Art of Bookmaking attended by S. Degener

BY Sheila Degener

The Art of Bookmaking presented by Bonnie Norman  

If you ever need a class to inspire you to do MakerSpace sessions, this is the class to get you started.  Bonnie Norman is a paper bookmaker extraordinaire and she whizzed the classed through 5 different amazing books from a flutter book to a pop up book to an accordion book and more.

Bonnie starts the class giving us general background on book making…grain direction in paper, different types of glues and even covered non-adhesive bindings.  Then it was off to making books!

We started off with a pop up book and learned how, through clever cutting and folding,  we could easily make a pop up book.  We then made an accordion book where we could quickly see that the sky is the limit in regards to creativity.  We also learned how to sew a book together and weave a book together.

The fast paced class was a joy to take and we could tell that while she taught up a lot, we knew she had a lot more to share.  I hope to run into her again sometime and take another class from her.  I will never look at scrap bits of paper the same again and can’t wait to see what my students come up with in the library during their lunch hour.

My Book (above); Bonnie Norman’s book (below)

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