Policy Manual

Revised (4/3/15)

Executive Board

Executive Board Positions:


President Elect

Immediate Past President



Regional Representatives

Membership Coordinator

Battle of the Books Chair

Governor's Advisory Council Representative

Puffin Editor/Publisher

Online Communication Coordinator

Professional Development Grant Coordinator



Grants Committee

Awards Committee

Travel Funds

Reimbursement for Expense

AkASL Policy Manual


  1. Plan functions and/or activities of the Association.
  2. Provide for the establishment of necessary procedures to assure the proper operation of the association.
  3. Authorize the President to act on its behalf when necessary.
  4. Receive and act on committee reports and recommendations.
  5. Approve honorary memberships.
  6. Fill elected officer vacancies as specified by the Constitution.
  7. Approve special committees as recommended by the President.
  8. Approve committee chairs.
  9. Adopt a budget.
  10. Adopt a dues structure.
  11. Formulate policy as needed.
  12. Approve additions or changes to the Association Policy Manual.
  13. Convene membership meetings as needed.
  14. Attend regularly scheduled audio conference meetings during the school year and meet face to face twice a year.
  15. One meeting shall be held in the fall and the second shall be held in the spring, if possible in conjunction with the AkLA conference. Executive board members shall be reimbursed for transportation to each meeting. A reimbursement up to $100 will be given to Executive Board members to defray lodging, meals, or other costs associated with travel to each meeting.
  16. Authorize expenditures related to duties as described in the association’s policy manual.
  17. Fulfill the duties of the offices as prescribed in the Association Policy Manual. If an Executive Board member is not able to fulfill the duties to the satisfaction of the Executive Board, resignation will be requested by the President, who will declare the position vacant and appoint a replacement.


AkASL Positions

The PRESIDENT shall:

  1. Carry out all provisions of the Constitution.
  2. Preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board.
  3. Appoint a chair for any ad hoc committee with the approval of the Board.
  4. Schedule, plan, lead and provide an agenda for regular audio conference association meetings and activities.
  5. Provide leadership for the growth and development of the school library professional and library media programs in the schools of Alaska.
  6. Establish and maintain communications in cooperation with other state and national professional organizations.
  7. Be an ex-officio member of all ad hoc committees.
  8. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the President-Elect and the Executive Board to assure the continuity of organization leadership.
  9. Establish and/or implement long-range plans for the Association.
  10. The president shall attend the AASL biannual conference as a representative of AKASL. The president shall be reimbursed for transportation, conference fees, hotel, and a per-diem of $60 for up to $2500.
  11. Serve as the main Association representative of the AkLA Executive Board.
  12. Appoint an editor/publisher for the Puffin, an Online Communications Coordinator (Webmaster), Chair(s) for the Battle of the Books, and a representative to the Governor’s Advisory Council on Libraries.
  13. Write a report of AkASL activities to be distributed at the spring membership meeting and to be included in the AkLA Executive Board reports.
  14. Establish and maintain a working relationship with the State School Library Media Coordinator.
  15. Be a liaison between AkASL and other organizations for the planning of joint conferences and present a tentative schedule to the Board prior to conference.
  16. Ensure the association’s taxes are paid and filed each year.



  1. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  2. Perform such duties as the President may assign.
  3. Serve as Communications person:
    1. e. Help disseminate political information; and
    2. e. Keep representatives up to date.
  4. Advise and counsel the President.
  5. Be co-chair of the Awards Committee along with the Immediate Past President.
  6. Assist the President in promoting continuing education activities which reflect the goals of the Association
  7. Assist the President in determining the educational needs and desires of the membership and assist in actively seeking ways to meet those needs.
  8. The president-elect shall attend the AASL biannual conference as a representative of AKASL. The president-elect shall be reimbursed for transportation, conference fees, hotel, and a per-diem of $60 for up to $2500.



  1. Serve as parliamentarian at all Association and Executive Board meetings.
  2. Serve as a political advocate for the organization
  3. Perform such duties as the President may assign.
  4. Advise and counsel the President.
  5. Be responsible for maintaining and reviewing the AkASL Policy Manual; changes and additions to be approved by the Executive Board.
  6. Be responsible for updating and revising the Constitution, subject to the approval of the membership.
  7. Supervise balloting for amendments and/or changes to the Constitution in the manner specified in the Constitution.
  8. Along with the President, encourage/recruit potential candidates to run for Executive Board offices and keep a list of possible candidates throughout the year. Provide the Secretary with the names and biographical data of candidates for all elected positions.
  9. Welcome each new and returning Executive Board member including giving or sending each member their part of the policy manual which states what their duties are. Provide Executive Board with a copy of the current Constitution and/or other documents or information necessary for the performance of their duties and responsibilities.
  10. Along with the membership chair, keep the official Executive Board name and address list and see that it gets published correctly on the website, the Puffin, and elsewhere as needed.
  11. Serve as co-chair of the Awards committee along with the President-Elect.


The SECRETARY shall:

  1. Record the minutes and/or proceedings of all Association and Executive Board meetings.
  2. Submit an abridged version of the minutes for inclusion in the Association publications such as Puffin and/or the AkASL Web page.
  3. Maintain a permanent file of minutes, proceedings, correspondence and send older records to an archival site.


The TREASURER shall:

  1. Maintain a checking account in the name of the Association and other accounts as necessary –write checks, deposit monies, receive monthly bank statements, balance the checkbook.
  2. Maintain an accurate ledger (checkbook voucher system) of all money received and paid, including receipts of all bills presented, and checks and stubs for bills paid.
  3. Be responsible for receiving and depositing monies collected by AkASL, its committees or workgroups by:
    1. Working with the AkASL Membership Coordinator, receiving membership deposit slips and keeping membership books;
    2. Recording the AkASL/Battle of the Book registrations and purchase orders from school districts and issue invoices as necessary;
    3. Sending out receipts and welcome notices to newly registered districts via contact person;
    4. Sending completed registration forms and budget information to AkASL/Battle of the Books Chairperson(s), and keep books of AkASL/Battle of the Books program;
    5. Working with AkASL/Awards Chair, receive bills and deposits, and keep books of Awards business; and
    6. Maintaining a current and up to date accounting of all grant funds and provide a report for each meeting of the Executive Board.
  4. Pay all bills within the authorized budget, and as authorized by the President and/or Board chairs.
  5. Secure the authorization of the Executive Board to pay bills not provided for in the budget.
  6. Submit a financial transaction report to the President two days before each board meeting and report on the current financial statement at each Executive Board meeting.
  7. Submit to the Executive Board at the fall face-to-face meeting: a budget worksheet with the previous fiscal year’s actual income and expenditures, the current budget, and a draft budget proposal for the next fiscal year.
  8. Revise the draft budget proposal for the next fiscal year with the advice and recommendations of the Board and submit the finalized version to the Executive Board for approval.
  9. Distribute an annual report of the financial status of the Association for the previous fiscal year to the general membership at the spring conference.
  10. Submit the budget proposal for the next fiscal year to the general membership for approval.
  11. Submit a copy of the budget and financial statement to the AkLA Treasurer after the spring membership meeting.
  12. Send any leftover grant monies, in the form of checks, back to the State of Alaska at the end of each grant year.
  13. Hire an accountant to file the current year’s taxes.



  1. Obtain information from and disseminate association related information to all of the AkASL members in his/her region.
  2. Assist in regional membership drives.
  3. Ask the school librarians within each district to appoint a liaison for contact with the Regional Representative where appropriate.
  4. Communicate with all of the AkASL members in their region at least once a month during the school year by e-mail, fax, or letter.
  5. Solicit ideas for the Puffin and periodically write articles for submission.
  6. Be assigned tasks and other duties as the Executive Board determines necessary.
  7. Write a report of regional and other activities to be distributed at the spring general membership meeting.
  8. Advise the Board of issues that affect their area’s school libraries.
  9. Attend AkASL Board meetings.
  10. Serve on the Awards Committee.
  11. Be in communication with the School Library Consultant regarding staff changes in the region’s libraries.



  1. Promote new and renewed memberships.
  2. Create, provide and distribute membership registration forms as needed.
  3. Maintain database of AkASL members and provide a membership count at Executive Board meetings.
  4. Provide to members a welcome letter.
  5. Coordinate dues payments with AkASL Treasurer and AkLA Treasurer.
  6. Provide membership lists as needed.


BATTLE OF THE BOOKS CHAIR(S) shall (Updated 9-9-17):

  1. Promote and organize the statewide AkASL Battle of the Books reading program.
  2. Appoint grade level chairs to give input into the lists and to write questions as indicated in the AkASL Battle of the Books Handbook.
  3. Oversee the following duties:
    1. Prepare official book lists annually;
    2. Coordinate collection and distribution of questions;
    3. Set up the intrastate Battle schedule;
    4. Locate moderators for state battles;
    5. Secure and distribute prizes and awards;
    6. Collect photos and articles from participating sites;
    7. Write monthly status reports to the AkASL EBoard;
    8. Keep all district coordinators informed of Battle of the Books activities; and
    9. Maintain and update the official Battle of the Books website.
  4. Revise and distribute updated handbooks annually to all registered district coordinators.
  5. Conduct a workshop/meeting during an annual conference.
  6. Conduct an evaluation of the program and make recommendations to the Board for improvement or change for the following year.
  7. Recommend a co-chair/elect who will, with Board approval, assume the chair at some future time.
  8. Maintain a calendar noting all Battle of the Books program responsibilities and deadlines to be passed along to new chair(s).
  9. Propose a budget and authorize expenditures of monies from the committee budget.
  10. Maintain correspondence and mailing records for the Battle of the Books program.
  11. Be responsible for validating that the format and medium for old Battle questions are valid for another year. If not or if it’s questionable, will make arrangements for conversion to a new medium and/or format with board approval.


First update 9-9-17



The Puffin newsletter serves as the official publication of pertinent AkASL business, news, and information, as well as a news and information source for Alaska’s school librarians.


The PUFFIN EDITOR / PUBLISHER is appointed to the board by the AkASL President. The PUFFIN EDITOR/PUBLISHER shall:

  1. Attend all Executive Board teleconferences/meetings and solicit write-ups of pertinent association business and information.
  2. Proactively organize the collection of articles and information as well as solicit writing on topics of interest for the Puffin throughout the year, especially at conferences.
  3. Shall publish articles and items of interest online in an ongoing fashion. Publishing a minimum of 4 times per month.



  1. Be responsible for coordinating all AkASL communications.
  2. Update and maintain the AkASL web page.
  3. Work with the AkASL Executive Board and membership to post and provide links to appropriate AkASL business and information on the Internet.
  4. Direct mail received through the website to the correct AkASL Board member.
  5. Serve as a link to the AkLA webmaster.
  6. Attend AkASL Board meetings.



  1. Advertise various conferences and opportunities that are eligible for grants.
  2. Bring forward requests for approval of conferences/opportunities that are not on the approved list.
  3. Report at each Executive Board meeting on the number of grants requested, disbursed and remaining funds.
  4. Maintain a separate account of the:
    1. Names of grantees;
    2. Name and date of professional development conference/opportunities attended; and
    3. Amount reimbursed.
  5. Copies of the articles that are then sent on to the Puffin Editor for publishing.
  6. Provide the accounting of funds disbursed and copies of all articles submitted to the President in a timely manner so that grant reports can be written and submitted on time.
  7. Write the grant application, and write the final report with assistance from the Treasurer and President, each year.



The Affiliate Assembly Representative serves as AkASL’s representative for the American Association of School Librarians Affiliate Assembly and is appointed by the AkASL President as an ex-officio member of the board. He or she may, but is not required to be, an existing member of the AkASL Executive Board.


This representative shall:

  1. serve a three-year term,
  2. be appointed by the President,
  3. attend the Fall Face to Face meeting of the Executive Board, attend audioconference meetings as requested,
  4. attend the ALA annual conference, and be reimbursed for transportation, conference fees, hotel, and a per-diem of $60 for up to $2500.
  5. submit a report to the AkASL Executive Board within two weeks of the ALA annual conference,


First update 9-9-17



The Governor’s Advisory Council Representative is not a representative of the Alaska Association of School Librarians as an organization, but is an AkLA member who represents school libraries. The President of AkASL will submit a nominee’s name to the Governor’s Office. The representative shall serve a three-year term.


The GOVERNOR’S ADVISORY COUNCIL representative shall:

  1. Attend all meetings of the Governor’s Advisory Council.
  2. Report events of significance to the Board and to members via the Puffin.


AkASL Committees


  1. Consist of the President-Elect, Past-President, and four Regional Representatives.
  2. Organize and actively publicize the nomination procedures for the following awards:
    1. School Librarian of the Year (SLOY);
    2. Linda K Barrett Service Award;
    3. School Library Staff of the Year Award;
    4. Pat on the Back Award to school administrators; and
    5. Honorary Memberships.
  3. Maintain criteria for determining award winners.
  4. Prepare and deliver awards to recipients at the AkLA annual conference.
  5. Publish and distribute a list of all award recipients at the AkLA annual conference, to be used by members as local public relations information.
  6. Publicize the names of award recipients in local, state, and national library publications and appropriate local and regional newspapers.



  1. Consist of the President, President-Elect, and Treasurer.
  2. Review all grant applications and reports written for AkASL prior to submission.
  3. Provide feedback and suggestions to grant writers and coordinators at least two weeks prior to grant deadlines.
  4. Bring grant-related questions or concerns related to ongoing grants to the board for review.



  1. Consist of the President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past President.
  2. Investigate and take action regarding board members who:
    1. do not attend three meetings within a school year, or
    2. do not fulfill three commitments within a school year.


AkASL Policies


  1. All reimbursable travel must be booked a minimum of 14 days prior to the travel date.
  2. All AkASL Executive board members will be reimbursed travel and lodging, at the designated venue, for up to two nights up to $150 per night to attend the annual fall face to face meeting in Anchorage.
  3. For the spring AkASL face to face executive board meeting, occurring at the AkLA conference, all outgoing elected AkASL executive board members will be reimbursed for travel + $100 additional expenses to attend both the executive board meeting and general membership meeting occurring at the conference.


Updated 9-9-17



  1. Reimbursements for expenses must be submitted to the treasurer via an official form no later than 30 days after the date of the event for which the items or services were purchased.



  1. EBoard meetings will occur on the second Tuesday of the month at 4:00pm with the following exceptions: No meetings to be held in June or July. The September meeting will be the fall face to face to be scheduled by the President. The February or March meeting will take place during the AkLA Annual Conference, depending on conference schedule.
  2. An item on the EBoard agenda can only be tabled once; if no decision can be made it must wait until the following school year.
  3. The Eboard may vote via email or online form at the discretion of the president. If voting occurs via email or online form, record of results should be tabulated and recorded by the secretary. Such votes will be recorded in the meeting notes and ratified at the next meeting of the board. 7 days will be allowed for voting response. A minimum of a quorum must vote within this period of time for the vote to go through. If a majority of board members vote one way or the other, the President may call the result immediately.


Added 9-9-17



  1. AkASL will not give, trade, or sell Battle of the Books questions with any other entity.


Added 10-25-16