Minutes 2012-2013

Minutes  October 9, 2012


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:02 pm

Present:  Janet, Deborah, Laura, Nicole, Robin, Wendy, Sheryl, Alta, Deb, Valarie, Marlena, Staci, Lisa

Additions to the Agenda/Approval:

Approval of Minutes from September: Sheryl motioned,Robin seconded

Correspondence: none




Report from AKLA face to face

  • Have someone on the conference committee
  • Valdez conference: Libraries the Original Discovery Channel, will send bus,
  • Invite representative from AKLA to our meetings
  • Use AKLA Listserve more often to get help and send info

Discussion on type of involvement on committee.

Propose our priorities for scheduling to meet school librarian needs.

Robin will initiate suggestion list this week.  Needs of paraprofessionals from rural areas.

Round robins as a way to share best ideas.

Deborah is interested in being the liasion on the AKLA conference committee depending on the time commitment needed.

Past President

We need a place to document what is getting done. Nicole shared a drop box awards folder with region reps. Timelines are on the e-board wiki.

President Elect

certification of election: 28 out of 30 for Wendy

Robin motions to certify election, Deb seconds.


  • Report
  • Bowker Invoice $536–books in print with reviews on the web 2/1/13 to 1/31/14
  • Owe $8400 to AKLA for 2010 and 2011 for scholarship and lobbying fees
  • Jacque needs $2000 for Book Bonanza
  • update on annual budget and past taxes

Current bank balances:

Clarification on what is our’s to spend: $11,000 is not ours, the rest is ours to spend.

Treasurer needs to review each grant.

Can we cover what we’ve committed to in our grants and taxes? We should be okay.

           Book Bonanza: Robin moves to appropriate $2000 for Book Bonanza, Wendy seconds

Invoice for Bowker Books in Print with reviews on the web $ 500. Discussion tabled as it does not expire until February.


  • Membership year July or October?  Update manual
  • New service Avectra $30 month 2.5% of each registration

Can now do membership on Avectra NetForum. Region Reps let people know this can be used. Deb will send a short set of directions on how to register. Needs to work with Mary J to catch up with all members. Everyone will get a receipt after paying membership. Functionality outweighs cost increase. Fee may be skimmed off of each transaction. Treasurer needs to know how monthly fee is paid. Deb will find out from Mary J.


  • We’re getting some great articles from individual libraries. The pictures are great as well. Nice Advocacy!
  • Are we looking for more than articles from individual libraries? Should we present a more general area overview for historical purposes? What is happening in each area, what’s new and exciting?

Are we using Puffin to maintain long term history of organization? Need to refine our purpose as the Puffin is different from FaceBook. Discussion on how to organize and

where to place in the Puffin. Alta: not getting the content in terms of regional reports.

Reporting is in the job description for regional reps. Need to return to getting the regional reports into the Puffin. Valarie has shared two articles about organizational blogging on the list serv. Sharing different purposes of online formats.


  • Home Page Content.  The photo slider is now live – we need folks to send pictures!  We also need some consistent, permanent text about our association or the web site on the home page.  It currently reads:  “Thank you for visiting the web site of the Alaska Association of School Librarians.  We strive to keep Alaska’s school library communities connected and informed about local library events, trends, and legislation.”  Any opinions or input on this?

We need some static content for the front page. Text that is consistent and brief.

Discussion on wording and message of text.

Battle of the Books

Erika and Shelly are not present so this is tabled.


  • Region 1 (Northern)

LIsa in Pt. Hope training school and community library aides.

OWL projects benefiting school libraries.

  • Region 3 (Anchorage)

Emails sent out to encourage people to join.
Mentioned certification issues brought up at F2F meeting in September.

Sent out emails but not much response. Some people have been doing websites

Old Business:

LIsa motions to approve, Wendy seconds. Motion passed.

  • conference sessions due November 1, do we want a social gathering?
  • Policy manual (tabled)
  • report back on certificates (tabled)
  • mentorship( tabled)
  • Alaskana Award (tabled)
  • SLCD Grant strategizing

  • update on SLCD law: Contact mayors and city council members, authors, parents for support on CDG.  AEA willing to work with us at delegate assembly.  Also newspapers.  Meeting with Mia Costello.  AASB will pass resolution
  • Strategy for getting funding

Alta motions, Marlena seconds. Adjourn. @ 5:30pm


Face to Face Meeting September 15, 2012

Meeting started at 9:04

Present:  Alta Collins, Laura Guest, Robin Turk, Nicole Roohy,  Erika Drain, Wendy Stout

Introductions started by Nicole.  Something about ourselves and best book in last year

Nicole—Raven’s Boy (comes out on Tuesday)


Robin Turk—Onclave

Laura Guest—Unholy (sequel to Unwind)

Jackie Peterson—The Fantastic Eyes of Peter Nimble

Valerie Kingsland—Michael Stevens The Hyperlinked (?) Library

Wendy Stout—Game of Thrones

Deb Mucahay—My Name is Not Easy

Marlena Henrie—Where the Red Fern Grows

Deborah Rinio—Revolver

Sheryl Wittig—Omnivorous Dilemma

Lisa Sobiniak–  Alambama Moon



Lots of new people on the board and you might feel lost, please ask questions!

Additions to the agenda?  Robin brought up October being officially “Information Literacy Month” Its’ on the agenda already.

Approval of the agenda– Sheryl called it, Erika seconded  approved by all

Approval of the minutes—Robin moved to approve minutes, Deb Seconded it, all approved.,


Correspondence—some grant work, will discuss later in meeting.


Nicole brought up ALA we need to sit in on the Affiliate Assembly, if we send someone

Nicole reported back on AASL promotes national school library program of the year.  They are asking for applications and they are due on Jan 3, 2013.  No one from northwest region has won, so they really want us to apply.  Action discussed, put in Puffin, have region reps send out with map of winners showing the dearth of winners in the northeast. We need to get Katie Conover/Clark to apply and others from the Anchorage and/or rural libraries to apply as well.  Lisa will look at the application as well.

Banned website awareness day:  AASL new program.  Want to bring awareness to the fact that school

districts block websites.  Asked us to sign a memorandum of understanding so that we become partners.  Nicole thinks we need to sign the memorandum, even though it’s a bit late.  North Star just banned Wikipedia.  Erika brought Delta/Greely, blocked, and dropped stuff.  Robin brought up Mat-Su.  Burnley was the change for our going liberal.  Nicole called for a motion to sign, Wendy moved, Sheryl seconded, all approved.

October is Information Literacy Month, signed by Gov. Sean Parnell on 9/11/12.  Needs to be sent out by region reps and shared.  It’s a national month already.  We have signed on as a promotional partner here in Alaska.

Administrator of the year award (from the Affiliate meeting) AASL send out a survey on who gives out awards to administrator of the year to gather information.  AASL felt that the pat on the back was good, but perhaps not as strong as ‘administrator of the year’.  Deb really likes the ‘pat on the back’ because it spreads the wealth.  Robin brought up the low number of administrators in our state compared to other states.  Do we have to do it every year?  Deb suggests that award chair/committee could create a criteria list to meet this need.  Could we combine these?  Lisa related doing something similar in CO, admin given award at a state dinner or similar.  Marlena suggests we make the pat on the back as a preliminary ‘event’ and then choose from that list of people.  Nicole would like to have more material to consider administrators for admin of the year.  Robin would like to see what Lisa used in CO.  Laura would like to keep it as when someone meets the criteria, not someone has to win it every year.

AASL would like to have a list of exemplary librarians on hand for various reasons.  Nicole would like to work on compiling a list with contact information.  People to talk to about this:  Ann Morgester, Wendy Stout, Lisa Sobieniak, Karla Barkman.  These ladies serve either as district librarian or serve multiple libraries.  Jackie will compile a list of people that are exemplary

We are region 8 in AASL and our region rep wants to come up to visit.  Nicole will invite to Valdez.  If anyone is going to ALA midwinter or summer, you should rep us at the affiliate meeting.  Robin relayed that mid-winter ALA is mostly meetings, not really conference.  If we give travel grant, we should require affiliate attendance.

ERMA-Nicole went.  She felt that most of it was above her head, as we don’t deal with most of it.  We should send someone every year.  They do pay for travel and subs if you need one.  It’s technology, digital rights management.  Robin really enjoyed it when she’s gone.  Nicole has handouts if we want them.  BrainPop and Teen Health are the best that Nicole brought back.  Mango languages, online language tutor.  Promote our databases!  Why is this meeting happening?  Sharing databases, information exchange, evaluating and trying new databases, etc. Deborah R.  brought up CSpan website, lots of cool things, lessons and educational materials  www.cspanclassroom.org  www.cspanvideo.org

Next weekend is AkLA face to face.  Nicole would like to know what she should bring to them.  Laura would like to see more school librarian sections in Valdez.  Short discussions on how the process works for our sections.  Several people said that they went to conference only for face to face.  We really need to know more about presenters/sections and topics so that we can advertise which sections would be good for school librarians or be involved in the process more.  Nicole says the AkLA board asks her all the time for people to run or be involved in the board.  We are too busy teaching now to really serve well in any capacity on a board typically.  Robin says we need to work together more.   Alta suggests that we be more active in AkLA.  Marlena went to the latest AkLA meeting.  Talked about fusing school librarians in with them somehow, one big board, or something to really start including us.  They are going to host an open house on 10/10 at 6:30 and they would like school librarians to attend.
Quick Break  back at 10:21

Past President Report

School Library Grant and elections.  The links are letter and timeline.  If you look at the timeline, started in 2002.  Dream of Sue Sherif, wanted to give grants to school libraries as well as public libraries.  Spent two years working on it.  Was approved and has 3,000.00 for libraries that had a space and a warm body.  Problem…not funded by legislature.  Placed in state library budget, every year, and it’s red lined by the governor.  We’ve advocated in many different ways, but to no avail.  AkLA is willing to make it an priority.  We’ve talked to NEA and other associations take up the cause.  We need to start earlier to get on the other associations legislative priority list.  Robin has been working with Dan ?? from Unalaska.  He is director of public library there and on school board.  Wrote a resolution and presented it to his school board and Robin  has presented to MSBSD school board.  Has anyone else presented it to their school board?  The more school board members that go with our proposal to their meetings, the better.  This includes construction money for public libraries.  The legislators are happy to support construction money, as it’s one time money.  Several reasons why the school library moneys are not getting out:  it’s annual, they don’t know about that part of the funding law, and they are confused.  Robin will send out the resolution that she and Dan worked on.  Please take it to your school board to share with them.  They will bring it up at their association meetings and make it a priority for them to advocate for this to be funded.  Jackie feels that this governor will not put it in his budget, so we need to go through the legislature to fund it.  Nicole says we need to identify legislators to approach.  Lynn McNamara says she would like to work on this again and Robin would like to help.  Nicole talked to Andy, he gave her three names to talk to.  Sheryl brought up the legislators giving small grants of left over moneys that typically go to school libraries, which is not always used correctly and not all schools got it.  Robin will talk to her principal, who is president of their board.  Nicole thinks there is a lot of work to be done:  a personal connection, not letter writing, is something she thinks we need to do.  Robin will get her and Dan’s resolution on google.docs to share.    Keep all negative wording out of.  Alaskaemptyshelves.com is a great website for advocacy:  sample documents, fliers, personal message suggestions, etc.  It’s on the AkASL website under advocacy—collection development grant.  Erika updated them last year.  We should review again, just in case.  Will revisit at our breakout sessions.

President elect:  update on election.  Region reps will send out the link to last year’s (2011-2012) members so they can vote, including a plea to renew membership


We need to update policy to include pay taxes as part of treasurer duties.  Laura is going to have to redo all the books from last year.

Monthly report:  balance, battle of the books, outstanding expenses, leadership academy, incoming moneys, professional development grants, balance is currently $56,1??.56 (bank balance)

See budget handout from Laura proposed 2012-2013  balances do not include balance in bank due to bookkeeping issues she needs to correct.

Grant amounts were awarded less than we anticipated

We did not get the GCI grant for 5,000.00 in phone conferencing for state battle

Follet gave 800.00 last year, but put back at 500.00 as previous years

Leadership academy—got the grant, started spending

Spirit of reading 10,055 dollars

Membership hoping at 100 members 25. Each

Battle district reg. hoping for 25,000

Not sure of matching parts, what do we want to spend (Erika mentioned the information is in the grant)

Budget is not complete, waiting for quick-books to be up and running and then budget will be done quickly.  Laura has a phone conference with a CPA to learn how to set up grant/quick-book formulas/functions, instead of using the process we use now.

We are not sure of some costs and negatives:  less money from state, cost of tax correction, CPA charges,

Taxes for 2010 are done, 2011 are nearly done.  CPA is working to eliminate or reduce daily fees for being late.

We need to be frugal until we know what our costs will be to settle the tax bill.

Nicole asks if we want to table budget voting until next meeting.  Alta asked about lobbyist bill.

Laura wants to research travel prices and cap face to face travel expenses.

11:00 breaking with Lisa to call Linda T.

Latest in the state library for school libraries

Pat Jackie on the back for school library leadership academy.  It was an excellent week!  School library collection development grant—isn’t any funding in governor’s budget, she’s fairly sure.  We have great traction in getting legislation passed, she hopes we can find some champions for that.  Have talked to commissioner Of ED about it, hopes that we can do some mini grants for some libraries, not a clear idea of how the libraries would be chosen, do we have thoughts about that?  Alaska school standards roll out.  The department is in process of rolling them out and they are working to get all areas having standards.  On the docket is information literacy standards, would need a lot of input from AkASL regarding common core and the standards from AASL, consider some statements about digital literacy. OWL project has a lot of content offerings that would be beneficial for communities that are small and lack public library services.  Author visits good example.  Robin talked about the SLCD grant, reviewed progress thus far, we plan to try to get with larger associations at the state level and work with them on going the direct appropriation route.  At the AkLA face to face last September decided we need to get moving on it, or just forget it.  Decided to make a huge push this year and get it done.  Likes idea of mini grant pilot project, clarified mini grant proposal as a means to show what it does to future legislatures.  Where would that money come from?  Unsure…possibly from leftovers from state library.  Thanks for your work on the state standards work and your representation in that group.  Will be the point person of contact when they start working on info Lit standards, thinks they might start working early 2013 on those standards.  Schools should start getting involved with OWL.

Back to treasurer, Nicole added all stuff funded by grants, we need to acknowledge the state library and the state.  Battle of the Books, professional development, etc.  it would be nice to put logos on all forms, websites, etc.  Collecting data is starting to be very important, but 2016 it will be very required!

Membership  Deb. M  online registration is not up and running and Deb thinks that their membership ‘year’ is different than ours (October to October), we should think about changing it from July to July to similar to AkLA.  Erika asked if it’s in our constitution or bylaws?  Would a date change effect voting, travel grants, etc.  Technically, we are out of compliance for voting today, as we only have 5 paid members.   Robin is looked in constitution, there is nothing about membership term.  She doesn’t see anything regulating it in the bylaws or constitution or policy.

Capstone rewards, we are now getting 5,000 points from capstone, which is worth 50.00 dollars.  If you join AASL, you’ll get 10,000 points.  Have to become a rewards member to get the points  Deb will send out directions.  Laura mentioned that if you watch the webinars you get more points.  Invite Bob to your library!  Region reps should send out information on capstone.  We signed a contact to exclusively do rewards with Capstone.

Membership incentives:  last year 75.00 book gift card incentives to join.  AkLA wants online registration because of ease of database share for directory.  Deb likes having more than one person getting the incentive prize.  Discussion robin Moves two 75.00 certs, Deb seconded, all approved.  Deb will choose date, related to Mary getting reg online up and running, a month after was discussed.  Paper registrations will count as well.

Nicole brought up membership year again, Deb R.  moved to change year start to 10/1 to 9/31 Laura amended that we allow a 14 month term if people join late. Robin seconded, all approved.

We need to amend documents (past president) to reflect these changes.  Robin will write it up and we’ll revote in October.

Laura brought up the lack of written policy about what she can write checks for.  Erika mentions that we can get reimbursed up to 100.00 for face to face.  Please also put in treasurer has to pay taxes yearly.    Where is the policy several people asked?  Under about/constitution and policy manual.  All job descriptions can be found under about.

Puffin:  Alta asked about a link to the wiki and we discussed board/general membership/general public access.  Robin will work on it.

Puffin access—from front page.  Thanks to Stacey and Mike’s wife!  Alta read her job description last night and will add more.  Stacey added feeds from the newsletter and the Facebook pages.   Robin suggests the wordpress class.  The puffin needs to reflect our history, our present and other events in the state.  Anybody CAN have rights to the Puffin to contribute… we are desperate for pictures and images for the website and the Puffin.  We have a Flickr account to submit pictures, easier to collect pictures for webmasters and Puffin.  Issues with publishing permission discussion, different districts have different policies.  Valarie asked about timeline, as often as possible, used to be published three times a year.  Robin suggested once a quarter would be really good.

Reconvened at 12:27

State library report.  Jackie talked about OWL and broadband grant upgrades.  Starting in libraries that are interested, generally been on the road system, but not limited to that.  Visit the OWL webpage!  Upcoming event at the Captain Cook.  Cost of upgrades are very expensive and the state library is concerned about the continuing of the funding.  The state needs to understand the need of the population to connect to online resources vs. dialup speeds.  OWL has video conference capabilities, great for author visits, book reading from state officials, remote training, etc.  How can the schools use this to generate interest and use the resources to support the need for this program to continue to be funded.  UAF is coordinating the video conferencing.  Robin wants to know how to connect to system.  Jackie says to go to the website for more details.  Shane Southwick is project manager for OWL.   Access should be a basic utility (broadband)

Aniktuvik pass trip:  four state librarians are going to re-do a library that wants to use the bookstore(?) model, Linda T has a plan!

Stacey Cox will be here later, moving to battle of the books

Battle of the books  received less money, shouldn’t be a problem as they didn’t spend all their money last year and some of the state chairpeople are only coming down for the day, so no hotel bills.

GCI costs are already in the budget for 6,000.00.  Next week Erika will send out a reminder to register for battle of the books.  Forms are still being faxed to Keri, even though the PO
box is on the form.

Grants coordinator report

Collecting data!  She has revised the grant application and created a google.doc.  Link on agenda to new form.  Form is very interactive and gathers information to easily report back about grant funds.  Alta suggested that on the form, it should alert the travel grantee of the audience of their responses in part 2.  Any information on forms will translate easily into spreadsheets for reporting and Puffin blog.     Can we put a PDF version of requirements on the travel grant webpage for ease of meeting requirements.   New application is not posted yet.  Discussion needs to happen on amounts.  Are we going to do ‘first come first served’ or limit number per conference?   Deb R. is evaluating applicants on rubric and needs pools of people that have applied, first come first served won’t meet that need.  We should have a deadline.  Need to advertise more.   We should set a number of recipients for AkLA and other in state and national conferences.  Would deadlines 90 days before and announcements 10 days later okay?  1,000.00 for in-state and out of state conferences.  3 national and 10 in-state grants.  4 online trainings 250.00, total 1,000.00.  100 day deadline for applications before events.

Battle of the books return—Larry at Follett has retired.  He’s been getting the books donated to us for conference.  Shelly bought him a thank you gift to the cost of 105.01.,  We need to vote Erika moved that we reimburse Shelly for the gift and Wendy seconded it , all approved.

Reimbursements—if you traveled here, plane tickets +  up to 100.00 for expenses or mileage

We should communicate rooms available in members’ homes in Anchorage

Stacey Cox—Webmaster for AkASL  Thanked board for WordPress class and Mike Robbins.  Enjoyed learning and feels not as skilled as she thinks she should be…we are all in awe!

Would like to add a ‘slider’ for photos and some text about the organization, either static or upcoming events, etc.  Would like to purchase a 19.00 program/app(nevo slider).  Wendy moves to purchase application, Nicole seconded it, all approved.

Robin suggested a web account so we can purchase these things without meetings and voting, etc.  Web domain, flickr accounts, apps, etc.

We should try to keep all accounts associated with AkASL, not our personal names.  We need to have one way to pay for things, such as an organization credit card attached to the checking account.  Laura is trying to check into the debit card.

Website questions:  If I need to change something in our area on the website…Stacey said you’ll need to reset password, she’ll get it to you.  Deb R and Robin needs that information.  Nicole asked that everyone that has access gets the login credentials so they can update their own parts of the website.    Valarie would like to have more of a personal touch or a way to see who is posting, adding things, or that things have changed or updated.  Do we want to add pictures and a paragraph bio of people in the e-board? Or some sort of link to the author/owner of page, submission, etc.  If we do that, we’ll need to send photos and pages owned to Stacey.  Nicole asks that we all do this, send to Stacey.  Stacey will remind us via e-mail.


Region 1  Lisa is not in attendance at this time

Region 2  Valarie updated contact list via google.doc  Nichole asked for it to be linked to google.doc.  Sent out intro e-mail and exciting stuff around the nation, and asked people to join.  Staff varies between certified librarians, paraprofessionals, secretaries.   Karla is new district librarian in Kenai.  KBSD has not lost positions  to her knowledge.  Mat-Su—12 schools served by Wendy Stout, district librarian, 2 schools doing guys read.  MSBSD has new HS library coming on line.

Region 3—Marlena  New superintendent.  Lots of changes, new evaluations, principals have to visit all classrooms 10 minutes a week.  New common core standards, lots of alignment.  Has library advocacy group, 5 people volunteered to work on standards (k-6, higher grades later), they aligned library standards and common core standards.   Laura had the retile man at her school.  Invited the PR person for SD, included common core standards covered in the library, was happy that they showed up to film event.  ASD did lose one position, moved to elementary.  Superintendent says no more positions eliminated

Region 4—Sheryl  Two libraries are under construction.  Biggest concerns, positions being cut.


Alaskana award—tabled until next meeting.  No movement really until December

Jo Morse scholarship—3,000.00 for now.  Some confusion on total amount

Award Chair duties—2 years ago, we had one, got rid of it and gave duties to president elect..  Nicole thinks it’s a huge amount of work and it all happens at once.  Discussed between Robin and Nicole about splitting award chair duties among region reps and have president elect coordinate with region reps.   Create application award, receive applications, choose committee to select winners, create awards and present.  President elect could be involved in elections for the upcoming years.  President needs to work with the AkLA committee for conference to get our speakers for considerations.   Erika feels that it’s too general (Robin says there’s a plan coming)  Awards used to be a regional rep duty.  Then we had an actual position (not actual board members) then we created grants/awards positions.

Past president is still doing a lot of duties.  We should have past president continue to run meetings at conference instead of new president.

Awards chair duties—Nicole shared a long list of duties

Can we switch the awards chair duties to region reps and then move election duties to president elect.

Nicole is proposing region reps breaking out and discussing awards and we discuss again in November.  Should be very doable with four people.


Alaska School Board conference Nicole has signed up for a snapshot session in November (Firday, Nov. 2nd).  Two or three people with laptops and we can go over CDSL grant and brainpop, homework help and other data bases/things that we do.  Copies of library standards and the common core crosswalk documents would be great to have on hand.  A slide show?  Wendy Stout and Deb M. will be there.


Concerns:  EED changeover from Erika.  Teaching certificate/library cert type C.  Commissioner at time wrote letter saying that we could get a type T not C.  We need to check on this and poll our members to see what we are getting for certificates.  Valarie asked Erika to write a summary to share with members.  We need to check to see if it’s been written in so we continue to get endorsements instead of two certificates.  Kari Sagel is willing to work on that.  It used to be posted on website for members to send it in.    Robin suggests a form or survey link to send out.


New business:

ALA and AASL courses online can they be used for recertification?  Laura says the ASD union sent something out about that, Nicole will follow up on that.

Election of officers:

Region reps are four a year each, will need to reapply.  Do our reps want to continue next year?

Treasurer and sec are multiple years, since they just started, we are fine.

President elect:  someone from the board.. anyone want to run?  Deb Rinio volunteered to run for president elect.


Nicole proposes that we change our face to face at conference to be longer and at a better time and still make AkLA’s Sunday meeting.  Nicole will check on this.

Nicole got an e-mail from Katie Saunders if we can create a list serve for AkASL?  Group decided that we need to share information with Jackie, put in Puffin, share on Facebook, etc.

Creation of a mentoring program:  Deb Rinio brought this up.  How can we support people?  National groups have mentoring programs, have some online forum for connections, etc.  Do we want to form a committee to look into this.  Deb M. likes the concept, Deb Rinio shared links of programs in other states that work.  A group of people willing to be ‘on call’.  We did discuss something similar last year with region reps sending out tips, etc. to members, but nothing really happened with it.  Deb R—we need to decide to do this before planning or getting ideas about.  Sue’s School Library state manual is available online.  Jackie is a good contact for new people, but it’s pretty informal.  Nicole asks if the board is interested.  Could we identify librarians in larger districts to be contact persons?    Valarie shared her experience with her classes and mentoring program, it’s very structured, as ours should be, if we decide to do this.    We will discuss in small groups.

AkLA conference…we should really bring someone up for conference.  Any ideas?  Robin suggests a google.doc for suggestions


Legislative priorities—listed on our website under advocacy.  SLCD grant needs to be added to webpage, if that will continue to be a priority.  Jackie remembers there was a political reason for it not to be on there, as we were hoping to get into the governor’s budget.  AkLA has it in their legislative priorities.   Do we want to change them?  Do we have action items for each?  Direct appropriation of School Library Collection Development Grant and ??? Nicole is proposing three…


Small group discussions:  Awards, Mentoring, Collection Development Grants, AkLA Conference ideas



Collection development grant small group

Need to contact school boards, principals, personally contact legislators, Robin’s principal is president of association.  We need to target one or more legislators that would be willing to sponsor it and if they know if NEA and other boards are supporting the collection development grant it might be easier to get it funded.  Have information at the conference in November to hand out to school board members.  We need to look at Robin’s letter to see if we need to update or edit.  Should we make a trifold brochure with information?  Can we get it into every packet of attendees, not just those that come to the session?  Nicole will get info to me and check with conference to put in packets, robin will talk to principal to advocate at principal association.  Nicole will contact Clark-Greuning about which legislators to contact.  Nicole will ask Lynn McNamara to see if she wants to help with this.  Nicole will bring up at AkLA next week.


Awards group:  Split the work load.  Need to write down roles and include in policy manual.

Ideas for AkLA conference Erika created a google.doc to add to and sent out link.  Nicole will take to AkLA meeting next week.

Mentoring:  Group wants a new position on the board.  Work closely with the membership chair.  Change membership form to include mentorship application for program.  Erika reminded of cost to add board members.  Program would run Oct. to July. Match bush to bush urban to urban.  Nicole asked Deb R. to write it up, need to consider in a different agenda.  Valarie suggested that Deb R. contact Coral in AkLA for the new member Round Table for suggestions.  Robin suggested some workshop time to set this up or have time to research process.  Jackie suggested that we work with AkLA to perhaps just funnel school librarians through their new mentor program/round table.  Preconference session might be a good time to work on this.

Wendy moved that we adjourn, Nicole seconded, all approved.  Meeting adjourned at 4:12PM




Legislative priorities:  should contact about collection development grant in October, ties in nicely with the information literacy month in October.