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AkASL supports the recruitment and retention of highly qualified school librarians.

The change in the benefits offered newly-hired teachers creates an inequity among employees, results in higher employee turnover and a more transitory workforce. Traditional (defined benefit) pensions have been proven highly effective at transforming new teachers into veteran teachers.

 AkASL supports the role of libraries in a democracy to provide open access to information for all Alaskans, including improved access to broadband services in school and public libraries across the state, and full funding for the OWL Project.

Alaska has traditionally funded improved means of communication throughout the state, so providing broadband access to its residents is critical, especially in rural and remote areas and at a time when many government, education, and commercial services increasingly require interactive access to the web.

AkASL supports full funding of the state library, including capital funding of the Library Archives Museum project.

The leadership role of the Alaska State Library enables the staff of libraries, large and small, urban and rural, to provide better library service to all Alaska residents. The programs and services of the Alaska State Library make library service possible across Alaska in places where it would not otherwise exist. The State Library coordinates cooperative projects among Alaska’s libraries and provides important services, which benefit libraries and their constituents statewide..

AkASL supports full funding for the Public School Library Collection Development Grant.

AkASL urges full funding ($3,000 per school) of the Public School Library Collection Development Grants (AS 14.56.360-.375) as an appropriation in the operating budget of the Alaska State Library or as a legislative item.

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