Minutes 2016-2017

Meeting Summaries

Meeting summaries are highlights of each meeting. They contain all items that were voted on, as well as all Region reports, and other pertinent information. For full meeting notes, see below.

AkASL 2016 Sep Meeting Summary
AkASL 2016 Oct Meeting Summary
AkASL 2016 Dec: No Meeting Occurred
AkASL 2017 Jan Meeting Summary
AkASL 2017 May Meeting Summary

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes are the full notes from each AkASL Executive Board Meeting. They are posted after they are voted on and approved by the executive board at the following meeting.

AkASL 2016 Aug Meeting Notes
AkASL 2016 Sep Meeting Notes
AkASL 2016 Oct Meeting Notes
AkASL 2016 Nov Meeting Notes
AKASL 2016 Dec: No Meeting
AkASL 2017 Jan Meeting Notes
AkASL 2017 Feb Meeting Notes
AkASL 2017 Mar Meeting Notes
AkASL 2017 Apr Meeting Notes: Due to technical difficulties, there are no meeting notes for April
AkASL 2017 May Meeting Notes: May meeting notes will be posted after they are approved at the August meeting. Summary notes can be viewed above.