Shareable Documents from Conference By Rory Morse

AKLA 2016 Shareables

Session Name: Website in a Day

My redesigned website as a result of what I learned from the Website in a Day session.  This session showed me more of what needs to be on a Library website and what is not necessary.  I streamlined the site and have more visually pleasing graphics.

Session Name: How to Tell if a Graphic Novel is Any Good

This session opened my eyes to what a graphic novel should be.  I will be starting a GUYS Read program next school year.  This link is to the site advertising the new club for boys.

Session Name: Introduction to

This session aided me in a personal venture.  I was able to connect the dots from my family’s history back to the mid-16th century.  The best thing of all is that it’s collaborative and free to use.

Username: rorymorse

Password: Hhof2002

Session Name: Finding the Evidence: Danielson Evaluation for School Librarians

This is my first year as a librarian and the previous librarian at my school was able to skip their eval last year.  This session gave me great ideas for things to use to justify what I do in my position.  Not only am I the school librarian, but I am also the technology coach.  Attached you will see one of the artifacts used to justify what I do when I am filling this position.

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