Akla Conference 2016 By Tina Nelson

Just Weed It

Tina Nelson

Eye opener, that’s what this session was.  I am a new Librarian aide and need to weed out books.  First thing I did was walk around and look at the books on shelf. Accomplished anything, no not really. That only made me overwhelmed about throwing or giving away books that we have spent money on.  I sat back down by my computer and starting working on something else.

Ann explained that our collection should be current, relative and engaging. How our students deserve accurate resources. We need to do the right thing by our patrons and remove the book from the shelf. Great books get buried in the mounds of books because the students can’t see them. They way she help my understand how we are not doing our patrons any favors by not taking care of our books and weeding.  

Ann gave of us some guidelines for a start point in different section in our libraries.  She said, “ If you can’t come up with a reason immediately to keep it throw it out and don’t give it to another library to deal with it”. Wise words  that all of us will be ablte to use.

I like the straightforwardness way about Ann made me leave with confidence that I can and will be able to Just Weed It.

Maker Space

By Tina Nelson

I wasn’t exactly sure what this session was about but I am so glad that I went! Found this class to very informative and creative. Instructors had so much enthusiasm and pride in their projects. You could feel the energy they brought to the room.

They gave this great explanation how significant a Maker Space is.  It is place that gives opportunity for kids to be creative and have access to tools and


I appreciated that they had set up some of their maker space projects.  Even had a little science experiment for us to do so simple yet fun even for us adults. I am a visual learner and love getting my hands dirty this session was right up my alley. I couldn’t wait to share this with my daughter she always looking for new projects to do with my grandson.

Explained how space in the library is crucial and how that can affect some libraries. This space gives the kids opportunity to be creative. The cost to cover supplies is a vital aspect to help make the program work. Other ways to cover the cost would be by donations or going your local thrift store.

Maker Faire has a lot organization that goes into setting it up. It takes and dedication goes into putting on a Maker Faire what important steps to take to make it as successful as possible. They had some websites that are great resources. I liked the fact they shared some of the projects they tried that didn’t always work. Their point was to don’t be afraid to try and explore your option and that just sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

I am excited to see if I can implement some of these ideas in our library. I think it will be interesting to see if I can take some the ideas shared and put my own spin on it.

Lunch Session with Matt de La Pena (author)

Tina Nelson

What a blast we had listening to this author. His voice was so pleasant and warm. What I call that perfect radio voice. I don’t know about you but sometimes just the tone of one’s voice makes me sit up straight in my chair and lean in little closer to hear every word they are saying.

Mr. Pena told the story of his struggles and how he turned those into something successful.  It is one those great moments when a person that has to make their own success and not afraid to fail or be told no.

One of the most touching moments was when he explained not only was this his own journey but his fathers as well. How his dad had spent many years at the local Zoo and was laid off because he didn’t have the education requirements that they decided was so important to have. His dad was inspired by his son’s determination and quietly began his own journey. He secretly was getting his GED and started classes to get his degree, eventually going to college to get a degree in education. Today he teaches 3rd grade.

We can learn so much from Mr. Pena’s personal journey and I am glad that he shared his own touching story with us. It left me inspired to make changes for myself and help others.

For more information on Matt de la Pena click on this link below



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