Look Listen and Touch attended by S. Degener

Look Listen and Touch:  Connecting your community through Art  

By:  Brian Hulsey – Whatcom County Library System

Brian Husley was an inspirational speaker and I walked away with several programming ideas for my library.  He talked about connecting your community through art and divided it up into 3 areas: art you can look at, art you can listen to and art you can touch.

In regards to art you can look at, he had numerous ideas.  He had a partnership with a local art gallery where their art would hang in his library and then once a year, teen art would hang in their gallery.  He also made book art for his library as well as a craftapalooza.  A craftapalooza is where the kids make the art one weekend and then next weekend they sell it.  In regards to teen programming, Brian has numerous suggestions from students contributing to make a poetry book or a comic book.  He also had student paint books ends in the library.  He encouraged collaboration in order to make it successful.

In regards to listening to art, Brian suggested an open mic night, inviting musicians into the library or even having a jazz show.

Finally, in regards to touching art, he suggested to get your hands dirty if at all possible.  He has had a paper making workshop in library as well as planting seeding in pots.  Finally he suggested STEM and STEAM activities such as Lego Windstorms and ETSY.

I enjoyed Brian’s presentation and am looking forward to trying some of them in my own library.

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