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Past editions of the PUFFIN are available for download as PDF files below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader* to view these files.

By having the PUFFIN available online, you can read AkASL’s newsletter at your computer and also refer back to previous issues at a later time. The links to web sites and the email address are all clickable if you are online. If you prefer to print out a copy, that option is also available with PDF files.
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Table of Contents of Past Puffins 

Selected Article: Eric Kimmel’s “Virtual” Discussion with Kama Mitchell – Fall 97

Puffin Spring 2010, v29, #3 Issue, (pdf 4.7 MB) 

Puffin 29_3se 2010 Conference Special Edition, (pdf 848 kb)

Puffin Winter 2010, v29, #2 Issue, (pdf 3.0 mb)

Puffin Fall 2009, v29, #1 Issue, (pdf 3.6 mb)

Puffin Spring 2009, v28, #3 Issue, (pdf 4.0 mb) 

Puffin Winter 2009, v28, #2 Issue, (pdf 3.0 mb)

Puffin Fall 2008, v28, #1 Issue, [ALL] (pdf 2.3 mb) 

Puffin Spring 2008, v27, #3 Issue, p.01-24 [ALL] (pdf 5.3 mb)

Because of the increased size of the Spring 2008 Puffin, we also have this same issue available to download in various parts. We hope this helps those of you who have Internet download issues. Remember, EVERYTHING below is in the [ALL] file above.

Puffin Spring 2008, v27, #3 Issue, p.01-10 [part 1] (pdf 2.8 mb) 

Puffin Spring 2008, v27, #3 Issue, p.11-24 [part 2] (pdf 2.6 mb)

—> Parts of the Spring 2008 Puffin also available separately:

* Puffin Spring 2008, v27, #3 Issue, [conference 2008 Coverage] (pdf 1 mb)

Puffin Spring 2008, v27, #3 Issue, [Battle of the Books] (pdf 1.1 mb)

We would appreciate your input (collins_alta@asdk12.org) on how this download scheme works for you, and any other suggestions for improvement that you might have.

Puffin Winter 2008, v27, #2 Issue (pdf 3.8 mb) 

Puffin Fall 2007, v27,#1 issue (pdf 2.9 mb)

Puffin Spring 2007, v26,#3 issue (pdf 2.6 mb) 

Puffin Winter 2007, v26,#2 issue (pdf 2.5 mb)

Puffin Fall 2006, v26,#1 issue (pdf 2.4 mb) 

Puffin Spring 2006, v25,#3 issue (pdf 2.9 mb) 

Puffin Winter 2006, v25,#2 issue (pdf 2 mb) 

Puffin Fall 2005, v25,#1 issue (pdf 2.18 mb)

Puffin Spring 2005, v24,#3 issue (pdf 2.2 mb) 

Puffin Winter 2005, v24,#2 issue (pdf 2.09mb) 

Puffin Fall 2004, v24,#1 issue (pdf 2.3mb)

Puffin Spring 2004, v23,#3 issue (pdf 2.3mb)

Puffin Winter 2004, v23,#2 issue (pdf 1033k)

Puffin Fall 2003, v23,#1 issue (pdf 965k) 

Puffin Spring 2003, v22,#3 issue (pdf 767k)

Puffin Winter 2003, v22,#2 issue (pdf 697k)

Puffin Fall 2002, v22,#1 issue (pdf 783k) 

Puffin Spring 2002, v21,#3 issue (pdf 648k)

Puffin Winter 2002, v21,#2 issue (pdf 475k)

Puffin Fall 2001, v21,#1 issue (pdf 420k)

Puffin Spring 2001, v20,#3 issue (pdf 372k) 

Puffin Winter 2001, v20,#2 issue (pdf 267k) 

Puffin Fall 2000, v20,#1 issue (pdf 297k)  

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