored this, and will work with Kerri to set this up and will                 communicate this with Barb

(Kerri had questions about the inventory and the accounting – this can handled)
PAYPAL for Battle Registrations
Do we want to have this as an option?  We need to have the Battle reps join this             discussion before making a decision.

43 Alaska school districts registered, 11 out of state districts, and one out of country.          Appears this is up from last year.

Awards – Robin
Wording on School Librarian Merit Certificate updated and will be reflected on website when possible.  (Shown below)  Reasoning behind this is the need to be certain that winners/applications of award are qualified to receive the award.

School Librarian of the Year Award and School Librarian Merit Certificate Criteria

School Librarian of the Year (SLOY) is awarded by the Alaska Association of School Librarians annually to an Alaska school librarian who:

  • Operates a library program that strives toward the goals set forth in Standards for the 21st-Century Learner and Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs
  • Promotes the development of independent lifetime readers and learners.
  • Is a certified librarian currently working in a library position.
  • Is an integral part of the educational team.
  • Exemplifies professional involvement by sharing expertise with colleagues both locally and around the state.
  • Demonstrates professionalism by being a member of AkASL and other professional organizations.

School Librarian Merit Certificate (SLMC) is awarded by the Alaska Association of School Librarians annually to all qualifying SLOY applicants to recognize their efforts.

Region 1 (Northern) Senator Murkowski was in Bethel and took some time to read to some students in Gladys Jung’s School library and discussed the importance of reading.  Presented a copy of the book Recess at 20 Below and a flag that had been flown over the national capitol bldg.  Suzanne will send a short report and a few pics.          (Suzanne questioned how we are reaching non-members regarding information about the travel/professional development grants.  Robin will do what she can to update information on the website.)

(Discussion ensued regarding reimbursements and reimbursement procedures for the travel/professional development grants)

Region 2 (South Central) Mat-Su has a tentative contract.  Conference last weekend was great. Lots of information that she needs to process – she plans to follow through and present information to her district.  She wants to find a way to present to the membership as well.

Region 3 (Anchorage) – no report

Region 4 (South East)  Got a little blurb from the Ketchikan library about “reading down your fines” program.

The table for AkLA needs to be paid.  Barb will contact MJ (Barb) to find out how to pay for that.  Debi and Barb will work together on this.

New Business

Migrating GoogleDocs to and AKASL Account
Once the AkASL account on Mac Highway is established we can migrate GoogleDocs over and eliminate the need to connect to Ann’s personal account.

Pat – There is a need to recognize Pat’s contribution to AkASL.  Motion entertained to give Pat a lifetime membership to AkASL and a Puffin print/watercolor.  Robin also mentioned another option for the watercolor so that gift is not duplicated.  Motion passed.  If Pat is at AkLA in February it will be presented.  If not, an invitation will be given to her to attend the F2F in the Fall 2011.

Last plea for President Elect.

Adjourned:  5:18

Meeting Schedule


02/17 – 02/20              AKLA Conference Juneau Alaska


AkASL Face-to-Face
October 2, 2010

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 8:05.

Present:  Ann Morgester, Barb Kreher, Debi Tice, Erika Drain, Jacque Peterson, Janet Madsen, Kari Sagel, Katie Conover, Kerri Geppert, Nicole Roohi, Pat Wamsley, Piper Coulter, Robin Turk, Shelly Logsdon, Suzanne Metcalfe, Suzanne Richards, Wendy Leseman

Additions to the Agenda/Approval:
The agenda was approved.

Approval of Minutes:

Sept 2010
It was noted that the minutes need to specify AASL in the the note about affiliation. Minutes need to have a note reflecting that they were approved before they are posted. Under new business, in the notes regarding banking, move the statement regarding motion passed and paragraph the next section. The September minutes were approved.

Sherry Girard has donated a “four-pumpkin” quilt for the AkLA silent auction for the scholarships. Ann has written a thank-you letter for this generous donation.

Old Business:
We held a discussion of the proposed language outlining the division of duties. Ann read the duties of each position. It was noted that the past president should have the responsibility of supervising balloting, (President 9). There was a discussion about the importance of the president-elect attending the AkLA e-board meeting. President 12 was changed to “recommend” the attendance of the president-elect for at least one day of the meeting. Under the duties of the president-elect, there was a discussion of responsibility of designation of the awards chair (President Elect 6). It was decided to designate the responsibility to president-elect. There was a discussion about the duty listed under Treasurer 3. The actual policy will need to be reviewed. The only change that needs to be made to regional reps is the designation of responsibility for the conference table to the region rep in whose region the conference is taking place. Shelley and Erika will review the language regarding the Battle of the Books duties and communicate with Suzanne if changes need to be made. Puffin duties will need to be reviewed once decisions have been made regarding the formatting of the Puffin. Pat suggested changing “webpage” to “website” under discussion of duites of the online communications coordinator. Please communicate to Suzanne if there need to be policy changes, so that the new language can be sent out well in advance of the face-to-face meeting at conference, when final consideration and approval is made.

Update Principals Conference
We should pursue presenting at the principals conference next year. A conference table has not seemed to have a significant impact.

School Board Conference
We have presented at shotgun sessions in the past, concentrating on sharing information about the databases. This year, the conference is being held from November 11-14 in Anchorage. The theme is “Change…Are You Ready?” Erika moved that we present at the shotgun sessions for the school board conference, paying for the conference and substitutes as necessary. Kari seconded the motion. The motion passed. Region 2 and 3 are responsible for making it so.

Legislative Priorities and Goals
Legislative Priorities and Goals
Ann recommended that we keep the legislative priorities, but removing bill numbers as this information has changed. Ann reported that our goals and priorities are in line with AkLA’s. Robin suggested that we change certification language to change the emphasis for improving the certification process to improving the communication regarding the certification process. Minor changes were made to the conference language. The changes to the legislative priorities and goals were approved. (Can someone paste the new language here? KS)

Legislative Priorities 2010-2011

AkASL supports the recruitment and retention of highly qualified school librarians through legislation that restores a defined benefit retirement plan.

The change in the benefits offered newly-hired teachers creates an inequity among employees, results in higher employee turnover and a more transitory workforce. Traditional (defined benefit) pensions have been proven highly effective at transforming new teachers into veteran teachers.

AkASL supports full funding of the state library, including capital funding of the Library Archives Museum project.

The leadership role of the Alaska State Library enables the staff of libraries, large and small, urban and rural, to provide better library service to all Alaska residents. The programs and services of the Alaska State Library make library service possible across Alaska in places where it would not otherwise exist. The State Library coordinates cooperative projects among Alaska's libraries and provides important services, which benefit libraries and their constituents statewide.

Board Goals 2010-2011

AkASL believes that every student in the state needs and deserves the services of a certified school librarian.

Certified school librarians are educators who are trained to provide staff, students and parents, with services and programs to meet state standards for students’ competency in information literacy. They acquire, organize, and maintain library collections to support school curricula and offer instruction in the use of those collections to find, evaluate, manage, and utilize information effectively, efficiently, and responsibly.

AkASL supports the funding of Public School Library Collection Development Grants (Sec. 14.56.360 through .375)

School library budgets vary widely between and within school library districts and many students do not have access to up-to-date and varied print materials. To increase Alaskan student’s access to quality materials for their school curriculum and patrons it is vitally important for school libraries to receive adequate funding.

AkASL will pursue efforts to improve the certification process for teacher-librarians.

AkASL believes that certification for a school library media specialist should reflect the applicant's education and training. The option to apply for either a Type A Professional Teacher Certificate or a Type C Special Services Certificate provides the means of best describing and acknowledging an applicant's training. AkASL will support members in this process.

AkASL will maintain a supportive network for teacher-librarians.

  • AkASL will provide web accessible publications and resources to assist in the productive implementation of their school curriculum and library programs.
  • AkASL will provide opportunities for professional development.


AkASL supports advocacy for the teacher-librarian and effective library programs as these are the cornerstones of good educational practices.

  1. AkASL will pursue projects that reflect these goals, including:
    • Speakers to appropriate conferences
    • Workshops
    • Institutes
    • Involvement in AkLA conference (speakers, sessions, meetings, etc.)
    • Ensure that members are able to attend conferences, both on the local and national level.
  2. AkASL will promote the AASL 21st Century Information Literacy Standards

    1. Anchorage:
    2. Anchorage:
    3. Anchorage:
    4. Anchorage:
    5. Mat-Su:
    6. Mat-Su:
    7. Bethel:
    8. Fairbanks:
    9. Juneau:
    10. Stika:
    11. Petersburg
    12. Extra/Guest
    • AkASL will provide web accessible publications and resources.
    • AkASL will promote the use of AASL resources, both Learning Standards and toolkits.
    • AkASL will provide opportunities for professional development.
    • AkASL will explore ways to provide school librarians with instruments for evaluation and assess of library program.
  3. Reports:

    AKLA Face-to-Face
    AkLA has joined other organizations in initiating action against SB 222. Suzanne Metcalfe will right up some information about the law and its implications for librarians for Ann to share with the membership. The ACLU Alaska is awarding AkLA an award.

    The 2010 PNLA Leadership Institute is coming up. If AkLA provides grant support, we should consider pursuing participation in the 2012 institute, August 1-4, 2012. We will need to keep this institute in mind when allocating grant money that year. There was a discussion about requiring grantees to national conferences/institutes to present at AkLA, ASTE and/or disseminate their learning in some manner.

    There will be a tight turnaround for proposals for presentation at AkLA this year. AkLA has approved money for conference planning. The Fairbanks conference will be at the Westmark. There is no conference chair at this point. Seward is a possible site for 2013.

    See the note below regarding the tool CapWiz for a quick way of accessing our legislators.

    The construction grant program was not funded, but through capital grants appropriations, Seward, Barrow, Sutton, Kenai, Cordova, and Petersburg were funded for their projects.

    Linda Thibodeau has added the collection development needs to the library budget again this year. We need to start another advocacy campaign. We need to revive alaskaemptyshelves and updating our information on the website. Personal stories are better than form letters and postcards. We need quotations from kids and parents and pictures to show our need. We need parents and students to write in.

    There is a discussion of eliminating the awards banquet and finding an alternative way of presenting the awards, ie making AkASL’s award part of the author’s luncheon.

    Ann will be requesting the conference slots needed by AkASL.  Completed (Ann 10/5/10)

    AkLA is working on a social media plan for AkLA’s presence on social networking sites.

    AkLA agreed to our online registration plan. We can begin for next year. Niki made a motion to raise active membership fees to $25 and associate membership fees to $15 to cover increased membership processing costs. Erika seconded the motion. The motion passed.

    There was a discussion about changing our membership year to coincide with AkLA’s.

    Ann scanned and created an archive of AkASL documents found in six archival notebooks (ann). This opened a general discussion about archiving and backing up. There was a feeling that we need a policy and system for this. It was suggested that each person responsible for creating documents should create a yearly backup. Ann, Robin, and Katie will work on a proposal regarding archival media for consideration at the next meeting. Pat will help this committee create policy language designating archival responsibilities. Jacque will check to see if there are any archives at the state library.

    Pat will provide Ann with a DVD containing the Staying Connected flyer and other documents and resources.


    It is very important that grant coordinators have all information necessary for completion of reports well in advance of the report deadline. It is easiest for grant coordinators to both write and report on the grants.

    We can no longer do the Spirit of Reading or advocacy grants. There was discussion about reviving library bootcamps for non-professionals managing libraries. Erika suggested we repeat Terry Lesane and Joyce Valenza’s presentations. Suggestions for possible presenters included Buffy Hamilton, David Loerstcher, Robin Williams, and Gwyneth Jones.

    Jacque is considering offering one-credit classes for recency credits. She is considering a combination of online and short-credit courses. The leadership academy needs to be evaluated for its effectiveness, cost, and timing.

    Pat suggested a grant for training people responsible for maintaining our online presence.

    Please send Ann and Robin ideas for grant proposals. The proposals must involve more than one library or district.

    There was a discussion about professional development grants and whether, this year, we should designate an amount for attendance at AkLA. It was proposed that we reserve no less than fifty percent ($13,500) of granted funds for attendance at AkLA.

    Ann suggested a December 10 deadline for application to attend AkLA. Ann will create an application for non-AkLA conferences specifying that up to $1000 will be available for attendance. The application should include a notice that the application will be discussed at the next board meeting and suggesting that applications be made in a timely manner. A focus of the application will be how the grantee will disseminate their learning: podcast, presentation, web document.

    Suzanne moved that we approve the five current professional development grant applications, three to AASL Fall Forum and two the YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium. Barb seconded the motion. The motion passed.

    Janet reported on expenses and balances. Janet has the 2011 budget proposal, but has asked to table the discussion until October so she and Kerri can go over it together. Janet has several concerns regarding a decrease in membership, a decrease in sales, the slow Battle registration, and decreased grant funds. She suggests we tighten our belts for the next year or two. Janet needs to receive copies of the grant applications so she can figure in the matching portions. She would like to see some new routines in place so that the treasurer can stay abreast of financial transactions. We need to keep Kerri updated via correspondence and digital copies. Ann suggested grant coordinators have a conversation with the treasurer before submitting a grant report so the report figures match the funds spent by the association. Robin Turk will look into using PayPal for Battle of the Books registration and Niki will look into doing Battle registration along with membership registration.

    Niki reported that AkLA has agreed to allow us to register members using their online system. We will implement this next year. There was a discussion of changing our membership year to coincide with AkLA’s. The discussion was tabled for now. At this point we have 55 members. A Kindle only costs $139. Some suggested the Nook instead as it is compatible with ListenAlaska downloads and provides web connectivity. Erika motioned that we buy a Nook for the membership drive. Niki seconded the motion. Erika amended her motion to offer the option of a Nook or a Barnes and Noble book card at an equal value. Membership applications must be received by November 15 to be eligible for the drawing. The motion passed.

    Piper discussed possible alternative formats including blogs and wordpress. A blog format would permit ongoing posting of articles rather than having stressful deadlines. It would also allow posting of comments and questions to articles. Robin shared that we could roll the website into the wordpress site and cut down on duplication of efforts. Another option would be using wordpress through a hosting site. We want to consider where we host so that we retain control our content. Piper, Wendy, and Robin will work on a communication and hosting plan. Piper asked that each e-board member write a short article for the next Puffin.

    Battle of the Books
    Books in Print would allow coordinators and grade level chairs determine availability of titles. The cost would be $495. Shelly and Erika are also asking for input for a method of determining title availability. Janet proposed that Kerri and she put it in the 2011 budget. Kari seconded the motion. Shelly suggested waiting until November’s meeting to make the decision. In the meantime, members should investigate and consider other options. Shelly and Erika are considering some changes to the Battle calendar. Erika threw out the possibility of bringing grade level chairs to Anchorage instead of the AkLA conference in Juneau this year. This would allow area librarians to attend the book choice meeting. Registrations are a little slow, but Erika is making another effort to solicit registrations. Questions are ready for posting.

    Region Reports

    Region 1 (Northern)
    Suzanne reported that she has had to do a lot of advocacy for the library position in her school this year. She reported that four Bethel librarians were asked to write a job description for library aides. They also worked on creating a job evaluation. Suzanne advocated for training for library aides and was successful.

    Region 2 (South Central)

    Carrie reported that liibrary advocacy may be needed in Matsu. Ann offered the association’s help when and if appropriate. Carrie Day is working on a Brandon Mull author visit. She is working on scheduling the school visits for dates in February. Brandon Mull is also scheduled to go to Nome for two days. Matsu is excited about participation in the Imagination Library program.

    Region 3 (Anchorage)
    Wendy reported on a First Book fundraiser that had students reading 26 minutes of reading each day and walking a mile each day for 26 days. Ann reported that the new LMS is up and running and being used enthusiastically by students for book checkout, exploration, and the writing of book reviews. They are using LS2Pac from Library Solutions.

    Region 4 (Southeast)

    Debi Tice says she isn’t getting much information from the southeast membership. Barb Kreher reports good news from Juneau that the district is working towards full-time elementary positions and librarians were involved in inservicing staff. Kari reported that Will Hobbs came to Ketchikan, Sitka, and Juneau as part of the Spirit of Reading program. APRN covered the visit and was broadcast over the state!

    New Business

    Barb Kreher presented on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Libraries. (http://www.library.state.ak.us/pub/board.html) She explained that the board’s mission is to decide how federal grant money and state matching money is spent. AkASL’s grants are funded through these monies. GAC started in 1956 and presently exists under the Library Services and Technology Act. One responsibility of the board is revision and administration of a five-year plan.

    AASL L4L Point Person
    Ann received an email from AASL asking for an Alaska point person for implementing AASL standards. Debi Tice volunteered to investigate.

    Ann did a brief demonstration of googledocs.

    Collection Development Campaign
    Ann will look at our existing forms/pamphlets/POMs with an eye to updating. Erika suggested working with Clark to figure out a plan. Ann asked everyone on the board to contact and follow up with two people who are not librarians. We can then advocate to the membership that they do the same. Legislators need to get something visual and requests from non-librarians. Erika and Kari will make a plan for alaskaemptyshelves. We will report on progress at the next meeting. Some ideas that were thrown out: letters to the governor, student/parent letters, AASG letter, mail-a-letter day, email e-board with link to website.

    Bulk Buy for Battle of the Books
    Nina Malyshev proposed that the Alaska Library Network take the lead on providing a bulk buy for Battle of the Books next year. A discussion ensued.  Large school districts would require that ALN be an authorized vendor.  Issues included: book processing, discounts, and impact on small vendors.

    Kerri moved the purchase of a new Quickbooks for Kerri’s use. The price is $89.99. Kari seconded the motion. The motion passed.

    AkASL Wikis and Website
    We need to decide what we want our web presence to be and do. Katie and Robin will develop a communicaton proposal.

    Ann suggested a bulk buy of Read CD 2/Library People/Library Art CDs for advocacy purposes.

    Ann looked into t-shirts or other items through CafePress or a similar vendor that would free us from hauling around t-shirts. Robin suggested the www.yourofficialgear.com website.

    Erika will send out information about ordering Battle of the Books gear.

    We need to have the election prior to the February conference. President-elect and area reps are up for election. Carrie Day was suggested for president-elect.

    AkLA conference presentation proposals are due October 7. We need members who are attending to consider giving poster sessions.

    The deadline for presentation proposals for ASTE are due November 1. We are looking for school library presentations.

    AkLA Facebook Page

    Check out CapWiz at  http://capwiz.com/ala/ak/home/ for legislative information.

    Ann will be requesting the following meetings: AkASL e-board, AkASL general membership meeting, and the professional development grant meeting. Ann will ask that these not overlap school library sessions. Erika and Shelly will request the battle sessions. Ann and Robin will be attending the AkLA e-council  meeting(s).

    AkLA will be sending out requests for Newspoke articles. Consider writing a book review or school news story for that. We want to be more visible in the larger organization. Puffin articles might be appropriate.

    Meeting Schedule

    02/17 – 02/20/11                    AKLA Conference Juneau Alaska


    *Phone lines:

    Anchorage 6: Ann, Jacque, Kerri, Nicole, Piper, Suzanne M, Wendy
    Juneau: Barb
    Mat Su 5: Carrie, Pat, Robin, Shelly (Palmer / Wasilla), Katie
    Fairbanks: Janet
    Bethel: Suzanne R

    Petersburg: Debi
    Sitka 3: Erika, Kari


September 14, 2010

(Approved October 2, 2010)

Call to Order
Ann Morgester, Debi Tice, Erika Drain, Kari Sagel, Niki Roohi, Pat Wamsley, Piper Coulter, Suzanne Metcalfe, Wendy Leseman, Janet Madsen

The meeting was called to order at 4:03.

Additions to the Agenda

Ann asked for additions to the agenda. There were none.

Approval of Agenda
Suzanne Metcalfe and Niki Roohi seconded the approval of the agenda. The agenda was approved.

Approval of May 11, 2010  Minutes

Wendy moved and Piper seconded approval of the May 11, 2010 minutes. The minutes were approved. Ann suggested that once the meeting is over, e-board members highlight and initial suggested changes in red. Ann suggested that the webmaster pull the minutes from google docs for posting.

Affiliation is complete and up to date until 2012.


No guests.

Old Business:
All grant reports were turned in on time. There will be an addendum to the professional development grant with the final budget numbers.


We received three grants. The Professional Development Grant was for $20,000, reflecting a reduction of $5,000. Ann is sending out applications for the Fall Forum. We need to decide how many grants will be given out and how much they will be for. Area reps should inform members interested in attending Fall Forum to contact Ann for information and applications. Ann, as president, is attending the ALAN conference in November. Ann reported that we will further discuss grants at Face-to-Face.

Spirit of Reading Grant received $12,225 to bring Will Hobbs to Alaska. This is the final year that the state library will fund this grant.

Battle of the Books Leadership Grant  was funded at $5,000. The state library did not fund the additional request for travel to AkLA in Juneau.


Janet has not posted the treasurer’s report to GoogleDocs yet. She will mail the report out via email. She reported on the association’s income, expenses, and balances. Janet had nothing positive to report about efforts to change names on the accounts. She recommended we move and approve names to be added to the credit union account and the removal of Kirk’s name. Janet reported that she has had to recreate the 2010 register twice! Janet will pass the register to Kerri Geppert. We have an extension on our 2009 taxes. Taxes will be completed by Face-to-Face. Janet will have the proposed budget ready for that meeting. Janet is starting GoogleDocs for the grants, including Battle of the Books.

Ann proposed that we pay for an additional hotel night for Janet to facilitate the treasurer transition at the time of Face-to-Face.

Niki suggest that reps send out membership announcement to the members. Suzanne suggested that membership forms are also sent. Ann placed a requirement for current membership on the professional development grant application. There will be a September 30 deadline for applications. We will determine any membership drive prize at Face-to-Face.

We will look at possible blog formats for Puffin at Face-to-Face.


Region 3 (Anchorage)
Wendy and Ann reported happiness with the new PAC system!

Region 4 (Southeast)

Debi will take care of the AkLA table.

New Business
Ann read a proposed resolution/memorandum regarding signatures on the credit union bank account. Pat seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Due to the fact that the previous Treasurer for the Alaska Association of School Librarians, Kirk Thompson, is not in the country and cannot be reached to sign the required paperwork to allow us to add the new Treasurer to the Credit Union 1 account. The Executive Board of the Alaska Association of School Librarians moves that the signature of the Current Treasurer, Janet Madsen, be sufficient to allow the addition of Kerri Geppert (new Treasurer) and Ann Morgester (President) and Robin Turk (President Elect) to the account numbered  30218.  This motion will be effective from September 13 to October 30, 2010.

Pat moved that we explore other banking options for the future. Janet seconded the motion. Janet shared that our experience with the credit union has been generally positive. Ann suggested that our bylaws need to be amended to include language regarding signers to the account. Ann will follow up with the credit union and report on the resolution of this problem at Face-to-Face. The motion passed.

Ann will ask Robin and Katie to post the March, April, and May minutes to the website.

We adjourned at 4:52.