Minutes 2011 – 2012





Alaska Association of School Librarians

Date  Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at

Present:  Kerri G, Deb M, Erika, Robin, Deb R, Niki, Janet, Sheryl, Laura, Alta, Wendy, Staci, Jacque

Additions to the Agenda/Approval:

Approval of Minutes from January and February Face to Face https://docs.google.com/document/d/17oz10iCr4Cfnwzrlof1bdnK5I51QDYeW-NNA3T-XWGQ/edit February

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cxX2_ncKY_6LBHO3ASYdJkYlyl4gIn1tqk05JMZeCFI/edit January




We need a new president-elect

Snapshot Day

Past President

Book Bonanza


Documentation needed for reimbursement

Wells Fargo or Alaska USA?

Spirit of Reading





Battle of the Books

PD Grants

State of affairs

Decisions on number of grants given out for each event

Advertising for grants
Extra grant money


Region 1 (Northern)

Region 2 (South Central)

Region 3 (Anchorage)

Region 4 (South East)

Sheryl did get a chance to speak with Commissioner Mike Hanley about the Collection Development Grant at Read Across America in March.  He didn’t seem familiar with with it, but did seem intrigued and interested in considering it for funding in the next budget cycle.  She followed up with an e-mail citing the actual language in the statute.

Juneau School District budget currently cuts high school library assistants for next year and .5 FTE specialists (library, music, PE, counselors, and core support) in each elementary building to be determined by the building where those cuts will come from.  Hopefully, additional funding from the legislature will restore the elementary positions.

Ginny Norris Blackson reports that after five happy years as an Alaska school librarian she is moving on.  She has accepted the position of collection development librarian for Central Washington University.  Any librarians want to move to Sitka?  (Ginny is the school librarian at Sitka High School).

Old Business:
Board Goals: AkASL Board Goals 2011-2012 (review for new members)

School Library Collection Development Grant

New Business

Work with AKLA to offer a book award for children’s and youth Alaskana.

Capstone membership incentive offer. — 5,000 rewards points

  • The program can be made available to new and/or renewing members of the organization. Once the member has paid his/her dues, he/she receives a promo code and must go to the Capstone Rewards website and use the code to claim the point s.
  • This is at no cost to the organization.
  • The organization is responsible for sending the code to the new/renewing member. Example, if they send out a payment confirmation, they would send the code and instructions with that. Capstone isn’t responsible for notifying members of the code.
  • We would send a press release announcing the partnership and would like it if they helped promote it locally on their organization website or something similar.

Changing of the guard — advice and wisdom to share

Changing the time for AKLA face to face next year

Review and Reevaluating duties of positions, like awards chair

Re-examine region distribution

Alaska Spirit of Reading and ALN

JB Morse Scholarship fund increase to $4,000 (Robin)




Alaska Association of School Librarians

Date  February Face to Face in Fairbanks 2012

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:27 am.

Present:  Robin Turk, Ann Morgester, Nicole Roohi, Kari Sagel, Alta Collins, Debi Tice, Staci Cox, Jacque Peterson, Ginny Blackson, Deb Mulcahy, Wendy Stout, Laura Guest, Robin Turk, Sheryl Wittig (by phone), Erika Drain, Shelly Logsdon and Janet Madsen

Additions to the Agenda/Approval: Ginny asked that the Alaska Spirit of Reading and the Alaska Library Network be added to the agenda.

Approval of Minutes from January 2012. The minutes were tabled until a link could be mailed to board members and an email vote can be taken.

No correspondence.

Clark Gruening visited our meeting as the AkLA lobbyist. After SB passed in 2008. Formulating regulations for the program was a two-year process. It hasn’t received any funding yet. This would be tough year for that as there is a big debate in school funding with a struggle over additional education funding. Clark’s suggestion is to start now on on next year’s legislative session. Getting the Commissioner of Education, Mike Hanley, on board would be a good strategy. Finding other groups to help advocate, like the AASB, would be helpful. Meeting with the governor or an assistant working in education would be a good strategy. Nicole would be willing to meet with the commissioner as a start. Touching base with Senator Stedman is another strategy. Cathy Boutin was suggested as an advocate.



Robin Turk will turn the meeting over to Nicole when she attends a meeting regarding Statewide Databases, her main concern during her presidency.

President elect

No report

Past President

No report


Laura Guest was introduced as the incoming treasurer.




The new Puffin is going fine!

Battle of the Books


Region 1 (Northern)

No report.

Region 2 (South Central)

Library positions continue to be a concern.

Region 3 (Anchorage)

Library positions continue to be a concern in Anchorage with budget deficits and a new superintendent. Advocacy will be more important than ever.

Region 4 (Southeast)

Debi reported that getting information from southeast members continues to be difficult. The critical importance of advocacy was discussed. A suggestion was made to create and make available a google doc with the current membership information.

Old Business:

Robin and Nicole suggested that board members visit the eboard wiki at http://akasleboard.wikispaces.com and contribute to the “eboard job how-to” page to help let the next person in your position know what is going on!  Put in notes describing what you have done or discovered that worked, or helped members.  Some positions have more to write about than others, but a great need to have our job processes/timelines documented.

New Business

Staci Cox was introduced as a new webmaster!

Nicole welcomed new eboard members Janet Madsen, Ginny Blackson, Laura Guest, Sheryl Wittig, Marlena Henrie (not present) and of course Staci!

We discussed new 2013 ILC grant ideas.  Suggestions given were the Summer Academy, ebook training, ListenAlaska training.  There was a suggestion to have Facebook strand for grant suggestions or email Nicole in the next week with your ideas. Please copy Jacque with your ideas.

LIbrary Snapshot Day is going to be any time in the week April 15-21:  We need to plan now because we don’t have a March eboard meeting! Besides taking a snapshot, the program involves a short statistical report. It’s a great thing to share with your school.

Do we want to apply for Pick, Click & Give?  The deadline is March 31 and costs $250. We would need a really good advocacy campaign if we were to do this. We decided to table this for consideration for next year.

We need to get support from different educational groups to advocate for the collection development grant. Suggestions included the NEA, the AASB, the PTSA, student government, the elementary and secondary principals associations. Board members should start networking with our colleagues in these associations.

Ginny asked for a motion for $500 for additional books for the Spirit of Reading program. Ann moved that pending a review of the budget that we allocate up to $500 dollars for additional books for Spirit of Reading. Alta seconded the motion. The motion passed.

April meeting suggestions:

Work with AKLA to offer a book award for children’s and youth Alaskana.

Capstone membership incentive offer. — 5,000 rewards points.

changing of the guard — advice and wisdom to share

changing the time for AKLA face to face next year

reevaluating duties of positions, like awards chair

re-examine region distribution

Alaska Spirit of Reading and ALN


Alaska Association of School Librarians
E-board Meeting
Date  Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:02.

Present:  Kari Sagel, Erika Drain, Jacque Peterson, Robin Turk, Ann Morgester, Deb Mulcahy, Alta Collins, Debi Tice, Wendy Stout, Nicole Roohi, Wendy Leseman

Additions to the Agenda/Approval:

Approval of Minutes from December 13, 2011. Nicole moved to approve the minutes. Wendy Stout seconded. The motion passed.

There was no correspondence.




Robin has been working on the database trials. She will soon send out a new push for the trials and that we need to advertise beyond the library community. Robin will send out the information to the principals in the state. She will look at sending information out via The Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB). There was a suggestion to send information out via AkLA. There was also a suggestion to send the information to home school organizations in the state.

Past President

Ann sent reps an email soliciting candidates for the elections. Ann will keep plugging away to get candidates for the open positions. All four regional reps, secretary, treasurer, and president-elect are positions that are open.

Treasurer – term 3 years (Laura Guest)

Region 1 Representative (Northern) – term 1 year

Region 2 Representative (South Central) – term 1 year (Wendy Stout)

Region 3 Representative (Anchorage) – term 1 year (Wendy Leseman)

Region 4 Representative (Southeast)  – term 1 year (Ginny Blackson)

Secretary – term 2 years

Robin Turk will ask Ginny if she would be willing to be the awards chair.

President Elect

Nicole has send out two notices for awards. She hasn’t had much response except for three people put in for “Pat on the Back.” Deb Mulcahy and Wendy Leseman volunteered to be on the awards selection committee.


Kerri Geppert sent her report via email. Robin reported that we renewed our domain.


Deb reported that we have a few new members. We have 88 current members. Deb is investigating a check that came in without an membership form.


Alta suggested we put a counter on the Puffin. She asked us to read her revisions of the section on submissions. (See below.) Alta suggested that we considering altering grant requirements to shorten the length of conference articles. She suggested that articles focus on one session rather summarizing several sessions.

Battle of the Books

Erika reports that we are collecting lists of books to consider for next year. District questions are out and sites are prepping for district battles.


Region 1 (Northern)

There was no report.

Region 2 (South Central)

There was a discussion about a visit by Roland Smith!

Region 3 (Anchorage)

Anchorage is in the midst of searching for a superintendent. Wendy will send reps information about Alaska’s cultural collaboration grant.

Region 4 (South East)

There was no report.

Old Business:

SLCD Grant
We made a push to write letters to the governor. Robin has not heard from Clark Gruening. Robin suggested that our best option is to ask a legislator to support a bill for direct appropriation for the year. Clark Gruening and Lynn McNamara might be of help in this effort. Robin suggested that after the conference meeting we should concentrate on getting information to the AASB and to NEA-AK.

New Business


Face to Face at AKLA:

It was suggested we give out Puffin pins at the general membership meeting. Robin has a “Super Librarian” t-shirt to give out for a door prize. Nicole will make an AkLA google doc to share our travel information. The face-to-face meeting is scheduled for 8:00 Saturday morning. The statewide database meeting starts at 8:30. Ann, Jacque, and Robin need to be at that meeting. Robin suggested that AkASL buy breakfast and do an earlier breakfast meeting, perhaps at 7:00. Breakfast may be provided with the rooms. Robin will check into it.

2012 ILC Grant ideas:    

This will be our big topic at face-to-face, but we should all be thinking about before we get to conference.


Alta updated submissions information at http://puffin.akasl.org/about/. Please look this over and let Alta know what you think.

If you would like to submit articles for publication, please do so via email to Alta Collins<mailto:collins_alta@asdk12.org> or through your region representative<http://www.akasl.org/?page_id=33>. Only emailed submissions will be considered. Submission length is 75-200 words. Please note that we retain the right to edit submissions or omit as deemed appropriate and as space allows. Submissions become the property of the PUFFIN.

Please submit original content/media, appropriate citations for web-based media, and observe copyright restrictions for all submitted materials.

Pictures/media accompanying articles should be submitted separately, in their original format, rather than incorporated into a document or in other formats.

Our new format on the web allows for media, hyperlinks, embedding, and a wealth of other web-based possibilities, so please keep your text clear and concise, and make use of media opportunities! Please include original pictures or videos with your article, and be sure to include the URLs (in text) for any links.

Library Snapshot Day

Nicole will look into when the planned snapshot day is and report back.


Wendy Stout motioned and Nicole Roohi seconded to adjourn. We adjourned at 5:01 pm.


Alaska Association of School Librarians
Date      Tuesday, December 13, 201

Call to Order: A quorum was present and the meeting began at 4:29.

Present:  Erika Drain, Nicole Roohi, Kari Sagel, Ann Morgester, Robin Turk, Wendy Leseman, Jacque Peterson, Deb Tice, Laurie Madsen, Alta Collins

Approval of Minutes from November 8, 2011. Erica moved and Ann seconded to accept the November minutes. The motion passed.

Correspondence: There was no correspondence.



  • Database trials – The database committee is looking at adding a few more trials by the beginning of January. Database trial comments have included additional suggestions. Alta has student comments to send into the trials. Culture Grams was suggested as a possible database to try out. Continue to add your comments to the form and spread the word about the trials.
  • AKLA – There was a snag getting a presenter for the the half-day session. Erika has been working with Robin, Nicole, and Ann to design a half-day session.



Deb Rinio said she would be interested in running for president. Ginny Blackson is interested in running for southeast rep this year and might be willing to run for president after that. The secretary position is a a two-year position. Ann has arranged for a two-year subscription for Survey Monkey. The due date for election is January 5. Ann would like to have the voting period open from January 9 to February 3.

President Elect

Nicole has sent information to school principals regarding the SLOY award, but hasn’t heard anything back yet. She will continue to solicit nominations for the award. The initial deadline for submissions are January 16.


Kerri submitted her report via email.


Deb sent a report via email.


Alta reported that there are several pages without content. We will send out a Puffin announcement this week. Alta has begun to receive conference reports for inclusion in the Puffin.

Battle of the Books

Erica reported that she will send out district passwords on December 15. Please make battle title suggestions for next year. There was a suggestion to keep the suggestion forum open more of the year. Erica thinks we should look for a different way of coming up with book title suggestions. One suggestion was embedding a google form on the website. Another suggestion was to revisit titles that did not make the cut the previous year


Report from Region 1 (Northern)

Laurie posted the following reports from her region.

From Shannon Clouse: “One of the teachers in my school district, Rick Rau from Koliganek School, got first place in the Book Bonanza contest. This award comes in handy due to the fact that Koliganek School experienced flooding and as a result a bunch of their books were damaged in the school library.”

From Tiki Levenson: “At Fort Greely School we are preparing for our second Skype session with a school in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.  We did this three years ago as

well.  They read and study the book Recess at Twenty Below and then ask

our students questions about what it is like to be outside playing at those frigid temperatures.  We will be doing the actual session in January and hope to get the author of the delightful book, Cindy Lou Aillaud, to make a special guest appearance for the talk.”

From Miriam Dunbar “Shelley Gill will be visiting Fairbanks between Jan. 17-20, 2012.  Noel Wien Public Library will have her on Thurs. Jan. 19 in the evening.  So far she will be visiting 3 schools during the day.  She really puts on a good presentation, and has recently been to Antarctica, of  which I am sure she has photos and stories to share.  I am organizing her visit to Fairbanks.”


Region 2 (South Central)

Wendy Stout was not present.


Region 3 (Anchorage)

Wendy noted that there were few elementary library web pages. She suggested that a future training might include web page development for elementary librarians. Wendy reported on a cool program called “Read it Before You See It,” connecting book reads to movies. Wendy nominated for Denali award…


Region 4 (South East)

Debi heard much library information from Juneau and she will send the information to Alta for the Puffin. Debi talked about an assessment tool called “Trails.” Cordova junior and senior high reported about remodelled classrooms and new libraries, beautiful, new, but sadly understaffed.

Old Business:

  • Collection Development Grant:

Robin has been sending out region posts about writing to the governor who will be releasing the state budget proposal Thursday. Jacque heard that he is not including the collection development appropriation in the budget. Robin suggested finding a legislator to sponsor funding for one year for the collection development grant. The AASB and the NEA have informally agreed to make this a priority. We need to make sure both of those organizations are ready to go.

New Business
There was a discussion of possible presentation proposals for PNLA in August. Wendy Leseman and Deb Mulcahey are working on a presentation about gaming in the library . Ann and Nicole will work on presentations about  Library Snapshot Day and social media/communication advocacy in the library. Proposals are due no later than January 6, 2012. Robin will send out a message to Matsu to see if anyone is interested in presenting.

Alta discussed an email from an author requesting that information be placed in the Puffin. Both Alta and Robin felt it did not meet the purpose of the Puffin.

The meeting adjourned at 5:29.


Alaska Association of School Librarians
Date:  November 8, 2011

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order shortly after 4:00.

Present:  Robin Turk, Kari Sagel, Nicole Roohi, Kerri Geppert, Ann Morgester, Erika Drain, Jacque Peterson, Alta Collins, Wendy Stout, Deb Mulcahy, Wendy Leseman

Approval of Minutes from October 8, 2011 Face to Face in Anchorage  taken by Debi Tice. Ann motioned to approve the minutes. Wendy seconded. The motion passed.

No correspondence.



Robin has been working on the statewide database trials. They are on the website. Robin will be mailing an announcement with an attachment with passwords. She sent an announcement about the collection development grant. Robin will work on frequent updates.

Past President

Ann is working on adding the amended awards language to the website for the handbook. The ERMA group has started putting together a course available after AkLA that will focus on the electronic resources. It will be available for one credit.

President Elect

Nicole has been working with the Anchorage Education Association regarding the collection development grant. The Anchorage delegation will see that it becomes an item for endorsement at the state delegate assembly. Nicole will send Erika suggested updates for the alaskaemptyshelves site. EED has a list of education associations for the state. Nicole will send an email to the state updating our information. Robin suggested we wait to update the information after we get our PO box.


Kerri explained the process for opening a PO box. Kerri will go ahead with the process. Kerri sent out an email with the most recent treasurer’s report. Kerri will check up on setting up our accounts so that any overdrafts will draw from our considerable savings account. Kerri is asking that grant managers watch the budget to make sure their figures match those on the spreadsheet.


Deb reported that we have sixty members at this point. She is getting responses to the emails she has been sending out. Robin asked Jacque if notice about joining AkASL could go out in SAYL mail. Jacque will make it so.


Alta has set up the Puffin site. There was some discussion about what should be included in the Puffin and what information should go on the website. It was decided that advocacy information belongs mainly on the website, but that the Puffin should include advocacy articles. The website address is puffin.akasl.org. Start writing for the Puffin and send information to Alta! Many kudos to Alta.

Battle of the Books

Erika reported that were approximately 51 participants. We are only missing three REGISTRANTS from last year.. Battle of the Books is moving along.


Region 1 (Northern)

No report.

Region 2 (South Central)

No report.

Region 3 (Anchorage)

Wendy reported that she heard about the grant from AEA folk.

Region 4 (South East)

Spirit of Reading. etc. Robin reported that a science teacher at Cordova just received teacher of the year for Alaska. Exciting for Cordova. Send area reports to Alta.

Old Business:

AkASL Documents:   Erika has been working on updating our documents. They need to be added to the new website! Robin suggested that we create a badge that can be posted on member websites to show they are affiliated with AkASL. Erika will work on making badges.


We are still looking for a webmaster.

K12 Database Trials:

There are 11 different databases. The page is up on the website. Robin is waiting for feedback from Dan Cornwall. Robin is sending passwords out via email. Jacque will send via SAYL mail.

New Business

  • Library Snapshot Day

    It was suggested that we work on this in January.

  • New librarian support

We need ideas on how to get this going. It was suggested that the December region reports share ideas in this area.

  • AkASL contributions approval (from October meeting)
  • Book Bonanza – $2000.00 was approved in October.
  • Scholarship – We’ll have to make a budget adjustment and vote on it. It will be on December agenda

Adjourn: We adjourned at 5:08.


Alaska Association of School Librarians Face to Face
Anchorage Alaska State Library Offices
344 W 3rd Ave
9:00 – 4:00

Date  October 8, 2011

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at  9:14 am

Ann Morgester, Debi Tice, Robin Turk, Nicole Roohi, Wendy Lessman, Shelly Logdson,  Laura Guest, Wendy Stout, Deborah Mulcahy, Kerri Geppert, Laurie Madsen, Deborah Rinio, Alta Collins, Sue Sherif

Additions to the Agenda/Approval:
State Library Report to prior to approval.

State Library: Sue Sherif
Reporting for State Library:  Large Project (SLAM) – State Library Archives and Museums Project.  Report handed out during meeting.  (Have 30 M$ but need 94$M additional) Changes in personnel in State Library.  Positions open.

Included in report was the National Center for Education Statistics “Schools and Staffing Survey”.  Alaskans figures show that Alaska is low in the ranking.

Sue had suggestions for proactive lobbying: Cooperation Grants, Library Development Grant, SLAM funding, school library funding.

Library Development Grant:  AKLA still has it on the top of priorities.  Current president is hot on advocacy of the grant proposal.  Is in the operating budget – think the current commissioner is planning to keep it.  Big question is the governor’s approval.  Again – advocacy is key (including principals and parents).

Summer Reading Program (poster update – Theme: ”Night”)

Approval of Minutes from May 10, 2011 and September 13
May minutes approved.
September minutes approved as corrected.


State Library – Sue Sherif (moved to above minutes)

President – Robin Turk

(Robin added Past President and President Elect reports)

E-resources – as much as 30% of their budget on e-books.  Concerns regarding management – proposal to search other vendors.  Discussion occupied a lot of meeting.

Review of statewide databases – (FactsonFile – poor statistics).  Statewide trial of different databases is happening through February.  Session at AKLA regarding trial and recommendations will go to state committee.  Goal is by 2012 school year there will be new databases available.

Past President – Ann Morgester

Elections – need to happen prior to December.  Looking for President Elect – new regions or relection of Region Reps.  Treasurer.  Picture and brief biography.  Also need board approval for one month subscription for SurveyMonkey for elections.

Working with Robin in the Statewide Database piece.  Also looking to get a class going regarding digital pipeline.   http://www.akasl.org/   Webpage has the embedded link on the webpage.

President Elect – Nicole Roohi

Twitter account – Nicole would like Twitter to see more followers – need to update the link or notice.  There’s a great opportunity for professional development in Twitter.

Twitter username is AkASLnews and our password is “tweeton!”  Here is the link I created for a bit more information on Twitter, how to get started, and sharing your Twitter name.

Nicole mentioned Library Snapshot Day.  Robin said the university is working on this statewide.  Ann said ASD is doing theirs in October for advocacy purposes

Nicole said she’d work on this for statewide and share her information and the forms, etc.  Might need a separate form for AkASL.  If we do the Snapshot day in the Spring we’d have immediate data for the beginning of fall.  Might consider pushing this at the February conference. Putting this on the Nov. agenda.

Treasurer – Kerri Geppert

Most expenses and deposits happened in Sept so no bank statements.  Approximately 44,000 in savings.  11,000 in checking.

No grant monies haven’t arrived as of yet.

Presented the budget proposal:    Removing line item for Battle adjusted

Motion for approval by Wendy Stout, seconded by Laura Madsen.  Approved as amended.  See wiki/email for electronic copy.

Also updated the grant forms/Expense Claim Form.  Is electronic format – so should be uploaded to sites and wiki.

Grant chairs should be discussing with treasurer coordination of expense claims to streamline payment procedures.

Battle registrations are down as of this date.  Some of it can be slow registrations and turnovers from districts and schools.  Also some schools are still sending registrations to random addresses.  Some missing registrations could be attributed to the loss of librarians in some districts.

Have already begun to spend grant funds.

Membership – Deb Mulchahy

Deb mentioned the line item from the budget proposal. Discussion ensued regarding keeping this as a line item because AKLA will deduct fee for online registration.  Needs to stay as it is an expense.

Information on webpage is updated. Registration Online.

43 official members (on the database – Deb is now tracking how long it takes to get the information though the online service)

108 members last year.  Can be attributed to new librarians.  Deb may consider sending out emails to past members.

Discussion regarding giveaway for membership renewals.  Pros and cons for one larger prize vs several smaller prizes.  Discussion about bigger prize for online membership because of ease of paper trail and renewal reminders.  In order to encourage online registration.

Registrations for new memberships received before Nov. 15 are eligible for drawing for one of two gift cards of $75.00 from Amazon.  Encouraged to use online registrations.  Next year registration and prizes should be discussed and put on May agenda.  Moved by Deb Mulchahy, seconded by Nicole Roohi.  Motion approved.

Discussion: issue with AKLA membership is the membership fee based on income/salary.  And no real benefits for registration.  AkASLA is a chapter of AKLA – advocacy is that we are a chapter of AKLA.

New membership:  Robin discussed getting list from development grant or cooperation grant.  Maybe a short survey from regions or “area” or secondary/elementary in larger meeting.  Assumption is that reps are doing what they can to draw in new members – but larger districts and larger regions are overwhelmed.   Big question is: what does AkASL do for the membership – Kerri says they want professional development.

Deb had developed a “receipt” telling what “AkASL does for you”.  Robin suggested we put this on the agenda for November – Staying Connecting brochure/Mentoring for new/Stipend for someone to work with new librarians/Even membership “help” – librarian help – perhaps a “forum” statewide such as that with the ASD Ning. (Reminder this goes back to the webmaster issue here)  Region Rep can be that person for members.  Discussion about reaching out to paraprofessionals who are not “library certified” but are working in school libraries.

Region Rep – come prepared to Nov meeting with an action plan.

Discussion – May agenda – membership reduction for new to profession.

Puffin –  Alta Collins

Robin gave background on Puffin and the rationale for changing format.  Puffin is now online and still evolving.

Laurie brought up the idea that the state library is archiving the Puffin.  Do we archive?

Is it critical that editor create a “non web version” for districts and members that have Internet limitations.  Perhaps a “pdf” version for archival.

Alta mentions that the Puffin might look toward advocacy as a direction.  And the Puffin ought to be more dynamic and current.   Do we continue “column” format (ie book reviews, reports)?  What is our content?  Blog vs. Newsletter.

Subcommittee – Alta, Debi T., Nicole and Deborah R.  Report to board at Dec meeting.

Battle of the Books– Shelly Logsdon

    Registrations slow, but “things are happening”…

Talkeetna pushing for Battle of Books booth and asked for more info from Battle coordinator.  Request was denied without board approval – request was not submitted in a timely manner.  Perhaps revisit with Talkeetna in the future with time to discuss with board.

Questions released Oct 15.

Professional Development Grants –  Deborah Rinio

Welcome, Deborah!!  Jumped in middle of summer and ran with it.

First thing was to convert applications to Google Docs.  Small original pool for grant to AASL conference – decision was made to increase amount (more than could fund).  Funded 15 travel grants.  14 to AASL.  1 to ACRL.

Robin thought it would be good if we could fund a few individuals to ALA.  Allocation of funds need to include enough funding to cover a balance of conferences and timeline. Money from grant comes through state and they want to make sure that appropriate portion is allocated to AKLA.

Discussion regarding non-certified or paraprofessionals professional development funding.  Also promotion of webinars  and online training.

PNLA – in Anchorage this year.  PNLA vs ASTE.  (2013 budget to include PNLA: reallocate funding).

Discussion over travel grants and how to deal with disbursement and rubric to chose awardees.

Grants to cover AKLA – up to 1,000 – with intention to spend $15,000.  Possible 2 grants of up to 1,400 for ALA.  Revisit balance after AKLA.  (Application needs to reflect approximate encumbered amount.)

Deborah suggested deadline for application and set a specific amount for in-state and out-of-state travel/conference and non-travel training.

Can grant money cover substitute payment?  Decision would be to say no to covering substitute.

Representatives: Full reports on Wiki page

Region 1 (Northern)

Region 2 (South Central)

Region 3 (Anchorage)

Region 4 (South East)

Tasked the representatives with documentation of attempts to connect and commitment to come to November meeting with ideas to connect with region librarians and increase membership.  Puffin is also advocacy.  Region Reps might email / call principals or HR for districts to get contact info


FaceBook – could be the place to offer rural schools support


Old Business:

  1. SLOY Award criteria:  from the May minutes this policy still needs a vote. Did not have a quorum in September, so needs action today.

Suggested SLOY Criteria (also posted on wiki)

The Alaska Association of School Librarians gives the annual School Librarian of the Year (SLOY) award to an Alaska school librarian who:

  • operates a library program that strives toward the goals set forth in Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs and Standards for the 21st-Century Learner.
  • promotes the development of independent lifetime readers and learners.
  • is a certified librarian currently working in a school library position.
  • is an integral part of the school educational team who exemplifies leadership and achievement.
  • promotes professional development by sharing expertise with colleagues at both local and state level.
  • demonstrates professionalism by being a member of AkASL and other professional organizations.

The AkASL Awards Chair will complete the following in association with the SLOY Award:

  • The one applicant who best meets and exceeds the criteria above will receive the SLOY award and a monetary gift.
  • Nominees meeting the SLOY criteria will receive a School Librarian Merit Certificate from the Association.
  • Nominators will receive a letter of appreciation for their submission and be informed of the outcome.

Motion to approve the revision for the SLOY award made by Ann, seconded by Laurie Madsen.  So moved.

2.Web master position vacancy – posted on AKLA list serve, –Robin

New Business

Action Items:

  1. AkASL Legislative Priorities posted on AkASL website
  1. AKLA Legislative Priorities — DRAFT to compare to our version.

Discussion ensued and GOALS as submitted to AKLA 2010-2011 were re-visited and revised for submission to AKLA 2011-2012

We can have different goals on the AkASL website, but we need to provide wording for AKLA to adopt.  I, Robin, have concerns about the wording, or order of wording in the first goal.  We need to be sure the legislators don't get the impression that the collection dev grant requires a certified librarian.

Ann moved to accept the Legislative Priorities as amended and with AkASL replacing AkLA in the wording – Wendy L seconded.  Motion approved.

This is what I have for our Legislative Goals I want to be sure this is what everyone wants so I’m putting in the minutes in italics.  Robin

Alaska School Library Association Legislative Goal 2011-2012

AkASL supports full funding for the Public School Library Collection Development Grants.

·         AkASL urges full funding ($3,000 per school) of the Public School Library Collection Development Grants (AS 14.56.360-.375) as an appropriation to the operating budget of the Alaska State Library.

·         Since school library budgets vary widely between and within school districts, funding the Collection Development Grants will provide needed support to School Libraries throughout the state.  This funding will ensure that all students have access to quality up-to-date and varied print and electronic materials for their school curriculum.

AkASL also believes that every student in the state, or district, in the case of rural areas, needs and deserves the services of a certified school librarian.

·         Certified school librarians are educators who are trained to provide staff, students, and parents with services and programs to meet state standards for students' competency in information literacy.  Through acquisition and maintenance of library collections that support school curricula, certified school librarians offer instruction in the use of those collections to find, evaluate, manage, and utilize information effectively, efficiently, and responsibly.

AkASL supports full funding for the programs and services of the Alaska State Library. AkASL also supports the critical capital need for budget appropriations to fund the building of a new Alaska State Libraries, Archives and Museum facility.

·         The Alaska State Library’s leadership role enables the staff of libraries, large and small, urban and rural, to provide better library service to all Alaska residents.

·         The programs and services of the Alaska State Library make library service possible across Alaska in places where it would not otherwise exist.

·         The Alaska State Library coordinates cooperative projects among Alaska's libraries and provides important services, which benefit libraries and their constituents statewide. These include: interlibrary loan; Alaska state publications depository program; Alaska Historical Collections; Talking Book services to the blind and disabled; information on State government; staff training and support for libraries of all sizes; management of the state public library assistance grant program; and management of the federal Library Services and Technology (LSTA) grant program.

AkASL supports appropriating funds to the Library Construction and Major Expansion Matching Grant Program.

·         Funding for this program (AS 14.56.355-56) through the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development will allow Alaska’s municipalities to build and renovate their libraries with a 50/50 (local/state) match.

·         Through this program the State of Alaska will partner with local communities as it does with its school building program to recognize the major long-term investment in lifelong learning that a public library represents for its citizens.

·         Many local libraries open their doors to Alaskan citizens outside of their jurisdiction and all share their resources with every Alaskan, so targeted state support of this program is highly appropriate.

AkASL supports the role of libraries in a democracy to provide open access to information for all Alaskans, including improved access to broadband services in libraries across the state.

·         Access to information is an essential element of good government. Our ability to govern ourselves depends on having access to information about all aspects of the issues that face us.

·         The library serves as one of the primary sources of information for the entire community, regardless of a person's interests, background, age or economic status. Alaska’s libraries must be able to provide unfettered access to material from which individuals may select the information and viewpoints they find appropriate for themselves and their families.

·         Libraries must also be able to provide this access in a setting that protects the privacy of the users (guaranteed in the Alaska Constitution) and the confidentiality of the library resources they select (mandated by state statute), because “when users recognize or fear” that these rights have been compromised, “true freedom of inquiry no longer exists.”

·         Alaska has traditionally funded improved means of communication throughout the state, so providing broadband access to its residents is critical, especially in rural and remote areas and at a time when many government, education, and commercial services increasingly require interactive access to the web.

Robin issued a challenge to begin action plan for this.  Need to back up the priorities with a plan.  Letters and requests need to go to Governor to put this in budget.  Should be less scripted and more personal.  People need to tell their story.  (Past practice – “here’s the POM and the wording”.)  Instead – advocate that people are telling their own stories.  What do we do – sending in all together (like a form – “if my school had $3000 what could we do” or if we had this money – what could the librarian do?)  Or, having them send on their own.

(Ann mentioned “Cap Wiz” – it’s a POM style of mass communication with legislatures.  Ann would be willing to work with someone to put a working document on the website so patrons could do this more easily)

Nicole – advocacy – shouldn’t forget about NEA – Alaska.  Connect with them about advocacy.  Nicole volunteered to connect with someone.

  1. School Board Conference –
  1. ¼ page ad approved at the September meeting
  2. The theme of this year's conference is “The New 3 Rs – Relevance, Relationships, Results.”
  3. This year’s conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage, November 3-6, 2011.  The Snapshot Session will take place on Friday, November 4th from 1:30pm-3:15pm.  Each Snapshot Session speaker presents FOUR times during the program. Typically, presenters prepare for a 15-20 minute informational presentation, and then open for questions. Participants will have an opportunity to visit with three of the more than 20 speakers during the Session. Participants always appreciate handouts.
  4. Need commitment from members to present at the Snapshot session.

Motion by Laura Madsen and seconded by Ann to help pay for substitutes to attend session.  Wendy volunteered to head this.

  1. Post Office box for association:  Proposal to open a PO box at the station next to the state library.  Easy access, and there will always be someone from Anchorage on the eboard.  (Approved)
  1. Pay for substitute for Robin, as President, to attend two-day statewide meeting in Anchorage on electronic resources.  This payment would reimburse the school for cost of a substitute.  (Motion to approve by Debi.   Seconded by Kerri.  Approved.)
  1. Principal’s conference – move to Face to Face (should be on April or May agenda in order to discuss 2012)
  1. Sunday, October 16 – Tuesday, October 18, 2011
  2. keynote is Carol McCloud.
  3. Their agenda is set.

Discussion of future involvement in this conference.  Hard to connect with the organization regarding involvement.

  1. AKLA Conference
  1. Sessions have been requested for eboard meeting and general session.  AkASL provides airfare to AKLA for board members.
  2. Ann put in a session called AASL Montage – She will need people who attended the AASL Conference to present with her
  3. pre-conference full day workshop has been requested- don’t know about presenter yet.
  1. Republishing updated Brochure of what AKASL will do?  Put on Nov agenda. Other publications also need to be revisited.  “What AkASL will do for you” is at top of priority.
  1. Elections – President Elect, 4 Region Reps, Secretary, Treasurer and do we have anyone lined up for President Elect?

Approval needed for limited subscription for Survey Monkey for elections.  Motion for approval by Laurie Madsen. Seconded by Nicole.  Motion passed.

    Ann has been contacting a number of members in order to get leadership.
Deborah Rinio has volunteered for the position of President Elect.
Webmaster – advertisement?  Ann is considering.

Region Reps need to commit to re-election and connect with region members to get other volunteers.

  1. Please check your contact info on the website http://www.akasl.org/?page_id=33 is correct.
  1. I have sent out reminders of the things you need to be prepared with at the Oct F2F (Ann).
  1. Professional Development Grant Rubric, Timelines, and Requirements. (Deborah).
  1. Adjourn:  3:30pm
  2. Next meeting –

       Local Access Number:            907-644-4119

Toll Free Access Number:        800-770-6845

        Start Time:                               4:00PM
End Time:                                 5:30PM
Date:                11/08/2011
PIN:                  8486

Date:              12/13/2011
PIN:                4729

Date:               01/10/2012
PIN:                  7908

Date:              04/10/2012
PIN:                5853

Date:               05/08/2012
PIN:                    1766

*Phone lines:

  1. Anchorage:
  2. Anchorage:
  3. Anchorage:
  4. Anchorage:
  5. Mat-Su:
  6. Mat-Su:
  7. Fairbanks:
  8. Sitka:
  9. Kodiak
  10. Extra/Guest
  11. extra
  12. extra

Anchorage: Ann, Jacque, Kerri, Nicole, Wendy L, Debi Tice, Deb Mulchahy

Mat Su: Robin, Shelly, Wendy Stout

Fairbanks: Deborah Rinio

Sitka: Erika, Kari

Kodiak: Laurie


Alaska Association of School Librarians

Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2011


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at at 4:07 with less than a quorum present.


Present:  Debi Tice, Erika Drain, Kari Sagel, Nicole Roohi, Robin Turk, Alta Collins, Jacque Peterson, Laurie Madsen, Wendy Leseman


Approval of Minutes

We need approval of the minutes from May 10, 2011. We did not have a quorum to approve the minutes.

Old Business:

The web master position is still vacant. People are getting on the site and updating their own pages. Nicole Roohi started a Facebook page over the summer and the Facebook friends list is growing.

SLOY Award criteria:  This policy still needs a vote. The discussion was tabled as we did not have a quorum when the meeting began.

The Alaska Association of School Librarians gives the annual School Librarian of the Year (SLOY) award to an Alaska school librarian who:

  • operates a library program that strives toward the goals set forth in Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs and Standards for the 21st-Century Learner.
  • promotes the development of independent lifetime readers and learners.
  • is a certified librarian currently working in a school library position.
  • is an integral part of the school educational team who exemplifies leadership and achievement.
  • promotes professional development by sharing expertise with colleagues at both local and state level.
  • demonstrates professionalism by being a member of AkASL and other professional    organizations.


The AkASL Awards Chair will complete the following in association with the SLOY Award:

  • Nominees meeting the SLOY criteria will receive a School Librarian Merit Award certificate from the Association.
  • Persons nominating librarians who receive a Merit Award will receive a letter of appreciation for their nomination.
  • Persons nominating librarians who do not meet the SLOY criteria described above will receive a letter detailing the reasons the librarian did not qualify.
  • Reports:


Robin reported that she attended a meeting at the State Library regarding e-resources including librarians from schools, academic, public and special libraries. There will be a change to the digital pipeline – Facts on File will not be renewed due to cost and low usage. Ann, Katie and Robin will work to create a way to evaluate new school related resources. Working groups will be created for ebooks, digital resources, and a class on the Digital Pipeline resources modeled on the Raven About Web 2.0.

Alta looked at NEA online and thought it would be a good format for our new Puffin. The front page has teasers and links to the full articles. Alta will get out deadlines for Puffin articles.

Battle of the Books

The website is up to date and the questions are coming along. Erika reported that we are waiting on registrations. We have signed up for our two sessions at conference.

Professional Development Grants

Deborah Rinio from Fairbanks has agreed to take over professional development grants. She has updated forms and been busy looking over applications – seven so far for AASL. We have not reached the limit yet as we have set aside twenty for AASL. Representatives should continue to promote attendance at AASL since the grant money is available. We had a problem last year with underspending the grant and we had to scramble to spend the money. Changes in the professional development grants emphasize sending members to the conferences they need to attend.

Region 1 (Northern)

Laurie reported that members are interested in applying for grants. Please let Laurie know about people in new positions.

Region 2 (South Central)

Robin Turk reported that each Matsu elementary had to lose a specialist and it was left to principals to decide which positions to cut. Wendy Stout at Larson is now half time library and half time music. Cuts in library positions are affecting library services.

Region 3 (Anchorage)

Anchorage is going to try to have a library snapshot day somewhere in the week of October 17. The librarians are working to promote their services as Anchorage is facing cuts next year.

Region 4 (Southeast)

Deb Tice is moving to Anchorage. We will need to recruit a new representative for southeast. Some suggestions were offered.

New Business

Action Items:

AkASL Legislative Priorities and eBoard Goals – Robin suggested that we address these during Face-to-Face.

School Board Conference

Robin reported that each year we have been presenting at the shotgun session at the School Board Conference. Robin reported that each shotgun session speaker presents FOUR times during the program. Typically, presenters prepare for a 15-20 minute informational presentation, and then open for questions. Participants will have an opportunity to visit with three of the more than twenty speakers during the Session. Robin suggested that we advertise and demo the new database trials. Anchorage and South Central reps are responsible for the School Board Conference. We will talk more at Face-to-Face. Robin suggested that this year we place an ad in their program. It would cost $125 for a business card size ad or $200 for a quarter size ad. Erika suggested we ask Pat if she would be willing to do the layout. Erika moved that Pat design a quarter page ad for the School Board Conference. Debi Tice seconded. The vote will be held and conducted through email. Motion passed when Wendy came on line. Robin will call Pat. (We had a quorum by this point.)

Substitute Pay

Robin moved the discussion to pay for a substitute for her to attend a two-day statewide meeting in Anchorage on electronic resources to Face-to-Face. This payment would reimburse the school for cost of a substitute.

Principal’s Conference

A discussion of the Principal’s Conference was moved to Face-to-Face.

Legislative Goals

Robin read our two legislative goals from last year and suggested we reinvigorate a goal addressing the School Library Collection Development Grant. A discussion followed concerning the School Library Collection Development Grant. Erika moved that we accept the three existing goals  and suggested we create an action plan at Face-to-Face. A discussion about rewording goal number three took place. The following wording was suggested: “To promote the recruitment and retention of highly qualified school librarians, AkASL supports legislation that restores a defined benefit retirement plan for educators.” is the suggested rewording of the first goal. The vote on the goals will take place via email.

FYI: AkASL will pay for airfare and a room for Face-to-Face.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:07.