Google Classroom Session

presented by Alice Keeler

Submitted by Laura Guest

Assignment created for my 6th grades Students

Using Google Classroom will allow for quicker feedback from both the teacher and from classmates. Alice states the importance of immediate feedback and often says feedback tomorrow is too late. Having each student create a slide in one file that you own means you can immediately add comments as they are working on it. Be prepared for students to start typing on someone else’s slide by mistake or on purpose. Her response is “slides are free, get another one.”

Day 1 (30 minute library class including checkout)

  1. Create a Google Classroom: Library 0 Teacher (0 being the grade and the classroom teacher’s last name)
  2. Create an Announcement to welcome students and allow students to practice leaving a comment that all students can see. My Announcement asked student to tell us one thing they read this week (even if it was the cereal box).
  3. Next you invite students to join your class. All students in Anchorage School District have a google account. When they choose Classroom they ask to join a class and then typed in the code generated by me in my Classroom. When she is generating a code for students to join a classroom she regenerates it until it does not contain zeros or the letters “o, I or l” because it is too hard to tell what they are.

Day 2-3

  1. Create a Google Slide (be sure to allow students editing rights) She recommends naming them with a # as the first character to keep your assignments together. She does #001, #002 At this point I am going to use the first digit as the grade level such as #601.
    1. Choose the slide you want students to use by making it the default slide. Delete the rest of the options.
    2. Create an Announcement with the file attached. Add these instructions:
      1. Add a slide—put your name in the title area
      2. Name an item found in our daily life that contains a computer (i.e. computer chip)
  • Find a copyright free image to include in your slide (include the URL in the speaker’s notes)


The slide would look like this:


Here is an example of one filled out with a comment.

Day 4

  1. Comment on two classmates slides. She talked about immediate feedback—not a week later, so I would comment on students as well as the ones they’ll get from classmates. She said to be prepared to teach them what a constructive comment is—not just “good job”.
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