Alaska Association of School Librarians

Advancing high standards for the school library profession in Alaska

Alaska Association of School Librarians - Advancing high standards for the school library profession in Alaska

Membership List

Membership runs from October 1 through September 30th of each year.

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Updated February 28, 2015

Last Name First Name Region
Apodaca Cindy Region 1: Northern
Armatti Cayla Region 1: Northern
Bahnke Nancy Region 1: Northern
Bender Elizabeth Region 1: Northern
Foster Renee Region 1: Northern
Hamilton Joyanne Region 1: Northern
Hayden Stacey Region 1: Northern
Henrickson Kaia Region 1: Northern
Hoff Rachel Region 1: Northern
Kelchner Machelle Region 1: Northern
Krizek Lynne Region 1: Northern
Lane Molly Region 1: Northern
Madsen Janet Region 1: Northern
Martin Joan Region 1: Northern
Moore Chistina A. Region 1: Northern
Rinio Deborah Region 1: Northern
Sanders Katie Region 1: Northern
Schuler Lindsay Region 1: Northern
Smallwood Carol Region 1: Northern
Sobieniak Lisa Region 1: Northern
Stroud Jonathan Region 1: Northern
Swenby Amelia K Region 1: Northern
Tomeo Martha Region 1: Northern
Webb Rebecca Region 1: Northern
Adamson Debora Region 2: South Central
Badajos Edan Region 2: South Central
Baldwin Barbara Region 2: South Central
Barkman Karla Region 2: South Central
Basargin Fenya Region 2: South Central
Collins Alta Region 2: South Central
Conover Katie Region 2: South Central
Cowgill Laurie Region 2: South Central
Day Carrie Region 2: South Central
Doepken Julie Region 2: South Central
Evans Kimberly Region 2: South Central
Firmani Diane Region 2: South Central
Gann Jill Region 2: South Central
Hale Sharon Region 2: South Central
Kingsland Valarie Region 2: South Central
Leseman Wendy Region 2: South Central
Masterson Linda Region 2: South Central
McCabe Anne Region 2: South Central
Pajot Theresa Region 2: South Central
Reierson Kimberly Region 2: South Central
Sarks Garnet Region 2: South Central
Spence Donna Region 2: South Central
Stout Wendy Region 2: South Central
Thompson Rosy Region 2: South Central
VonSegesar-Whip Elisabeth/Lisa Region 2: South Central
Wear Tamra Region 2: South Central
White Rosalie Region 2: South Central
Coulter Piper Region 3: Anchorage
Cox Staci Region 3: Anchorage
Drew Audrey Region 3: Anchorage
Fleming Heather Region 3: Anchorage
Geppert Kerri Region 3: Anchorage
Graham Julie Region 3: Anchorage
Grediagin Darla Region 3: Anchorage
Guest Laura Region 3: Anchorage
Helmer Dona Region 3: Anchorage
Henrie Marlena Region 3: Anchorage
Jackelen Nicole Region 3: Anchorage
Koike Susan Region 3: Anchorage
McCall Vicki Region 3: Anchorage
McNamara Lynn Region 3: Anchorage
Metcalfe Suzanne Region 3: Anchorage
Morgester Ann Region 3: Anchorage
Rand DeAnne Region 3: Anchorage
Retzel Maureen Region 3: Anchorage
Roohi Nicole Region 3: Anchorage
Scott Ellen Region 3: Anchorage
Tsukada Heidi Region 3: Anchorage
Vintika Lori Region 3: Anchorage
Welge Jacquelyn Region 3: Anchorage
Anderson Mary Ellen Region 4: South East
Bryson Barbara Region 4: South East
Cornwall Daniel Region 4: South East
Deal Kerri Region 4: South East
Degener Shelia Region 4: South East
Drain Erika Region 4: South East
Horner Leigh Region 4: South East
Hull Debbie Region 4: South East
Jacobson Caitlin Dixon Region 4: South East
Kelley Carolyn Region 4: South East
Kreher Barbara Region 4: South East
Leary Julie Region 4: South East
Marble Ann Marie Region 4: South East
Miller Raandi Region 4: South East
Ranney Wendy Armstrong Region 4: South East
Ranniger Penny Region 4: South East
Reyes Karina Region 4: South East
Schneider Barbara Region 4: South East
Updike Karen Region 4: South East
Wittig Sheryl Hall Region 4: South East
Fortune Jan retired
Osciak Christine unknown
Turner Christopher unknownn
Thibodeau Linda other
Vargas Rita Pino other