Collaborating is Key

Collaborating is Key(rev)

Collaborating When You Attend an ISTE Conference!

By Audrey Drew, Former Northwood ABC Librarian, and Ed Tech Collaborator for Librarians in the Anchorage School District

Collaboration in Your Library Lessons and Engage Students:

  1. Pear Decks – Google App you can add to your drive. This tool allows students connect to your presentation on any device, answer interactive questions, and learn from peers.
  2. Use Hyperdocs in the suite of Google apps with your students or staff! Hyperdocs are interactive slide decks that replace traditional “teacher in front of the class or worksheets and puts it in the hands of the student/colleague. Link: (And no, this is not a typo!).

Collaboration/Share With Your Staff:

Just in time learning you can use with your staff presented by Allison Long, Librarian and Felicia Davis, Instructional Coach from Mooreville, North Carolina at ISTE. There matrix is a great resource. See presentation at:

Kahn Academy has gone through some changes and now works fluidly with your Google Classroom roster and will soon add Turn-it-in. Khan Academy is a standards aligned resource (Common Core, ISTE, ELA, AP World History and Science) and now has improved teacher tools and reporting. With elementary students Khan Academy one click to add students from Google Classroom is great!

Collaboration With/Among Your Students and the World:

  1. CS-First Clubs – Coding with tutorials. No experience necessary and for all levels; elementary, middle, and high school. Link:
  2. Unplugged Coding –
  3. Hour of Code – Coding modules for ages K-12. You can track student progress at:
  4. Mystery Skype – Group students in collaborative groups researching, asking questions, and planning to guess where another class is somewhere in the world. Can be live Skype with other class or in video recordings to accommodate time differences. Link:
  5. Become a Penpal School with students learning and sharing with other students all over the world. LInk: How it works:



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