Pat on the Back Awards

Pat on the Back Award Criteria

The Alaska Association of School Librarians offers annual recognition to school administrators, individuals or organizations that support school library programs and contribute to the advancement of the school librarian as an agent for raising student achievement.

Eligibility:  Nominations may be made by school library personnel who are AkASL members.  The nominee must beneficially impact school libraries at some level (local, district or state) by demonstrating:

  • Leadership in advocating for library media staff, facilities, collection, equipment and staff development opportunities.
  • Support for library media services that provide learning opportunities and curriculum support for all students.
  • Promotion of library information programs.

Directions:  Nominations are now open for the 2017 Pat on the Back Awards.

To nominate someone please submit:

  • Name of nominee
  • Job title of nominee
  • District name and address for delivery of the certificate
  • A brief narrative that explains how the nominee has contributed to the advancement of the library program in your school or district.
  • Your name and contact email

Pat on the Back Online Nomination Form

Email questions to the AkASL Awards Committee (

2014 Awards

Individual Pat on the Back Awards

Darrell Bernsten, Principal, College Gate Elementary, Anchorage SD
Nancy Brady, Art Teacher, Goldenview Middle School, Anchorage SD
Cydney Duffin, Principal, Colony High School, Mat-Su Borough SD
Ronald Duncan, President/CEO, GCI
Patrick Freeman, Principal, Willard Bowman Elementary, Anchorage SD
Sami Graham, Principal, Trailside, Anchorage SD
Ed Graff, Superintendent, Anchorage School District
Sven Gustafson, Principal, Romig Middle School, Anchorage SD
LB Gregory, Volunteer, Goldenview Middle School, Anchorage SD
Lindsay Henry, Principal, Fire Lake Elementary, Anchorage SD
Lori Hoover, Principal, Auke Bay Elementary, Juneau SD
Lisa Huffman, Principal, Sand Lake Elementary, Anchorage SD
Heather Jones, Principal, Ocean View Elementary, Anchorage SD
Norm Masneri, Applied Tech Teacher, Goldenview Middle School, Anchorage
Leslie Moore, Head of Goldenview Sun’s Café, Goldenview Middle School
Rick Stone, Principal, West High School, Anchorage SD
Karen Wallace, Principal, Northern Lights ABC, Anchorage SD

Group Pat on the Back Awards

Dimond High PTSA, Dimond High School, Anchorage SD
Fire Lake Elementary PTA, Fire Lake Elementary, Anchorage SD
Ocean View Elementary PTA, Ocean View Elementary, Anchorage SD
Sand Lake Elementary PTSA, Sand Lake Elementary, Anchorage SD
Northern Lights ABC PTA, Norhthern Lights Elementary, Anchorage SD
Northern Lights ABC Advisory Board, Northern Lights Elementary, Anchorage
Turnagain Elementary School PTA, Turnagain Elementary School, Anchorage
Willow Crest Elementary PTA, Willow Crest Elementary, Anchorage SD

2013 Awards

ABC Board,  Northern Lights (ASD)
Alicia Woods,  Muldoon Administrative Asst. (ASD)
Andy Holleman,  President of Anchorage Education Assoc.
Ann Morgester,  Library Curriculum Coordinator (ASD)
Rebecca J. Murphy,  Curriculum Coordinator (MSBSD)
Bonny Rivera,  T.I.G.E.R. Reading Chairperson (ASD)
Carissa Cote,  Turnagain Elementary (ASD)
Cheryl Guyett,  Dimond High Principal (ASD)
Dr. Jim Browder,  Superintendent (ASD)
Eric Sonderquist,  Programmer/Analyst (KPBSD)
Heather Jones,  Ocean View Principal (ASD)
James Bell,  Dimond High Asst. Principal (ASD)
Karen Gaborik,  Asst. Secondary Superintendent (FNSBSD)
Karen Wallace,  Northern Lights Principal (ASD)
Kyra Aizstrauts,  University Park Elem. Principal (FNSBSD)
Leroy Grant,  Muldoon Principal (ASD)
Lib. Resources Staff,  Anchorage School District
Mary McMahon,  Colony Middle Principal (MSBSD)
Northern Lights PTA,  Northern Lights (ASD)
Ocean View PTA,  Ocean View (ASD)
Richard Smith,  North Pole Middle Principal (FNSBSD)
Sami Graham,  Trailside Principal (ASD)
Sean Dusek,  Asst. Superintendent (KPBSD)
Sheela Hull,  Larson Elementary Principal (MSBSD)
Sherry Ellers,  Mirror Lake Principal (ASD)
Turnagain PTA,  Turnagain Elementary (ASD)

2012 Awards

Carol Boatman, Snowshoe Elementary Principal / Mat-Su
Carol Comeau, Superintendent / ASD
Carissa Cote, Turnagain Elementary Principal / ASD
Jeanne Fischer, Begich Middle Principal / ASD
Leroy Grant, Muldoon Elementary Principal / ASD
Sven Gustafson, Romig Middle Principal / ASD
Cheryl Guyett, Dimond High Principal / ASD
Jeremy Hamilton, Kaleidoscope School Academic Policy Committee Chair / KPBSD
Lindsay Henry, Fire Lake Elementary Principal / ASD
Andy Holleman, President Elect / Anchorage Education Association
Bobby Hinderliter, Ocean View Elementary Principal / ASD
Chris Kelliher, Eagle River Elementary Parent / ASD
Brooke Kelly, Goose Bay Elementary Principal / Mat-Su
Library Resources Department, Anchorage School District
Ann Morgester, Library Curriculum Coordinator / ASD
PTA, Kaleidoscope School of Arts and Sciences / KPBSD
PTA, Northern Lights ABC / ASD
Bonny Rivera, Northern Lights ABC Tiger Reading Program Volunteer Chair / ASD
School Board, Anchorage School District
Ruth Jean Shaw, Library Resources Department Manager / ASD
Kevin Smestad, Begich Middle PTSA President / ASD
Leslie Walker, O’Malley Elementary Principal / ASD
Karen Wallace, Northern Lights ABC Principal / ASD
Alicia Woods, Muldoon Elementary Administrative Assistant / ASD